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09 renzi


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09 renzi

  1. 1. YOUR BAZI FORECAST FOR SEPTEMBER 7 TO OCTOBER 7Here’s your BaZi Day Pillar Forecast for the month. What you find here comes from yourpersonal Day Pillar or Jia Zi (甲子), which refers to your Day of Birth. Remember, the Day Pillaronly constitutes one of the four Pillars – including both Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches– of your BaZi chart. This means your forecast zeros-in personalized information you may finduseful this month.From here, you can embrace your Day Master, your basic self, to make the best of your life interms of character, career, relationships and wealth. Read on further to see what holds for youthis entire month.REN ZI DAY MASTER 壬子日主This is the month of return, reward and recognition! A very positive sign indeed, as you’ll findall your previously contributed hard work and dedication to amount to something this month.Bask in the joy as your efforts are finally receiving its fair share of spotlight. This may be yourpositive calling to continue your hard work this month.However, do not go overboard by flaunting your success to everyone! Not everybody inyour workplace wants to hear about your long hours, the missed dinner appointments, thestress you’ve endured all these while, and how they are worth it once they are finally being“appreciated” by the superiors.Also, do not get carried away by your success. Though recognition may amount to potentialfinancial gain, do not wrap your head around this idea. Leave it to nature; let things take itsown course. A pay raise, perhaps? Yes, of course, why not? But, if it’s nothing except a non-financial recognition, just be thankful and view it as a sign to continue to work harder towardsyour goal!GOOD DATESSet off important plans on your personal good dates this month for better results. Good Dates Date Time Good Date 19 September 2012 6:00 am Resolving Problem 10 September 2012 2:00 pm Academic Success 18 September 2012 6:00 am Nobleman 28 September 2012 6:00 amw w w . j o e y y a p. c o m
  2. 2. YOUR BAZI FORECAST FOR SEPTEMBER 7 TO OCTOBER 7FLYING STARS OF THE MONTHThis is your Monthly Flying Stars Feng Shui Forecast. As you know, the Flying Stars ‘flies’ to different sectors of the propertyeach month, emanating either positive or negative Qi that will affect you if activated.Superimpose the chart below over the sectors of your property, and take note of its Positive and Negative Sectors of themonth. Use this information to help you determine which Qi influences are present in your property for the whole month. 己酉September 7 - October 7 Metal Rooster POSITIVE SECTORSSE S SW Northeast Dwell in this sector more if you wish to prosper and find a smoother proceeding in your 6 2 4 career and workplace. For a start, possible joint ventures and business deals will be on your plate if you spend enough time occupying this area of your property. Conduct 5 1 3 enough research and familiarise yourself with the terms of the dealings to ensure this deal is devoid of any loopholes. Additionally, always make sure you have the bestE 5 7 9 W people to work with on the agreements. Additionally, the spotlight will also be shined on your contribution and dedication at work. As you’ll be recognised for your hard 4 6 8 work and good results, don’t stop the positive momentum. Keep churning out stellar 1 3 8 results to ensure you maintain your position at the top of your game. Flight attendants, pilots, tour guides and those dipping their hands in the travel industry will prosper and 9 2 7 find their luck improves with the helping hand from the Northeast spot. People of Gua #1 and #4, particularly, will find additional blessing as their efforts are finally beingNE N NW rewarded accordingly.WestFind your advantage through this sector particularly if you’re expecting jolly celebrations and happy events this month. TheWest area will spin its blessing to ensure your joyous occasions are lifted to another level of happiness and gaiety. Aside fromthat, this area also denotes positive omen and a boost of energy for starting off, and crafting the success, new projects, newendeavours or new events. Use this chance to your advantage by spearheading something meaningful and contributiveto your work and personal life. Lady Luck is also residing in this area as potential windfalls could be expected if this sector isactivated. People of Gua #2 and #6 have more reasons to smile as they will fare better in the West side.NorthwestThis sector bodes well for wealth and money collection prospects. As such, spend more time in this positive area to seeincremental improvement to your financial health and wealth accumulation ability. Use this sector to your gain to sharpenup your senses in anticipation of potential investment opportunities or business expansion. In other words, gear your mindand senses for it. Gua #3 people using this room or Main Door can build lasting networking relationships that lead to positivefuture business prospects or opportunities.NEGATIVE SECTORSSoutheastMake sure you don’t spend too much time in this sector as it will cause potential negative effects to the health of theoccupants. Migraines and headaches due to stress could be expected and head injuries could be resulted from strenuousphysical activities, if this sector is activated. As such, keep a cautious mind and if possible, avoid dwelling in this areaaltogether to be on the safe side. This Southeast area could be tricky especially if you’re of the senior management level.If this area is activated, you will find it difficult to express yourself and communicate with your subordinates at work. Don’tworry, if you’re stumbling with your speech, adopt a calmer stance and where possible, bite your tongue to avoid sayingthe hurtful things. This area is also not beneficial when it comes to making a decision or formulating a plan this month, asyou’ll find your mind all muddled up and thinking straight will be a challenge this time around.EastInauspicious energies abound in this sector, particularly to the ladies of the house. As such, a comprehensive medical check-up is recommended for the females to detect any symptoms of disease at an early stage. Prevention is always better thancure, so do the right thing today. Watch out as well for your arms, limbs or feet as they could be at risk of possible physicalinjury. If you happen to be occupying the East sector, try your best to stay away from dangerous and extreme activities tocalm the negative energies there. Think twice before attempting to dip your hand into any high-risk ventures that requiresubstantial capital investments as they could possibly burn a hole in your bank account.We hope you find the information for your monthly BaZi and Feng Shui forecast enjoyable and beneficial.Should you need further clarification on any sections of this forecast, please call our Client Relation Team at+603 – 2284 8080 (speak to Marilyn, Guru or Quiny). We’ll be happy to help you. You may also contact us if yourequire assistance regarding house direction or any other matters related to your BaZi Day Pillar.