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Arafat peaceplan

  1. 1. Arafat’s Peace Plan Click the space bar to move at your own pace
  2. 2. “ Peace was and will continue to be our strategic choice” But just a few Minutes later, he says : Date: May 15, 2002 Occasion: Arafat Speech at the Palestinian Legislative council in Ramallah “ Let us remember the Houdaibiyya Conciliation Accord out of our concern for the national and pan-Arab interest of our people and nation”
  3. 3. Houda…what ? What is this Houdaibiyya Conciliation ? Will someone just explain ?
  4. 4. A brief lesson in history: 628 A.D. – The Prophet Muhammad, then at Medina, signs a 10 year pact with the Koraish tribe of Mecca. 630 A.D. – Muhammad breaks the agreement, attacks Mecca and slaughters the Koraish tribe ! Muhammad who understood he is unable to conquer Holy Mecca, sought a pact, even with painful concessions. Muhammad removed the words “Messenger of Allah” under his name, making it an “inferior peace agreement”, meant to be broken. This agreement was the Houdaibiyya pact!
  5. 5. Question: Why does Arafat mention this Houdaibiyya agreement so often ? Answer: He is speaking in codes, fully understood by his constituency. What he is really saying is: We will get strong and then we will destroy Israel !
  6. 6. This is not new… He’s been saying it all along… His lieutenants were saying it repeatedly… Even after they committed, in the 1993 Oslo agreement, never to use violence again… We just did not listen ! We did not understand the codes !
  7. 7. Date: May 4, 1994 “ We are embarking on this new course with great hope, with great desire, and know that it contains wonderful opportunities…But let us try to overcome the bad memories and the obstacles in order to light a new, unique, historic horizon, an opportunity which may never come again for a different life, a life without fear, a life without hatred” Date: May 10, 1994, 6 days later(!) “ This agreement, I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Mohammed and Koraish, and you remember the Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and [considered] it a despicable truce.” Occasion: Israel and the PLO sign the Cairo Agreement Speaker: Late Israeli PM, Yitzhak Rabin Occasion: A gathering in a mosque in Johannesburg, S. Africa Speaker: Yasser Arafat, just coming from Cairo
  8. 8. But sometimes Arafat is less careful… Date: September 7, 1995 "Be blessed, O Gaza, and celebrate, for your sons are returning after a long celebration. O Gaza, your sons are returning. O Jaffa , O Lod , O Haifa , O Jerusalem, you are returning, you are returning." (Source: Maariv) Note: Red cities are inside pre-1967 Israel ! Date: August 6, 1995 "Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Palestine whether someone likes it or not, and whoever does not like it, let him drink from the sea of Gaza" (Source: Palestine Broadcasting Corporation) Note: Arafat consistently denies any connection of the Jewish People and Jerusalem. He claims the Jewish Temple was really in… Nablus Occasion: Arafat speaks at a reception in Gaza Occasion: A party to celebrate the birth of his daughter
  9. 9. Meantime, Israel, under PM Peres, continues his withdrawal, ignoring the incitement and terror… Date: November 19, 1995 "Liberated Jenin is just the first step. This year, we shall pray under the Palestinian flag in Bethlehem and we shall also pray in Jerusalem." (Source: Davar Rishon) “ Jenin is the first nail in Israel's coffin. We will agree to leave here only the dead Jews who are buried here. ... With the help of Allah, all the land of Palestine will be liberated. The Jews must return to where they came from, to their diaspora.... Abu Ammar [Yasser Arafat] visited us and spoke with us... Abu Ammar also thinks as I do. In the long run - he will get all of Palestine. He will not give up on one inch of Palestinian land... I don't want to continue living in Gaza or Jenin. My place in Palestinian is Beersheba ." (Source: Davar Rishon) Note: Beersheba is inside pre-1967 Israel ! But what do his people understand? On that same day, Suleiman Adwan, a Palestinian policeman, speaks: Occasion: Arafat speaks after the IDF leaves the city of Jenin
  10. 10. 2 months later, Stockholm, Sweden… Date: January 30, 1996 "We of the PLO will now concentrate all our efforts on splitting Israel psychologically into two camps. Within five years, we will have six to seven million Arabs living on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. All Palestinian Arabs will be welcomed by us. If the Jews can import all kinds of Ethiopians, Russians, Uzbeks and Ukrainians as Jews, we can import all kinds of Arabs to us.” “ You understand that we plan to eliminate the State of Israel and establish a purely Palestinian State. We will make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and population explosion; Jews won't want to live among us Arabs."  "I have no use for Jews; they are and remain Jews! We now need all the help we can get from you in our battle for a united Palestine under total Arab-Muslim domination!" (Source: Israeli & Global News, Channel 7, Norwegian DAGEN newspaper) And Arafat adds… And he summarizes… Occasion: Arafat meets Swedish-based Arab diplomats in Stockholm’s Grand Hotel, revealing his big plan:
  11. 11. Now, if you would be an Israeli, you would be… uh… worried a bit about your peace partner at this point, wouldn’t you ? Feb 25, 1996 - 26 people were killed, 80 wounded, In a suicide bombing of bus No. 18 near the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem. Especially when Arafat is putting his words into actions, unleashing his Hamas beasts to prey on innocent civilians: Feb 25, 1996 - One person was killed by a suicide bomber outside Ashkelon. Mar 3, 1996 – 19 people were killed, 6 wounded, In a suicide bombing of bus No. 18 on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem. Mar 4, 1996 – 20 people were killed, 75 wounded, outside Dizengoff Center in Tel-Aviv.
  12. 12. Just a few days after these atrocities, this is what Arafat’s leading negotiator and a cabinet Minister, Nabil Shaath, had to say: "If and when Israel will say, `That's it, we won't talk about Jerusalem, we won't return refugees, we won't dismantle settlements, and we won't retreat from borders,' then all the acts of violence will return. Except that this time we'll have 30,000 armed Palestinian soldiers who will operate in areas in which we have unprecedented elements of freedom." (Source: speaking at a symposium shown on Palestinian television. (The Jerusalem Post, 15 March 1996) ) - “Wait a second… Isn’t this the guy who always whines on CNN and calls for peace?” - “Oh, yes, on CNN he speaks in English, not in Arabic!”
  13. 13. "The government of Israel already has, for example, full confirmation of the accuracy of the words Arafat has been quoted as saying in his meeting with Arab diplomats in Stockholm. He spoke there, as reported about the 'psychological pressure' and 'demographic pressure' that will cause Israel to crumble in the end , and its Jews to run for cover . For reasons of momentary convenience, the [Peres] government chose not to challenge Arafat on his vision of the New Middle East. In the Israeli press, the item was pushed to the bottom of the inside pages.” (Source: The Jerusalem Report, April 4, 1996) But Sadly Enough, as described by Ehud Ya’ari, Israel Television's premier Arab Affairs reporter and commentator:
  14. 14. Date: May 25, 1997 Occasion: Arafat interviews to the Russian Novoya Vremya Is it possible that the Palestinians will return to the armed struggle? Arafat: Anything is possible . Including the armed struggle? Arafat: It is not possible to foresee what will happen to the entire region, not just in Palestine. The entire region is in danger and on the verge of complete chaos, as a result of violations of the peace agreement by Israel. In your opinion, is Hamas a terrorist organization? Arafat: The Hamas movement is one of many patriotic movements. Even its military wing? Arafat: Even its military wing. One should not forget that the movement took an active part in the intifada.
  15. 15. Date: April 8, 1998 Occasion: Arafat interviews to Egyptian Orbit TV Arafat explains to the interviewer that his actions are in line with the Palestinian National Council decision adopted in Cairo, on June 8, 1974. This is what the Cairo PNC decision says: Paragraph 2: “…to create a Palestinian state on any territory vacated by Israel” Paragraph 8: “…to use the state as a base for mobilizing a general Arab assault on Israel” For a full text of this plan, please refer to:
  16. 16. “ When the prophet Muhammad made the Houdaibiyya agreement, he agreed to remove his title "messenger of Allah" from the agreement. Then, Omar bin Khatib and the others referred to this agreement as the "inferior peace agreement." Of course, I do not compare myself to the prophet, but I do say that we must learn from his steps and those of Salah a-Din. The peace agreement which we signed is an "inferior peace".” And on the same interview, on April 18, 1998, Arafat returns to his favorite example: And he adds: “ We respect agreements the way that prophet Muhammad and Salah-a-Din respected the agreements which they signed” “ I envy the martyrs and I hope to become one of them” And he concludes by saying:
  17. 17. Date: May 10, 1998 Occasion: Interview with the East Jerusalem newspaper Al-Quds Do you feel sometimes that you made a mistake in agreeing to Oslo? Arafat: “No... no. Allah's messenger Mohammad accepted the al-Houdaibiyya peace treaty and Salah a-Din accepted the peace agreement with Richard the Lion-Hearted." Note: Arafat’s favorite image is Salah-a-Din, the Muslim leader who, after a cease-fire, declared a Jihad (Holy war) against the crusaders, massacred them, and captured Jerusalem.
  18. 18. Date: November 16, 1998 Occasion: Fatah movement rally in Ramallah "When we chose the peace of the brave [the Oslo & Wye accords], we chose it with trust in the Prophet [who agreed] to the treaty of Houdaibiyya and we have chosen this agreement." (Translation courtesy of Palestinian Media Watch and the Israel Resource News Agency.) Context: Soon after signing the Wye River accord with Benjamin Netanyahu Speaker: Yasser Arafat
  19. 19. Date: October 13, 2000 Occasion: Friday sermon at a mosque in Gaza broadcasted live on Palestinian Television " Have no mercy on the Jews, no matter where they are, in any country. Fight them, wherever you are. Wherever you meet them, kill them. Wherever you are, kill those Jews and those Americans who are like them - and those who stand by them - they are all in one trench, against the Arabs and the Muslims…” Context: After the Palestinians opened the violent riots, refusing to compromise based on the Camp David proposals of PM Ehud Barak “ Even if an agreement of Gaza is signed - we shall not forget Haifa, and Acre, and the Galilee, and Jaffa, and the Triangle and the Negev, and the rest of our cities and villages. It is only a matter of time ” “ We will not give up a single grain of soil of Palestine, from Haifa, and Jaffa, and Acre, and Mulabbas [Petah Tikva] and Salamah, and Majdal [Ashkelon], and all the land, and Gaza, and the West Bank… ” Speaker: Dr. Ahmad Abu Halabiya, Member of the Palestinian Authority-appointed "Fatwa Council"
  20. 20. It has been 9 years since Oslo… Thousands of people were killed, wounded, maimed, widowed… Numerous accords were signed, none respected… And the Arafat Peace Plan is still based on Houdaibiyya… Would YOU sign a peace treaty with this man ? Please answer us at:
  21. 21. Our gratitude for the web-sources for material in this presentation: – Information Regarding Israel Security - The Middle East Media Research Institute - Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry - Palestinian National Authority Site - Zionist Organization of America Israel Channel 7 News