Common Problems in Dog House Training


Published on This article provides some helpful tips for dog house training. Five common problems in puppy and adult animal training are addressed.

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Common Problems in Dog House Training

  1. 1. <br />Episode 3: Common Problems and How to Deal With them<br />Hello and welcome to a new Episode from<br />Today we are going to talk about: Common Problems and How to Deal With them<br />If you have added a canine friend to your house, you have brought in a lot of responsibilities ranging from feeding him well to training him well. Though every dog breed is different from the other, there are some common problems that a lot of owners face while dog house training. Some of the problems and their possible solutions will be discussed today:<br />1) A lot of owners face problems while obedience training their puppies. Sometimes the puppies stop responding to a particular mode of obedience training whether reward training or leash training.<br />The best solution to this problem is to change your method of training from one form to the other. If this does not work, you can take professional help for training your puppy.<br />2) Some puppies take a long time for command training. This problem stems from the fact that dogs can’t speak and therefore, they can’t understand words as well as gestures.<br />Therefore, it is advisable to merge words with gestures, so that your dog can correlate both of them.<br />3) Some owners find trouble communicating with their puppies as they get distracted easily.<br />Most dogs don't have a long span of attention and you need to get their attention by different means such as talking in a loud voice or keeping them on a leash and giving them jolts when they are not listening to you. They might take a little bit of time but they will get used to fact that they have to listen to you no matter what.<br />4) Sometimes feeding a dog is a problem. If you are having problems feeding your dog, the problem could be with the quality of food. If your dog does not like the taste of something, he will not be willing to eat even if he is hungry. Therefore, it is advisable to change the food products that you have been giving your dog<br />5) Your dog might not be ready to get into its crate and stay. Well the problem might be with the crate itself. It may not be spacious enough or it could be made of an uncomfortable material. The problem could also just be that the crate has become dirty and you simply need to clean it up.<br />Once you figure out what your dog is having problems with, it is easier to find a solution for it.<br />To know more about Dog House Training visit<br />I hope you have enjoyed this episode and stay tuned for more to come.<br />