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Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy


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Marketing is the process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services. A marketing strategy is composed of several interrelated components called the marketing mix: The Marketing mix consists of answers to a series of product and customer related questions.

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Engro Olper’s – Marketing Strategy

  2. 2. Contents First Part • Introduction • Segmenting, targeting and positioning Second Part • Brand value pyramid • Celebrity endorsement • Brand/line extension Third Part • Brand elements • Event marketing • Future of marketing according to you
  3. 3. OLPER’S Brand of Engro Foods Strong bond with farmers made milk collection possible Olpers was launched in 2005 Third-generation UHT milk plant in the country 5 million people use Engro Foods products everyday 4th largest producer of milk country
  4. 4. Brand Elements OLPER’s considered following brand elements to be part of it: 1. Brand Name – Before OLPERS, Milk Pak and Haleeb brand had local names. But OLPER’s intended its name to look International, modern and distinguishable. 2. Logo – OLPER’s has a distinct logo which is identified easily by its consumers 3. Spokespeople – The brand has a long list of ambassadors from showbiz to sport 4. Jingle- It has catchy lines and music to promote itself such as ‘ao kuch naya karein’ 5. URL – OLPER’s is Engro Foods’ brand as it is a subsidiary of Engro foods. 6. Slogan- Mera Intekhab Sirf OLPER’s 7. Packaging – OLPER’s has a distinct vibrant colors close to nature as in Red, Purple,Yellow, Purple
  5. 5. Criteria of Brand Elements • Likability – Brand color, name, and packaging make it likable • Memorable – jingles and packaging colors make it memorable for the consumers • Meaningful – It claims to ‘gain the dairy edge’ and it is making it meaningful • Transferable – Line and brand extension into other products of the dairy origin • Adaptable - Technological edge (internet, digital events, • Protectable – licensing of logos and rights
  6. 6. Positioning Strategy • Marketing Positioning Competitive advantage from Nestle and Haleeb ‘Subha Bakhair Zindagi’, targeting the housewives and teenagers who are goal and family oriented • User Strategy – Maira Khan as brand ambassador of Olper’s for female achievers • Product Features positioning Olpers is thicker, stronger than Nestle and has a distinct aroma and taste
  7. 7. Positioning Error • Over-positioning Targeting only the upper and middle classes and leaving out the lower classes with high prices. Even the middle classes think it is above their monthly budget levels
  8. 8. OLPER’s Brand Value Pyramid Bon d Enhance Enhance Stimulate OLPER’s cool, attractive,catchy all purpose milk, happy consumer Loyalty 100% Quali ty Full Cream Richness UHT Milk Red & White Color and Fond Picture of happy family All purpose Milk Sensory branding is the key to attain loyalty and smashability of the brands.
  9. 9. Five Dimensional Brand – OLPER’s The audio brand – use of Tabla & Sattar to make it local and close to nature. The visual brand – vibrant colors Identify in the minds and on shops The touch brand – special creamy, consistent texture of freshness The smell brand – aroma that is not strong not weak The taste brand –soft creamy taste, a bit strong thanHaleeb and Milk Pak
  10. 10. OLPER’s – Religious, Emotional, Holistic Brand OLPER’s beyond traditional rules of a customer and product to attain customer loyalty and special bonding e.g. Ramadan’s Sehri and Iftaar • all daily routines, special rituals, beliefs, occasions and special moments of its customers to create belonging to the brand, celebrating life and love Optimistic and vibrant tagline, “Good morning” • Creates a celebrity based trust, but by producing 100% premium quality products + earned farmer’s association over decades • In Engro Foods’ marketing manager words, “We wanted consumers to consider OLPER’ s as contemporary and modern brand • Programs - It made housewives make recipes with OLPER’s • Reputation of ‘local giant’ involved with community welfare • "All Purpose Milk"
  11. 11. Celebrities Endorsement
  12. 12. Branding Strategy • Corporate Branding – • Line Extension • Brand Extension
  13. 13. Olper’s Line Extension and their individual positioning Line Extension • 1. Olpers milk - Gaining the dairy edge! • 2. Olpers Lite - embrace the lighter side of milk • 3. Olpers Flavored Milk with Zafran and Badaam- savor the flavor of tradition - in every sip of milk • 4. Olpers Cream - every day is a celebration with our créme de la cream!
  14. 14. Brand Extension • Olper’s - Gaining the dairy edge! • Olfrute – Heavenly nectars from Engro foods (red grape, apple, guava, green cock-tail, mango, apricot and orange ) • Omore - ice-cream • Olper’s Tarkka – Give your food some Tarkka! • Omung – rise up to a better life! • Tarang - tarang in your tea-cup makes for sheer bliss!
  15. 15. Brand’s present and future! 1. 2. 3. 4. Brand Elements Event Marketing/Sponsorship Product Lines’ Positioning statement The Future of the market
  16. 16. Event Marketing-Above the line Advertisement to celebrate Ramadan and appreciate the hardworking females of Pakistan. The ad campaign featured female icons belonging to Pakistani media. • Ao kuch Naya karein
  17. 17. Sponsorship-Broadcast A brand should be social and this is how OLPER’s did it Olper’s joined forces with the team of ‘Tanhaiyaan’, a popular TV serial from the yester years loved by all Pakistanis, and made a sequel.
  18. 18. Event Marketing, BTL – Below the Line Ighost Dolmen Mall – OLPER’s goes social
  19. 19. Social Welfare Daharki and Sindh rural areas – social welfare programs for education and improvement of society are going on.
  20. 20. The future of Market • • • • • • • Engro foods’ profit growth exceed 191% 4th largest milk producing country Current size of 50 million cattle Available in more than 100 cities 30-35% rural population is engaged in livestock Contributes to 11.4% GDP of Pakistan Nestle’s market share is 51%(235 million gallon), OLPER’s has 38%(175 million gallons), Haleeb 7% (32 million gallon) and the rest 4% (18 million gallon)