Advancing molecular diagnostics to personalize cancer therapy


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Advancing molecular diagnostics to personalize cancer therapy

  1. 1. Advancing Molecular Diagnostics to Personalize Cancer TherapyIntroductionThis report analyzes current and potential world markets for key cancer-basedmolecular diagnostics, including advances in the field. This report forecasts futuregrowth to 2016. Market segments covered include: breast cancer; colon cancer;prostate cancer; non-small cell lung cancer; melanoma; and renal cancer. Thisreport reviews the direction of research, and key issues facing the industry.Features and benefits* Identify key innovations in molecular diagnostics for oncology that may competewith those in development at your company.* Understand the regulatory challenges facing the developers of moleculardiagnostics for cancer.* Understand the challenges that surround successfully commercializing a combineddrug-diagnostic product and learn how to overcome them.* Discover and analyze the key technology platforms being used in thedevelopment of novel molecular diagnostics.* Discover the forecast market size for key segments of the cancer diagnosticsmarket including: breast, colorectal, prostate, lung, and renal cancer.HighlightsAdvances in genomics, proteomics, molecular imaging, and other new technologiesare leading to a molecularly based reclassification of malignancy, creating marketopportunities for diagnostic companies.Companion diagnostics - linking drugs with diagnostics - is expected to become theprevailing health care model, offering advantages for both the prescription drug anddiagnostics businesses. For diagnostics companies, combining with a successfulcompanion drug can be a powerful driver of sales, especially when required forprescribing a drug.If government regulatory agencies increase the use of biomarkers and diagnosticsin prescribing decisions, it is likely that drug and diagnostics companies willincrease their collaboration. New relationships are likely to develop betweenpartners committed to personalized medicine embracing the approach of specializedpharmaceutical firms.Browse All Pharmaceuticals Market Research Reports
  2. 2. Your key questions answered* Which of the cancer diagnostic market segments are forecast to grow mostrapidly through to 2016 and thus be the most commercially attractive?* What are the key innovations in molecular diagnostics that are going to drivemarket growth?* How can pharma and diagnostic companies work together to successfully developcombined drug and diagnostic products?* Which companies are developing the most promising technologies?Executive SummaryIntroductionTrends in cancer diagnosticsMarket developmentsMarket analysisAbout the authorDisclaimerIntroductionSummaryPerspectiveGrowing global incidence of cancerThe impact of unhealthy lifestyles on cancerPersonalized therapy gets closerMolecularly targeted therapeuticsMove toward rationally designed trialsAccelerate the translation of preclinical researchStrategies toward personal cancer treatmentNear-term market opportunitiesNew pharmacogenomics, panels and arraysDriving demand for testsDrug-diagnostic co-developmentTargeted drugs fueling diagnostic growthStratifying patients to the best treatmentTrends in cancer diagnosticsSummaryAn evolving scienceDemonstrating valueEvolving health care practices
  3. 3. Reducing time to marketAddressing regulatory concernsChanging clinical practiceDiagnostic influences therapeutic molecule discoveryIdentifying patient populationsKey platformsPCRNucleic acid testingMicrofluidicsGene expression profilingVarietyThe role of biomarkersPrognosticPredictiveEvaluating therapeutic activityChallenges and issuesCommercializing theranosticsRegulatory challengesTechnical challengesDTCs and CTCsMarket developmentsSummaryNew molecular test for cervical cancerDetecting high risk types of HPVLicense for EGFR lung cancer assayLicensing agreement extended for prostate cancer biomarkerbioMérieux, GSK develop theranostic for treatment selectionDiagnostic test for pancreatic cancerTest to select candidates for skin cancer immunotherapyCollaboration for therapy, companion diagnosticCompanion diagnostics collaborationDeal to accelerate development of new cancer diagnosis toolsBiomarkers for personalizing radiation cancer treatmentCTC antibodies on a chip track mesotheliomaBody fluid based oncology diagnosticsHighly validated genetic markers for malignant melanomaBiomarkers for DNA methylation on melanoma tissue
  4. 4. Diagnostic predicts prostate cancer recurrenceColorectal cancer test approvedMarket analysisSummaryMarket driversImproving on prescription by trial and errorA need for more rapid, specific testingOpportunitiesDrug-diagnostic combinationsRescuing failed drugsAn unmet need for improving diagnosisSelected novel products on the marketHPV and cervical cancerMultigene expression testingPredicting risk of recurrenceGene overexpressionKRAS mutationsMolecular classificationMutation analysisDrug resistance testingMeasuring exposure to drugsWorld market analysisTotal solutionsDrug labeling modificationsBreast cancerColorectal cancerProstate cancerNon-small cell lung cancerMelanomaRenal cancerMarket by type of diagnosticCorporate ProfilesAbbott MolecularCompany descriptionAgendiaCompany descriptionAllegro DiagnosticsCompany descriptionAlmac GroupCompany descriptionAltheaDxCompany description
  5. 5. AsuragenCompany descriptionAtossa GeneticsCompany descriptionAutoGenomicsCompany descriptionBecton, Dickinson and CompanyCompany descriptionBiocartis SACompany descriptionbioMérieux SACompany descriptionCaris Life SciencesCompany descriptionCCC Diagnostics LLCCompany descriptionCytocell Ltd.Company descriptionDako DenmarkCompany descriptiondeCODE geneticsCompany descriptionEpigenomics AGCompany descriptionExosome DiagnosticsCompany descriptionFoundation MedicineCompany descriptionGE HealthcareCompany descriptionGene ExpressCompany descriptionGenomic HealthCompany descriptionGen-ProbeCompany descriptionIlluminaCompany descriptionIncellDxCompany descriptionInnogenetics NVCompany descriptionInterGeneticsCompany descriptionIpsogenCompany descriptionKreatech Diagnostics
  6. 6. Company descriptionMDxHealthCompany descriptionMyriad GeneticsCompany descriptionNanosphereCompany descriptionOncohealthCompany descriptionOn-Q-ityCompany descriptionOrion GenomicsCompany descriptionPathwork DiagnosticsCompany descriptionPredictive BiosciencesCompany descriptionPrometheus LaboratoriesCompany descriptionQiagenCompany descriptionQuantaLifeCompany descriptionRoche Molecular DiagnosticsCompany descriptionRosetta GenomicsCompany descriptionTransgeneCompany descriptionTrimGenCompany descriptionTrovaGeneCompany descriptionVeridexCompany descriptionAppendixScopeMethodologyGlossary/AbbreviationsBibliography/ReferencesAbout Us:ReportsnReports is an online library of over 100,000+ market research reports andin-depth market research studies & analysis of over 5000 micro markets. Weprovide 24/7 online and offline support to our customers. Get in touch with us for
  7. 7. your needs of market research reports.Follow us on Twitter: Facebook Page: Rambler road,Suite727,Dallas,TX75231Tel: + 1 888 391 5441E-mail: sales@reportsandreports.comhttp://www.reportsnreports.comVisit our Market Research Blog