US Adhesives and sealants market


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US demand for adhesives and sealants will grow 2.2 percent per annum to 9.8 billion pounds in 2017, valued at $11.8 billion.

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US Adhesives and sealants market

  1. 1. US Adhesives andSealants Industry to 2017 Published : March 2013 No. of Pages: 318 Price: Single User: US$5300 Corporate User: US$7900
  2. 2. New market research Report on “Adhesives and Sealants” added to ReportsnReports.comUS demand for adhesives and sealants will rise 2.2 percent per year to 9.8 billion poundsin 2017, valued at $11.9 billion. Natural adhesives and sealants will remain the largestproduct segment, while reactive and hot melt types grow the fastest. Solvent-basedproducts will also do well based in part on reformulation efforts to lower VOC emissions.This study analyzes the 8.8 billion pound US adhesives and sealants industry. It presentshistorical demand data for the years 2002, 2007 and 2012, with forecasts for 2017 and2022 by product (e.g., natural adhesives and sealants, emulsion and dispersion, hot melt,reactive, solvent-based) and market (e.g., packaging, manufacturing and assembly,construction, consumer).The study also considers market environment factors, details industry structure, evaluatescompany market share, and profiles 35 industry players such as Henkel, HB Fuller, andRPM International.US demand to rise 2.2% annually through 2017US demand for adhesives and sealants will grow 2.2 percent per annum to 9.8 billionpounds in 2017, valued at $11.8 billion. Gains will be driven by a better outlook for majoradhesives and sealants markets such as paper packaging, motor vehicles, and buildingconstruction, following the recession-plagued 2007- 2012 period. Demand will also benefitfrom trends toward increased usage of adhesive bonding compared to alternative joiningtechnologies, such as mechanical fasteners, in product assembly applications. However,advances will be limited by trends toward high solids formulations and lower applicationweights, as well as market maturity and sluggish growth in a number of leadingapplications.
  3. 3. Request a Sample of this report @ adhesives, sealants to exhibit fastest advancesNatural adhesives and sealants will remain the largest product type through 2017, accounting for nearly40 percent of demand. However, natural products will also see the weakest gains going forward, as thebulk of demand consists of low value starch adhesives used in corrugated cardboard production, ahighly mature and slow growing application. The most rapid advances are expected for reactiveadhesives and sealants, fueled by the rebounding manufacturing market, as well as product substitutiontrends toward higher value materials. Hot melts will also see healthy gains, as their amenability to fastprocessing speeds will promote opportunities in the packaging market, in addition to their lack of volatileorganic compound (VOC) emissions. Despite decades of losing share to alternative formulations,solvent-based adhesives and sealants will see above average gains in demand, bolstered by aturnaround in the construction sector and product reformulation efforts to lower VOC emissions.Construction to be most rapidly growing marketAmong adhesives and sealants markets, the fastest growth is forecast for construction, which willrebound strongly from the sharp declines of the 2007-2012 period. Construction is a particularlyimportant outlet for sealants, which are widely used in both building and nonbuilding applications. Thelarge packaging market, which accounted for nearly 60 percent of adhesives and sealants demand in2012, will exhibit the slowest gains, hampered by weakness in the dominant paper packaging segment.In the manufacturing and assembly market, fastest growth is expected for tapes and labels, motorvehicles, and machinery, while nonwoven disposables, furniture, and smaller volume outlets such asbookbinding will rise at a subpar rate. Nearly all markets, however, will see an improvement in adhesivesand sealants demand from the performance of the 2007-2012 period.Company ProfilesProfiles for 34 players in the US industry such as Dow Chemical, HB Fuller, Henkel, RPM, and Total
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