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RDK ports on 96Boards


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LHG has been working with upstreaming key components of the RDK over the last 3 years. This demo shows the RDK media framework (RMF) running on 96Boards platforms such as HiKey and DB410C.

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RDK ports on 96Boards

  1. 1. RDK with WPE (Westeros) on DB410c ● Reference Design Kit (RDK) Mediaclient using Yocto Krogoth/2.1 branch. ● Mediaclient functionality (streaming media playback) by integrating gstreamer V4L2 hardware video acceleration plugin. ● Westeros, an alternative lightweight & open source wayland compositor by using DRM support. ● Metrological’s WebKit for Wayland browser (web content rendering) by implementing offscreen egl target support for Westeros(Mesa backend only). ● 32bit RDK rootfs on 64bit Dragonboard 410c.