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Darrow's use of Livescribe to accomadate students

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Darrow's use of Livescribe to accomadate students

  1. 1. Livescribe:: Never Miss A Word™
  2. 2. Notes from a Pre-Calculus Class • Ex Memphis, TN is due North of New Orleans (29°57 'N-latitude). The distance between them is 359.4 miles. Assume the radius of the Earth is 3960 miles. What is the latitude of Memphis? • s=395.4 miles , s=rӨ, r=3960 • 359.4 = 3960 Ө , • s=r • Ө = 359.4 3960 ≈ .0908 radians • 0908 r x. 180 ≈ 5.2° = 5° 12’ π . [2°(60) = 12‘] • 29° 57’+5°12' = 35°9’ = latitude of Memphis
  3. 3. Your information • Can be available to anyone or restricted • Accessible from the livescribe web site • Accessible from the school’s intranet
  4. 4. Notes from a History class • 1st Crusade – Muslims are divided takes Jerusalem • kill all non Christians –Jews, Zoroastrians, etc • Europeans create Kingdom of Jerusalem King of Jerusalem-Baldwin IV -- creates peace treaty w / Muslims nobles answer to him  Hospitalers – offered shelter to sick and injured Knights Templars – a product of the crusades to protect pilgrims The are Knights and monks that answer to the Pope not the King of Jerusalem Against peace with the Muslims Baldwin IV -- has no sons and he is a leper The peace treaty is in force until he dies -> his sister (Sybille) -> marries Guy of Lusignan (he was exiled for killing the Earl of Salisbury) and goes to the Holy Land  remission of sins Gains access to power – becomes the Lord of Jaffa and Ascalon Baldwin dies – his nephew (a child) succeeds Guy appointed regent – faint hearted in conflict with Muslims so banished Now Sybilla is queen and can choose anyone to be king She chooses Guy – He sides with the Templars and wants to break treaty Supports actions to break treaty
  5. 5. Teachers perspective • They are able to have a record of the class as it happened. • There are notes that the whole class can access. • Simplifies recreating a class for absent students. • Eliminates the need to provide students with note-takers/ class outlines.
  6. 6. Tutors Perspective • Are able to help students improve their note-taking skills • Do not need to rely on what notes the student took for understanding what happened in class • Can use the notes and recording to help students clarify their understanding of the material.
  7. 7. Students Perspective • Able to clarify their notes when something is missing at any time • Some benefit from being able to listen to the class or a portion of the class a second time • ESOL students benefit from being able to pause or listen again and look up words as they study.
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