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BKK16-406 Ubuntu Core - a snappy platform for Embedded, IoT and 96boards!


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During first part of this session, Alexander will give a technology perspective on the motivation, features and possibilities that Ubuntu's latest rendition has to offer for developers and product makers of smart embedded and IoT devices.

Alexander will walk the audience through the building blocks and core ingredients that make up a snappy solution and will show how snappy unifies concepts found in traditional binary distribution with those observed in modern consumer grade Linux products to make a platform for building modern, smart IoT device products.

During the second half of this session Ricardo Mendoza, lead architect behind snappy Ubuntu Core, will showcase snappy Ubuntu Core running on the 96boards Dragonboard 410c. The showcase will include a bottom-to-top image creation demo taking building blocks from the Ubuntu Core online store in real time, followed by a deployment of the image on the Dragonboard hardware, then a demo of available snaps for the platform.

In his part of the presentation, Ricardo will illustrate how well aligned the concepts behind 96boards and snappy Ubuntu Core are, to show how hand in hand they can become a very versatile platform for all IoT and embedded device manufacturers to quickly bring their products to market and benefit from an expanding ecosystem of applications through the Ubuntu Store.

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BKK16-406 Ubuntu Core - a snappy platform for Embedded, IoT and 96boards!

  1. 1. Snappy Ubuntu Core A snappy Platform for Embedded, IoT and 96boards Alexander Sack <> Director, Ubuntu Core Ricardo Mendoza <> Lead Architect, Ubuntu Core
  2. 2. Overview
  3. 3. We are the company behind Ubuntu.
  4. 4. Commercial Backing for the #1 general purpose Linux OS: Ubuntu Global Services, Support, Certification! Canonical and Ubuntu | Best of both worlds #1 Linux Desktop #1 Cloud OS Now also for phones, tablets & IoT devices CANONICAL Ubuntu
  5. 5. The Devices Revolution!
  6. 6. The ecosystem is in a race to try new frontiers of connected compute scenarios around IoT!
  7. 7. It has never been easier to make a custom hardware appliance...
  8. 8. Building an IoT Appliance 1. Take a 96board 2. Add IoT components 3. Design a cool chassis/box 4. Make the software 5. Call an ODM and ship it!
  9. 9. It has never been easier to solve the challenges for making smart devices using open source components!
  10. 10. Building a Smart IoT M2M Device 1. Take a 96board reference stack 2. integrate existing open-source software 3. Glue and write new!
  11. 11. Good News The Open Source community has these days solutions for almost everything you can imagine!
  12. 12. But why...
  13. 13. ... do many device innovations run out of funding before they can get tested in the market?
  14. 14. ... is it hard for device manufacturers to make enough money to provide the "luxury" of timely and automated security updates?
  15. 15. ... is it challenging for SoC providers to offer product builders supported software that can be directly used in products at scale?
  16. 16. ... do devices we have at home for a while not have the latest software features found in current gen devices?
  17. 17. IT SEEMS IT IS ... ... too complex to make a product! ... too hard to add features to products! ... too pricey to provide security updates! ... too limited collaboration and reuse
  18. 18. What if...
  19. 19. A device builder can focus on investing in just the device experience instead of having to solve everything that it takes to make, ship and maintain a linux based product?
  20. 20. A device builder roll software updates to devices in the field with ease and confidence as often as needed? ... just like the Apples, Googles and Ubuntu's of this world?
  21. 21. A device builder add features to your devices already in the field at any time without having to convince the user to flash a firmware?
  22. 22. A device builder could rely on others taking care of enabling the hardware platform and keeping the kernel and OS secure?
  23. 23. There was a ready to use factory process for your software stack!
  24. 24. You could collaborate and reuse in an ecosystem of hardware manufacturers, software and service providers?
  25. 25. What if... There would be an OS platform that is optimized for building, shipping and maintaining device products that would solve those problems and more for you?
  26. 26. Snappy Ubuntu Core
  27. 27. Amazing developer experience with snapcraft to build from source Ubuntu Core with snappy transactional updates Applications confined by Canonical’s AppArmor kernel security system Safe, reliable, worry free updates with tests and rollback Easily extensible with frameworks Perfect for the smartest IoT Snappy Ubuntu Core App Ready
  28. 28. Snappy System makes updates easy and safe Snap v2 tested Snap v2 new Snap v1 current Snap v2 currentupdate test Current: Updates to a system is a high risk operation that you rather want to avoid Snappy: Updates to your devices in the field is convenient and can be done with confidence just like done by the Apples, Googles and Ubuntu's Snappy Platform: enables device builders to implement a modern update strategy: update through store, canary testing in field; phased updates; auto rollback rollback confirm
  29. 29. classic device kernel snap snappy devices os snap snapsnap kernel config os writable files app writable area app writable areaany package can write to any file read-only snaps writable spaces per snap filesystem
  30. 30. The end of 'one size fits all' Leverage a single HW platform for multiple purposes Ubuntu Core Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Home Router Appliance Ubuntu Core Digital Signage Agent Snap Display Framework Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Digital Signage Appliance Ubuntu Core Browser Snap Display Framework Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Browsing Appliance Browser Snap Device Mgmt Snap OpenWRT Framework Router Admin UI
  31. 31. Iotivity The end of the 'early device death' Add value to devices already in the field Ubuntu Core Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Home Router Appliance Device Mgmt Snap OpenWRT Framework Router Admin UI Ubuntu Core Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Home Router Appliance w/ Store Device Mgmt Snap OpenWRT Framework Router Admin UI Parental Control Store WebDM Ubuntu Core Certified HW Support Snappy Ubuntu Home Router Appliance w/ IoT Device Mgmt Snap OpenWRT Framework Router Admin UI Store WebDM
  32. 32. Snappy Factory Story Another Problem you don't want to solve...
  33. 33. Snappy Store Long Lasting Value and Revenue out of "Device Real Estate"
  34. 34. kernel snap os snap app snapapp snap app writable area app writable area Snappy enables all systems to have large scale app ecosystem without compromising on security For that all snaps run in their very own contained & isolated and sandbox Snappy provides a framework that surfaces apparmor, seccomp and container technology in a very easy to manage manner app snap app writable area app snap app writable area Snappy - Sandboxing for an "App Ready Device"
  35. 35. kernel snap os snap snap snap writable area Snappy surfaces sandboxing features available in Linux to the app developer and system builder as interfaces. Interfaces allow snap to export and consume features and hw-resources that would otherwise be unreachable in other snaps Interfaces get assigned by system builder, by user interactively or automatically Interfaces help find suitable software in the store! snap snap writable area slot: iface3 plug: iface1 iface2 plug: iface1 iface3 slot: iface1 iface2 Snappy Sandboxes & Interfaces
  36. 36. Snappy Ubuntu Core and 96boards
  37. 37. +
  38. 38. Kernel snap as the core to build upon Gadget snap differentiates your product One unified application ecosystem
  39. 39. Kernel Snap hikey-gadget bbgum-gadget db410c-gadget
  40. 40. Kernel Snap drone-gadget bbgum-gadget router-gadget
  41. 41. Mix and match ecosystem: kernels, gadgets and applications Single tool for image creation, generic instructions to deploy Abstract away the platform details (ptable, bootloaders, blobs) Concentrate on your software solution Collaboration in the developer community
  42. 42. How does this look on the Dragonboard?
  43. 43. Demo and Q/A
  44. 44. Getting Started Docs: Github: Mailing Lists: IRC: #snappy on
  45. 45.