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LCU14 300- Open Stack and KVM on ARM Servers


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LCU14 300- Open Stack and KVM on ARM Servers
Speaker: A. McDermott & M. Hudson-Doyle
Date: September 17, 2014
★ Session Summary ★
Technical details of OpenStack and KVM on ARM servers

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★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect USA - #LCU14
September 15-19th, 2014
Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport

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LCU14 300- Open Stack and KVM on ARM Servers

  1. 1. LCU14-300: OpenStack and KVM on ARM servers A. McDermott & M. Hudson-Doyle, LCU14 LCU14 BURLINGAME
  2. 2. OpenStack running OpenJDK JTREG testing OpenStack Cloud Controller LXC 0..3 Compute Node 0 Compute Node 1
  3. 3. Demo Overview ● 3x APM Mustang boards running Ubuntu Trusty 14.04 ● All services deployed with juju ● Mustang 01 as cloud controller and jenkins master with LXC ● Mustang 02 and 03 as OpenStack compute nodes with KVM ● Run a subset of the OpenJDK JTREG test regression harness ● jenkins dynamically provisions SIX VM’s instances via OpenStack on Mustang 2 and 3 ● the VM’s are destroyed upon test completion
  4. 4. Openstack via KVM on ARMv8 ● Configuration and Deployment ● Possible to install on Ubuntu 14.04 either via juju or using devstack ● Tweaks are necessary: ● Also installing on a single node with 1 NIC is not completely straightforward - nothing to do with ARMv8 ● Depending the platform enablement more than 1 NIC can be supported - eg for management + public network (works on HP Moonshot) ● Deployment with MAAS + juju is work in progress ● Out of band management issue for Mustang ● Administration ● All use cases seem to be working ● Openstack identity service ● Works - all relevant Tempest cases pass ● Openstack nova ● Assuming images are set up correctly it works. Launching instances with ephemeral storage does not work
  5. 5. It’s running on ARM 64-bit now!
  6. 6. Openstack via KVM on ARMv8 ● Openstack storage ● Basic setup of swift on a single storage node passes all Tempest tests ● Openstack image service ● Glance passes all Tempest tests and appears to work ok for basic operations ● Openstack networking ● nova-network (with FlatDHCPManager) appears to work fine
  7. 7. OpenStack patches: only 114 lines in Nova ● nova: "Support setting a machine type to enable ARMv7/AArch64 guests to boot" Thanks to Canonical engineers for their contribution!
  8. 8. Openstack on KVM/QEMU for ARMv8 ● Known issues ● suspend/resume/migration ● Currently no support for “live migration” of VMs on arm64 in QEMU or kvm ● Should become enabled in Q4.2014 ● Volume hotplugging ● The currently supported models for arm64 virtual machines do not include any kind of hotpluggable storage ● Enablement expected in Q4.2014 ● Absence of bootloader/image registration ● On x86, QEMU can be used to emulate a BIOS (seabios) which boots grub which (as with a physical machine) uses configuration within the image to specify the kernel, initrd (if any) and kernel parameters – with the kernel and initrd being read from the image itself ● On arm64 there is not yet a bootloader that can be used in this way – virtual machines are booted by specifying the kernel, initrd and kernel parameters on the qemu command line ● Block device ordering ● On arm64, there is no emulation of IDE, and QEMU uses the “virtio” block device type. This
  9. 9. More about Linaro Connect: Linaro members: More about Linaro: