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PaaS the Rails Please: Introducing Morph AppSpaces


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Presentation from BarCamp Orlando on April 5, 2008 where Morph presented the Morph Applicaiton Platform and Morph AppSpaces, the first Platform-as-a-Service for Ruby on Rails applications.

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PaaS the Rails Please: Introducing Morph AppSpaces

  1. 1. PaaS the Rails, Please Introducing Morph AppSpaces
  2. 2. Platform-as-a-Service • Don’t think about “servers” anymore • Abstracts Infrastructure • Focus on Core Product Development • Morph Application Platform • Deployment, Delivery, Management
  3. 3. Morph AppSpaces • Runs on Morph Application Platform • Develop deploy with standard tools • Load Balancing • Elastic Scaling • 24/7 monitoring, backups and more! • Daily billing (starting @ $1 per day)
  4. 4. Free Developer Accounts • Show off your apps, test them, etc. • Move to production without “moving” to production • Sign-up today!!! •
  5. 5. Requisite Branding • Simplify Innovation™ • • -- cool domain hack