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LCE12: Linaro Connect Europe, Copenhagen 2012 - Welcome


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Resource: LCE12
Name: Linaro Connect Europe, Copenhagen 2012 - Welcome
Date: 29-10-2012
Speaker: George Grey

Published in: Technology
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LCE12: Linaro Connect Europe, Copenhagen 2012 - Welcome

  1. 1. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) WELCOME George Grey, CEO Linaro Connect Europe 2012
  2. 2. www.linaro.orgSlide 2 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Welcome Linaro Connect in Hong Kong in May 2012 - more than 250 attendees Copenhagen is our biggest event yet, with over 320 registrations from more than 80 companies We have a number of updates since the last meeting
  3. 3. www.linaro.orgSlide 3 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Welcome to New Linaro Members Club Level Core Level
  4. 4. www.linaro.orgSlide 4 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) ARM Linux Influence  from: “Gaah. Guys, this whole ARM thing is a f*cking pain in the ass.” Linus Torvalds, March 11th, 2011  to: “Over the last year, ARM has gone from a constant headache every merge window to an outstanding citizen in the Linux community” Linus Torvalds, August 29th, 2012
  5. 5. www.linaro.orgSlide 5 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) What’s Next  THIS WEEK A very full agenda – more than 150 sessions and meetings  Mobile, Server, Networking, Power Management, ARMv8, landing teams, Android, LAVA, big.LITTLE, gcc, KVM & more  Watch out for a further Linaro-related announcement on Thursday – here on Thursday at 5.45pm
  6. 6. www.linaro.orgSlide 6 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) More than Regular Sessions & Hacking  Lunch at 1.00-2.00pm every day  Three mini-summits in this auditorium (12) ARMv8: Tomorrow (Tuesday) 8.30am-1.00pm Android: Wednesday 8.30-9.00am plus 2.00-6.00pm Big.LITTLE: Thursday 8.30am-1.00pm  Sessions in morning, hacking in afternoons every day except Wednesday: to allow West Coast dial ins to the mini-summit
  7. 7. www.linaro.orgSlide 7 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Socials Tonight: Meet & Greet 7.00-10.00pm Congress Hall A (2-3) Tomorrow: Free for you to explore Copenhagen Wednesday: Late night hacking 6.00-10.00pm hacking rooms B4 & B5 Thursday: UDS Closing party 7.00-11.00pm. Transport arranged to Rosie McGees Copenhagen Friday: Demo Friday & Closing Lunch
  8. 8. www.linaro.orgSlide 8 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) It’s all on Your Badge Metro map and basic Danish Schedules (latest on schedule displays and online) The crossword competition – submit completed entries on Friday for draw of “how one Danish family makes money with arms” prize  Thanks to Dave Piggott – not even free drinks will reveal the answers  Thanks to our sponsors
  9. 9. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) David A Rusling, Linaro CTO The Future
  10. 10. www.linaro.orgSlide 10 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) William Gibson “The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed” August, 1993
  11. 11. www.linaro.orgSlide 11 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Clues?
  12. 12. www.linaro.orgSlide 12 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Think Holistically  Need to turn our attention to the whole system  Look for efficiency of the system as a whole  How do we balance computation across all computing elements for the best battery life / performance?  Engineer to support the diversity of ARM  Let's not slavishly follow Intel's example  Need to consider all application spaces, not just mobile
  13. 13. www.linaro.orgSlide 13 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linux Kernel  Ideally the kernel would  Support a wide diversity of hardware implementation (from smart 'internet of things' devices to mobile, HPC and 'smart planet')  Be dynamically tunable for performance versus energy usage  Instrumentation, measurement, feedback  Interactions with user space methods / mechanisms  Key sub-systems need re-engineering  Power management  Scheduling  Networking
  14. 14. www.linaro.orgSlide 14 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Heterogeneous Systems  Systems are a mixture of CPU, GPU, DSP etc  Highly complex interactions (especially if you add security and virtualization)  Programming across these devices is generally fixed at design time  How can we distribute work across these compute engines efficiently?  OpenCL (CPU / GPU)  HSA Foundation (
  15. 15. www.linaro.orgSlide 15 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Needs Re-engineering Too  Organisational change is inevitable  New members, new groups, wider focus  Linaro could more or less double in size in the next 12 months  Need to reaffirm our key values (upon which our reputation is dependent):  Openness  Upstream working  Collaboration  Above all we're an engineering organisation  With a reputation for integrity and excellence
  16. 16. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Joe Bates, VP Member Services
  17. 17. www.linaro.orgSlide 17 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Member Services
  18. 18. www.linaro.orgSlide 18 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro is ALL about the Members!
  19. 19. www.linaro.orgSlide 19 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Welcome LG Electronics!
  20. 20. www.linaro.orgSlide 20 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Welcome to HiSilicon/Huawei!
  21. 21. www.linaro.orgSlide 21 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) More Linaro Members
  22. 22. www.linaro.orgSlide 22 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Connect Attendance 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 Belgium May'10 Prague Jul'10 Florida Oct'10 Dallas Jan'11 Budapest May'11 Cambourne Aug'11 Florida Oct'11 SanFrancisco Feb'12 HongKong May'12 Copenhagen Oct'12 Linaro Connect Attendees Other Companies Linaro Members
  23. 23. www.linaro.orgSlide 23 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Unified Memory Management
  24. 24. www.linaro.orgSlide 24 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Google’s ARM-based Samsung Chromebook  UMM! ChromeOS  Dual Core Exynos5 A15  2GB RAM  16GB internal storage + 100GB chromedrive storage  11.6” 1366 x 768  Wifi-only or 3g  Only $249!
  25. 25. www.linaro.orgSlide 25 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Landing Teams
  26. 26. www.linaro.orgSlide 26 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) ARM Landing Team
  27. 27. www.linaro.orgSlide 27 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) ARM Energy Probe  Documentation – How AEP works & How to modify a board  Recommendations on how to minimize measurement errors  Describes situations which could produce unreliable data  Extensive modifications to command line tool to drive probe  Easy acquisition & manipulation of captured data  Information about probe now output to stderr separate from data
  28. 28. www.linaro.orgSlide 28 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Developer Technical Support
  29. 29. www.linaro.orgSlide 29 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Developer Technical Support What does Linaro Support?  Linaro GNU toolchain (includes gcc gdb binutils)  Linaro tools: PowerTop, PowerDebug, Linaro Image Tools  QEMU  LAVA  Linaro kernel code both upstreamed and member-platform specific in the last 2 stable kernel releases  Member Builds - last 3 Member Build releases on each Linaro platform for every distribution (Android and Ubuntu today)
  30. 30. www.linaro.orgSlide 30 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Project Management
  31. 31. www.linaro.orgSlide 31 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Member Services Session Highlights ARM Energy Probe Elements of Team Effectiveness Intro to GIT Upstreaming 101 Zendesk and LDTS Kernel Tracing Tools
  32. 32. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Alexander Sack Platform Engineering
  33. 33. www.linaro.orgSlide 33 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) A few things first Connect with everyone Help the NEW starters! Think bold, think out of the box But remember the thing about realism Ideas are great, real plans are better Align, refine, decide Work cross team – surely with Platform teams And remember the fun parts!
  34. 34. www.linaro.orgSlide 34 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Platform Engineering Services for Linaro Engineering integration, validation, release/reporting, demos developer convenience & automation Engineering Baselines Full OS stacks: Android, OE, Ubuntu, … Tip based kernel: linux-linaro(-core) Automation Tools, CI and LAVA CI solutions for kernel and system engineers Developer convenience tools LAVA – a native board provisioning system
  35. 35. www.linaro.orgSlide 35 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Platform @Connect Track: Engineering Baselines and Validation Teams: Android Platform, Developer Platform, QA Services Topics: LEB → Engineering Builds (big thing!) Builds and Baselines for Kernel Engineers! linux-linaro – where do we stand and what's next? QA Services for Roadmap Validation and Sign Off Track Leads: Ricardo Salveti, Fathi Boudra, Vishal Bhoj
  36. 36. www.linaro.orgSlide 36 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Platform @Connect Track: Engineering Baselines and Validation Engineering Builds for Linaro WGs 2012-11-01 11:00..11:55 in BV3 Roadmap Card QA and Sign Off 2012-10-30 10:00..10:45 in BV2 Optimize Android Build Offering for Linaro Engineers 2012-10-29 12:00..13:00 in BV3 Linux Linaro Review 2012-11-02 11:00..11:55 in BV3
  37. 37. www.linaro.orgSlide 37 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Platform @Connect Track: Automation Tools, CI and LAVA Teams: Infrastructure and LAVA Topics: Automation and Convenience for Developers Get started on next level of LAVA use cases Powermeasurement and Test Buddies A Phone in the lab: Galaxy Nexus LAVA support Track Leads: Andy Doan, Danilo Segan With help: Michael Hudson-Doyle and James Tunnicliffe
  38. 38. www.linaro.orgSlide 38 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Platform @Connect Track: Automation Tools, CI and LAVA Kernel Development with Linaro CI and LAVA 2012-10-30 09:00..09:55 in BV3 Supporting Interesting Boot Options In LAVA 2012-11-02 10:00..10:45 in BV3 Visualizations/Notifications/Data Analysis in LAVA 2012-10-31 15:00..16:00 in BV3
  39. 39. www.linaro.orgSlide 39 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Android @Connect 1st. Android Engineering Sessions Hosted in Android Track Teams: Zach Pfeffer, Kernel, Toolchain Topics Optimization and Unification for Android mini-summit on Wednesday! 2nd. Android Build & Platform Sessions Hosted in Engineering Baselines and Validation Track Thanks to Vishal Bhoj
  40. 40. www.linaro.orgSlide 40 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Last but not least @Connect Planning, Tracking and Reporting It's not a topic for PMs, Leads and Managers only Everybody needs to plan! Everybody needs to align! Everybody needs help marketing their steps and success! Session: Kernel Planning and Tracking 2012-10-31 12:00..13:00 in Room 18-A
  41. 41. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Toolchain Team Michael Hope See us in B4:M1
  42. 42. www.linaro.orgSlide 42 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) What we do  Compilers  Developer tools  Libraries
  43. 43. www.linaro.orgSlide 43 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) This week's goals  Outcomes!  New people  Our own, ARMv8, and Android performance
  44. 44. www.linaro.orgSlide 44 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Performance  big.LITTLE and tools  Switching focus to the Cortex-A15  Performance meeting  Android performance sessions
  45. 45. www.linaro.orgSlide 45 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) KVM  Testing KVM
  46. 46. www.linaro.orgSlide 46 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) ARMv8  GNU tools progress and what's coming up  Good plenary on Thursday by Andrew
  47. 47. www.linaro.orgSlide 47 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Others to watch out for  Training on git, upstreaming, team effectiveness  Ubuntu Developer Summit  Engineering and hacking afternoons
  48. 48. www.linaro.orgSlide 48 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) How measured?  Used in  Ubuntu, Oracle's JDK, AndEBench, OpenEmbedded, crosstool- NG, OpenWRT, OSELAS  Downloads  1475 last month (22 % Windows)
  49. 49. www.linaro.orgSlide 49 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) What we do  “Provide best in class tools supporting Linux on ARM in all market segments”  “Make ARM powered products more responsive, interactive, and power efficient though better tools, faster libraries, and deeper end-developer features”
  50. 50. www.linaro.orgSlide 50 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Do it!
  51. 51. EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Kernel Working Groups Mark Orvek LCE12 Copenhagen
  52. 52. www.linaro.orgSlide 52 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Introduction  In the beginning…  Quiz: one of the following statements is true:  I participated in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles  I graduated summa cum laude in Electrical Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology  Worked in Embedded Linux at MontaVista Software starting in 1999  Preemptible Kernel, CGL, DPM, Linux Mobile Phone (boot time, memory/FS reduction)  What I care about:  Hard work, dedication, commitment and  humor (if you can’t laugh at others then…)  Location, location, location…
  53. 53. big(8,080,464.3 km2 / 3,119,884.69 mile2)
  54. 54. Linaro – AZ LITTLE(0.006 km2 / 0.004 miles2)
  55. 55. www.linaro.orgSlide 55 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Linaro Success  #3 in company contributors to Linux 3.5  big.LITTLE In Kernel Switcher (CPU migration) and ARM TC2 hardware support  big.LITTLE MP work including hotplug performance down to 200mS from about 2.5 seconds  Initial ARMv8 64 bit toolchain and builds  ARM’s initial upstreaming followed by very strong joint effort between ARM and Linaro  Get started here -  .... and too many others to cover
  56. 56. www.linaro.orgSlide 56 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Kernel Working Groups  Graphics (Jesse Barker)  Mission  Make kernel subsystems used by graphics run efficiently in ARM based systems  Efficiency in the kernel (UMM)  Re-factoring the kernel for efficient graphics processing  Goals for this week 1.A coherent design for the common panel framework 2.A common timing data structure that will form the basis of the HDMI/EDID consolidation work. 3.A demonstration of the new "atomic page flip" functionality starting with omapdrm+omapdss 4.A resolution to the issue of the interaction between dma-buf synchronization and eviction in TTM (Translation Table Maps)
  57. 57. www.linaro.orgSlide 57 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Kernel Working Groups  Kernel (Deepak Saxena)  Mission  To have the best possible support for member platforms in the upstream kernel  Restructure the (ARM) Linux kernel to support the diversity that is ARM  Goals for this week 1.Continue development on the single zImage project, with a demo at the end of the week. 2.A plan for Swap on Flash implementation. 3.A plan for better testing and validation of upstream work
  58. 58. www.linaro.orgSlide 58 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Kernel Working Groups  Power Management (Amit Kucheria)  Mission  Optimize the Linux Kernel power management on ARM  Integrate key ARM technologies  Goals for this week 1.List and prioritize problems to fix to get basic big.LITTLE MP useful on member SoCs by end of the year 2.List optimizations to big.LITTLE MP necessary to ship a product and plan a schedule 3.Collaborate with platform teams to start power measurements during LAVA tests
  59. 59. www.linaro.orgSlide 59 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) How Measured?  Usage  Linaro code in commercial products  Talking about us:  Contributions to  References on mailing lists  Articles in publications  Talking about ourselves:  Leading talks at conferences  Monthly releases  Monthly / quarterly reports  Articles in publications (such as, LWN)
  60. 60. www.linaro.orgSlide 60 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Suggested Kernel Related Sessions  If it isn’t about the kernel, it’s not important   Mini-Summits (Android, ARMv8, big.LITTLE)  Engineering Builds for Linaro WGs Common Panel Framework  ARM-SOC Tree  Runtime PM: Best practices BOF  Afternoon hacking  Evening socials
  61. 61. www.linaro.orgSlide 61 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Deep insights from years of experience  A few quotes from Despair, Inc. (  “Meetings - None of us is as dumb as all of us”  “Teamwork - A few harmless flakes working together can unleash an avalanche of destruction.”  “Committees - Just like teamwork. Only without the work.”  “Compromise - Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.”  “Tradition - Just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid.“  “Idiocy - Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”  “Failure - When your best just isn't good enough.”  Deeper Insights  “There is always time for panic”  “The main problem with communication is people are involved”
  62. 62. www.linaro.orgSlide 62 EUROPE 2012 (LCE12) Let’s go! Be safe, be productive, have fun!