Q4.11: Roadmap Overview


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Resource: Q4.11
Name: Roadmap Overview
Date: 28-11-2011
Speaker: Mounir Basaibes

Published in: Technology
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Q4.11: Roadmap Overview

  1. 1. Linaro Roadmap Overview Mounir Bsaibes
  2. 2. Agenda •Quarterly cycle •Roadmap •Implementation Heavily based on: •https://wiki.linaro.org/Process/Roadmap by Kiko •http://video.google.com/a/linaro.org/#/Play/contentId=e6b907c7f6597a7e by Joey •Life cycle graphs by Ilias •http://wiki.linaro.org/Process/* by various Linaro contributors
  3. 3. Quarterly* Cycles * A quarter starts at one Connect and ends at the beginning of next Connect, so a quarter does not span exactly 3 months, it may be more of less than 3 months. Three major phases: 1.Requirements gathering 2.@Connect 3.Implementation
  4. 4. Requirements and Linaro Roadmap •Requirements •Can be proposed by the member companies, the TSC, Technical Lead, Linaro management and Engineers •Product Management Council (PMC) •Requirements are submitted to the PMC •The PMC works with engineering to understand the requirements feasibility, sizing and when they can be implemented. •Place requirements on the roadmap •Linaro Roadmap •Holds high level requirements •Spans 2+ years •Implemented as Kaban board
  5. 5. Requirement Submission https://linaro.papyrs.com/ Requirement can arrive any time New requirements normally wait till the start of next Connect to begin the implementation Requirements in current quarter do not normally change
  6. 6. Anatomy of a Roadmap Card Name Task Id Link to Papyrs requirement Card Type
  7. 7. Linaro Roadmap: General View Covers only major initiatives
  8. 8. Linaro Roadmap: Card Life Cycle View Draft Accepted Planned Ready Delivered Normal Flow
  9. 9. Card Lifecycle: Planning Phase Source by Ilias: https://wiki.linaro.org/Internal/People/IliasBiris?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=PlanningPhaseProcess.graphml
  10. 10. Card Lifecyle: Connect & Implementation Phase Source by Ilias: https://wiki.linaro.org/Internal/People/IliasBiris?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=ImplementationPhaseProcess-v2.graphml @ Connect Implementation
  11. 11. Card Ready Implementation Blueprint3 Blueprint1 Blueprint2 Milestone 12.01 Milestone 12.02 Milestone 12.03 Backlog Launchpad Project Series 2012 Blueprint1 Blueprint2 Blueprint3 Card Delivered
  12. 12. Card Lifecycle: End of Quarter Phase Source by Ilias: https://wiki.linaro.org/Internal/People/IliasBiris?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=EndOfQuarterPhaseProcess.graphml
  13. 13. Tracking http://status.linaro.org/ http://status.linaro.org/11.11/roadmap-card-GWG2011-BENCHMARK-DASHBOARD.html
  14. 14. QUESTIONS ?
  15. 15. Backup
  16. 16. MB board example https://mb.kanbantool.com/boards/9855-trial1