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LCE13: Leslie Hawthorn - Keynote at LCE13


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Resource: LCE13
Name: Leslie Hawthorn - Keynote at LCE13
Date: 10-07-2013
Speaker: Leslie Hawthorn

Published in: Technology
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LCE13: Leslie Hawthorn - Keynote at LCE13

  1. 1. Cultivating Community Best Practices for Overcoming Challenges to Collaboration Leslie Hawthorn Red Hat @lhawthorn
  2. 2. The Human Element in Development Why Focus on Collaboration and Community?
  3. 3. The Valueof Open “Open source is how innovation is happening.” – Jim Whitehurst CEO, Red Hat
  4. 4. Rules of Engagement We have many rules and guidelines for sharing code. We do not have rules or well defined processes for our interpersonal interactions.
  5. 5. The Challenge of Innovation Creating consensus within a global team, despite numerous logistical barriers
  6. 6. Mitigating Difficulties Solutions for a Few Common Problems – Non-Native English Speakers ● People are shy communicating in their non-native language ● Avoid the use of idiom unless you explain the reference
  7. 7. ● Contact submitter before providing review ● Offer help first, criticism second! Mitigating Difficulties Solutions for a Few Common Problems – Contributor Embarrassment
  8. 8. ● These people are often your “rock stars” ● Understand escalation path for communication ● It is OK to walk away Mitigating Difficulties Solutions for The Most Common of Problems – Difficult People
  9. 9. R ● Harvard Law School Project on Negotiation ● Extensive use in a variety of difficult situations, including Middle East Peace Process ● We don’t realize how many of our conversations are negotiations Source: Harvard Negotiation Project Website Mitigating Difficulties Creating Consensus Using Negotiation Theory
  10. 10. Negotiation Theory Basics Interests vs. Positions Focusing on positions instead of interests... precludes finding optimal solutions
  11. 11. “There is no one right way to do things.” – Larry Wall Creator of Perl
  12. 12. What About Those ‘Difficult’ People? ● Be polite ● Be clear about your goals ● Be professional in your communication ● It is OK to walk away
  13. 13. Smoothing the Waters Tips for Recovering from Difficult Conversations Randy Pausch Memorial Fence, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley Campus
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention Leslie Hawthorn Linaro Connect Europe 2013 @lhawthorn
  15. 15. Further Resources ● Project on Negotiation at Harvard Law School: ● David Eaves on Negotiation Theory in Open Source Projects: ● Center for Non-Violent Communication: ● Randy Pausch’s Last Lecture:
  16. 16. Appendix – Additional Slides
  17. 17. Creating Consensus The Power of Empathy Transparency is required for open source approaches and methodologies to work. Transparency creates empathy.
  18. 18. Understanding Cultural Norms Empathy Helps Us to “Meet People Where They Are” We can’t talk to anyone! Don’t drop software on us and run away! No one notices us! My patch was rejected; I should not participate in open source.
  19. 19. Focusing on Interests Achieving Consensus and Setting Goals Collaboratively Understanding our colleagues’ needs allows for more rapidly achieving consensus and invites collaborative goal setting