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BUD17-DF10 - Android with OPTEE/SVP and Widevine


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This is a demo of Android running with OPTEE and Secure Video Playback using the Widevine DRM. The Secure Video Path is using secure video buffers generated by the ION secure memory allocator.

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BUD17-DF10 - Android with OPTEE/SVP and Widevine

  1. 1. Secure Video Playback for Android TV ● Reference implementation of DRMs and Secure Video Playback with OP TEE. ● Enabled on’s HiKey platform ● Android for TV from AOSP ● Secure Boot with ARM Trusted Firmware (ATF). Secure Video Playback on Android is made easy with OPTEE and ARM Trusted Firmware. Solves the integration challenges of TEE and REE, secure boot, key management and accelerated media playback. DRM PROTECTION