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LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG


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Resource: LCA13
Name: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG
Date: 06-03-2013
Speaker: Geoff Levand

Published in: Technology
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LCA13: KVM for Core, LEG and LNG

  1. 1. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM for Core, LEG and LNG Status and feedback session
  2. 2. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Agenda Team and Project Intro Project Scope KVM Status QEMU Status Questions and Discussion
  3. 3. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) The Virtualization Team Serge Broslavsky Project Manager UTC+2:00 Geoff Levand Tech Lead UTC-8:00 Peter Maydell Engineer UTC John Rigby Engineer UTC-7:00 Andre Przywara Engineer UTC+1:00 Anup Patel Engineer UTC+5:30 Pranavkumar Sawargaonkar Engineer UTC+5:30
  4. 4. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Community Friends Marc Zyngier KVM Upstream Maintainer UTC Christoffer Dall KVM Upstream Maintainer UTC-5:00
  5. 5. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Linaro Virtualization Project Comprized of assignees from different Linaro working groups Regards LEG as a primary client (LNG to follow) Works in upstream No non-public code Works almost around the clock (UTC+5:30 to UTC-8:00) Team wiki: IRC: #linaro on freenet
  6. 6. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Project Scope – 32 bits
  7. 7. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Project Scope – 64 bits
  8. 8. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / {arm,arm64} status Marc Zyngier <>
  9. 9. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / arm Entered mainline during the 3.9 merge window Mandates Virtualization Extentions and LPAE Supports Cortex-A15 SMP (both guest and host) Supports VGIC and generic timers Tested on VE-TC2, Exynos5, OMAP5 Uses QEMU or KVM Tool for platform emulation Maintainer: Christoffer Dall
  10. 10. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / arm64 Patches just posted. Reviews, please! Mandates Virtualization Extentions, VGIC and generic timers Supports Foundation Model, Cortex-A57 SMP (both guest and host) Supports two different page sizes: 4kB (3 levels) and 64kB (2 levels) Supports both 32bit and 64bit guests Uses KVM Tool for platform emulation Maintainer: Marc Zyngier
  11. 11. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / {arm,arm64}: future plans Live migration Huge pages support (WIP) SystemMMU/IOMMU driver (WIP) Next generation interrupt controllers Cortex-A7 support big.LITTLE ARMv7 support Feature parity with x86 BE-on-LE support (WIP)
  12. 12. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM tool Implementation of platform emulation for KVM No instruction emulation Small, neat, follows the kernel's coding convention On ARM, only paravirtualized backends (virtio-mmio). Fully supported by mach-virt(!) Unlikely to ever be merged in the mainline kernel arm/arm64 port maintained by Will Deacon
  13. 13. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM: useful pointers Git trees: arm: git:// arm64: git:// kvm-arm64/kvm KVM tool: git:// kvmtool/next Mailing lists:
  14. 14. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU {arm,arm64} Peter Maydell <>
  15. 15. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU Platform emulation for KVM Also works as a complete CPU emulator without KVM Solid, production-proven, fully featured Large codebase that can be a bit unwieldy to work with ARM target maintained by Peter Maydell Mailing list: Web site:
  16. 16. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv7: what's been done? KVM support: initial patches in the process of being upstreamed Guest sees a Versatile Express A15 system Cleanup of virtio so we can do memory-mapped virtio rather than PCI
  17. 17. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv7: what's next? VM migration show guest a stripped-down ("mach-virt") system, not VExpress finish virtio work support running on big.LITTLE hosts testing and validation Long list of "someday, maybe" items: power management? ; debug and profiling support? ; IOMMU? ; security audit? ; realtime support? big-endian? ...
  18. 18. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) QEMU for ARMv8: what's next? everything! system models instruction emulation KVM support everything we need to do or have done for v7 KVM support
  19. 19. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) Expectations towards KVM/QEMU Audience looking at this slide and reading this title
  20. 20. ASIA 2013 (LCA13) KVM / QEMU Expectations What are the use cases? What are the critical features? What are the priorities? It's your turn, please speak up!
  21. 21. More about Linaro Connect: More about Linaro: More about Linaro engineering: ASIA 2013 (LCA13)