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Speaking class


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Published in: Education, Business
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Speaking class

  1. 1. If you were my brother, what would
  2. 2. Asking and Giving Suggestion or Advice Asking Advice • What would you do if you were me? • Give me suggestion, please! • Do you think, what should I do? • Should I ……? • Do you have any suggestion for me? Giving Advice • If I were you, I would…. • I think you ought to…. • You would be well advice to… • Perhaps, you should…. • Why don’t you….
  3. 3. Asking & Giving Advice • British_asking & giving advice.FLV
  4. 4. • english conversation asking for and giving advice unit 13 - YouTube_2.FLV
  5. 5. • giving opinion.FLV
  6. 6. • videoplayback_4.FLV
  7. 7. Agreement & Disagreement Agreement That’s a very good idea. I think so. I don’t have any objection. I really agree with you. Good idea That’s brilliant Disagreement I’m against with this idea. No, I don’t think so. I’m afraid it’s not true. I don’t agree with this. I think it should be mistaken. I’m not really trust it.