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Bogotá ....


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Bogotá ....

  2. 2. BOGOTÁThe city of Bogota is also the most important culturalcenter of Colombia and a major South American. InBogotá have predilection sites of cultural and naturalinterest as important works of architecture and artspaces, recreation, sport and knowledge.
  3. 3. SIMON BOLIVAR METROPOLITANSimon Bolivar Metropolitan Park is the largest urban parkand important city of Bogotá.This beautiful park where people can enjoy the scenery,lakes and variety of attractions for children and places forsports, recreation and there are also great events for thecity different.
  4. 4. MONTES PARK CITY • Montes Park City is one of the most representative of the capital of Colombia. has many natural areas and preserves the environment.
  5. 5. José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden is one of the most important places in the cityof Bogota and the environment because it has lakes, vines, roses, Andean forests,palms, pines, cypresses, fruit trees, exotic plants, oaks, wetlands, herbs and orchids,among many other species naturales. El Garden has wonderful places among whichcan be highlighted by the following charm: the sundial, Palmetum, the collection oforchids and the sector of the Amazon rainforest.We found a huge section uniquely tropical, inhabited exclusively by palm trees,especially the wax, national symbol and pride of the country, because of the 11 speciesgrowing in the tropical Andes between Venezuela and Bolivia, seven are in Colombia.BOTANICALGARDEN…
  6. 6. WATERRESOURCESWater and Sewerage Company of Bogotá -EAAB-to develop sanitation anddecontamination projects, in coordinationwith the Special Administrative Utility toperform the control of discharges andemissions, solid waste disposal and waste orhazardous waste and toxic waste.
  7. 7. WETLAND SANTA MARÍAThe Wetland St. Mary Lake, is part of the mainecological structure of the city, whose useimportant is the preservation and recovery ofnative flora and fauna.It is one of the most interesting attractions ofnature available to Bogotá and one of the bestwetlands preserved. Represents a smallsample of flora wildlife and ecosystemscharacteristic of Bogota within the city.
  8. 8. THE CHAPLAINCYWETLANDThe Chaplaincy Wetland has wide variety ofspecies of birds and insects, but because ofthe precarious state of health these speciesare gone, today the park does not have aprotective forest, but nevertheless ischaracterized by a large diversity of fauna andflora.
  9. 9. THE WETLAND EL BURRO• The wetland El Burro emerging herbaceous grassland predominates also observed in some areas water bodies which are covered with vegetation dominated by wandering duckweed.• Although they have gone many species residing in the place, there have been 32 species of birds in the area
  10. 10. THE WETLAND TIBABUYESThe Wetland Tibabuyes or betterknown as Juan Amarillo wetland islocated in the village of Suba andEngativá in Bogotá,