Introduction to dog obedience house training.


Published on The basic information about house training your dog is clearly presented in the following text. Training models and introduction to dog obedience are now available for the readers.

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  • Training a dog is indeed fun. You will be able to help and take of your dog while training him at the same time. Successful training is great achievement, becasue it will make your dog a great companion to everyone.

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Introduction to dog obedience house training.

  1. 1.<br />Episode 1: Start with Basic Obedience Training<br />Hello and welcome to a new Episode from<br />Today we are going to talk about: Start with Basic Obedience Training<br />Bringing home a new pet is an exciting experience. However, this experience comes with an added cost of training the new family member some basic etiquette.<br />You can start with basic obedience training that will not only develop a common language for you and your dog but also enable you to create a bond with your pet.<br />It will also ensure that your dog understands what you want from him and behave in a particular way. <br />Though there are several modes of dog obedience training, the two most commonly used modes are lease training and reward training. As the name suggests, both these modes of training depend upon the type of relationship you want to build with your dog.<br />This episode will elaborate upon both these techniques in detail.<br />Leash training, also known as collar training, involves strict measures taken against the dog if it fails to obey a particular command. It is the more popular way of dog training where the dog is taught to do something with the help of a leash and if it fails to obey, it can be used as a corrective tool as well. This form of training is often used for military and security dogs. Given their duties, disobedience on their part is not acceptable. However, this form of training is not advisable for puppy obedience training as it can get harsh at times.<br />The other mode of house training puppies that has gained popularity in the last few years is the reward training method. This method relies upon using rewards such as food or toys as lures for ensuring that the dog listens to you.<br />You can begin with trying to teach your dog a few things through rewarding it with the food it likes. You can gradually replace the physical reward such as food and toys with words of appreciation such as ‘good’ or ‘bravo’. You can also pat his back and make it feel that he has accomplished something.<br />If you are a very compassionate dog owner and you can’t even imagine lease training your dog, reward training is the best way for you. But you have to have a lot of patience and a lot of time to put in.<br />However, if you want to make your dog strong and infallible like military dogs, leash training could be a better way out.<br />Always remember that what you want from your dog through dog house training is for him to pay attention. And these techniques will help you do just that.<br />To know more about Dog House Training visit<br /> I hope you have enjoyed this Episode and stay tuned for more to come<br />