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HKG18-319 - Dr. Tao Wang (GCC): Step into Green Computing Cornsortium


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Session ID: HKG18-319
Session Name: HKG18-319 - Dr. Tao Wang (GCC): Step into Green Computing Cornsortium
Speaker: Not Available
Track: LEG;Ecosystem Day

★ Session Summary ★
As the earliest industry alliance based on ARM64, GCC is working on promoting the development of the green computing industry, conforming to the technological development trend of open source SW and open HW and bringing together the advanced global industrial chain resources. Linaro Hongkong Connect would be a good opportunity to introduce GCC to the industry, including establishment process, core work objectives and tasks, organizational structure and related business progress. We are looking forward to enhance the cooperation between GCC and Linaro in the future.
★ Resources ★
Event Page:
★ Event Details ★
Linaro Connect Hong Kong 2018 (HKG18)
19-23 March 2018
Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong

Keyword: LEG;Ecosystem Day
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HKG18-319 - Dr. Tao Wang (GCC): Step into Green Computing Cornsortium

  1. 1. Step into Green Computing Consortium Tao Wang March 21, 2018
  2. 2. Diversified Workload and Moore‘s Law Failure Opened Opportunity for ARM PC age Many architectures flourishing Mobile Internet age New opportunity for major arch Cloud Computing age Seeking breakthrough in new direction Power PA-RISC Alpha SPARC Itanium Moto 68K X86 MIPS PPC ARM Z Power X86 MIPSARM High performance server PC & Server SoC/Mobile/ Consumer DSP NP RISC to IA IA to ARM Open, good ecosystem Multi-Core Heterogeneous Integration Learning ARM to be prosperous again Partly open Closed architecture The number of cores has increased significantly . Cache Coherent Interconnect. CPU+GPGPU+FPGA+ ……  Memory system refactoring, CPU / MEM depth integration  Memory closer to computing RISCvsCISC
  3. 3. Diversified Workload and Moore‘s Law Failure Opened Opportunity for ARM (cont.)  Diversified workload in Cloud computing, promoting new trend in data center, including multi-core, heterogeneous and integration, which put forward a huge demand for the next generation of computing  Moore's Law failed after 7nm process, the cost drastically increasing brought a significant opportunity for ARM. The industry began to start
  4. 4. Common Idea Gathered a Group ● Server manufacturers who has invested the chip and system, expect the commercial interests from the good development of ARM industry ● MIIT represent for Chinese Government, need a healthier computing industry with higher energy efficiency products and system ● Those, are founding member of GCC
  5. 5. 2015 Nov. in Beijing, First Round Table Meeting● Core results ○ 18 participating companies, universities and academic institutes reached the consensus to found Green Computing industry alliance ● Alliance mission ○ Conforming to the ICT industry trends of open source software and open hardware, converging the advanced resources from global ecosystem, and providing enterprises with easier use and manageable green energy-efficient products based on the ARM computing chipsets and other open technologies. ● Confirmed follow-up planning and rhythm ● Followed with monthly meeting: ○ Alliance target ○ Bylaw
  6. 6. 2016 Feb. Beijing, Preparation Meeting for Final Found Up ● Core result ○ Reached consensus on OpenGCC alliance direction ● Mei Hong, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences , the chairman of the board, ● Main target of alliance: to improve green industry ● Discussed alliance bylaw and IPR policy ● Initiated the discussion about work direction
  7. 7. Alliance Idea : 5 Areas to Establish the Ecosystem ● Based on advanced scenario , bidirectional driving Pilot Programs and the SW ecosystem(including business SW and Open Source SW) ● Standards: to ensure the industry consistency ● Talent development: training program to ensure the sustainable development of green computing industry ③Open Source SW ② Business SW Scenario ②Scenario① Scenario n ①Pilot Programs ④Interface standardsHW OS Tool chain& Library Database Advanced scenarios Application ⑤Talent Development
  8. 8. Scope of GCC ① Windows manages independent system : fit for all Windows scenario through WinDK adaption ② Cooperation between Chip vendors ( Q/Cavium/H ) and system vendors  3 Chip vendors need unified BIOS and driver  Avoid repeating work on tool chain ③ In Linaro , align Linux Kernel and part of Tool Chain through ERP ④ Linux OS business version, graphic needs GPU support  RedHat 、 Ubuntu 、 SUSE  GPU : AMD/Nvidia ⑤ Database adaption ⑥ Build Midware and App through TestBed Application Midware Database OS Host Chips Driver BIOS Tool chain Performa nce/debu gging tool Compiler debugger Monitor Maintain Backup tool Linux  RedHat  Ubuntu  SUSE Oracle/SAP Linux Kernel Windows Server SQLServer Kernel OpenFlow/OpenStack/OpenJDK /Java Apache/nginx/MySQL/PHP/Hadoop Qualcomm Cavium Hisilicon UEFI/ACPI Plinth UEFI/ACPI WinDK HP ① ② ③ ④ ⑤ ②’③’ Dell 联想 HW…… ⑥
  9. 9. 2016 Apr. Beijing, Formally Launched ● 4 levels of member: Platinum, Golden, Silver and Regular (Academy and User) ● 17 founding members ● Website: Http://; Wechat public account“ 绿色 计算产业联盟” ● Based in China with global cooperation
  10. 10. Organizational Structure and Work Scope Technical committee Secretariat Standards & Test IPR System Enabling Talent Development Board of Directors Pilot Program General Meeting of Members Advisory Committee
  11. 11. Organizational Structure and Work Scope (cont.)● Secretariat ○ Permanent dept which responsible for organization, operation and working group support ● Standards and Test ○ Define GCC technology standards and test spec, and conduct test and validation to avoid industry split ● System Enabling ○ Cooperate with Linaro to promote the system enablement via R&D and tool development ● Pilot Program ○ Promote application demonstrations for both OTT and enterprise customers to drive ecosystem build-up ● IPR ○ Manage IPR related issues, case by case ● Talent Development ○ Establish the talent development programs in academy to ensure the sustainable development of green computing industry
  12. 12. Fruitful Results after 1 Year Operation  19 members newly added, total 36 ( by Feb. 2018 )  Finished“Green Computing Standards Whitepaper”and plan to release at the World Internet Conference in 2017 Dec  Under building: ARM-based green computing research and test platform(CESI), two testbeds  Good cooperation to promote ARM ecosystem: key Linux OS released business version  More worked to do: GPU adaptation, Platform building, Application enrichment
  13. 13. Fruitful Results after 1 Year Operation (cont.)
  14. 14. Deep and Extensive Cooperation to Promote Green Computing Industry in the Future Research and development collaboration -- GCC Developer Cloud (ERP based) initial setup ready to grow GCC SW ecosystem Version release collaboration Technical seminar synergy
  15. 15. Thank You Tao Wang March 21, 2018