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BAIT1003 Tutorial 10


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BAIT1003 Tutorial 10

  1. 1. BAIT1003IT Fundamentals Tutorial 10 (Computer Industry) 1. What are the career opportunities available in various segments of the computer industry? Computer equipment field Computer software field IT consulting Computer sales Education Services 2. What are the employee’s responsibilities in General Business and Government organizations? Work together as a team Keeping all the computer operations and networks running Determine when and if the company requires new hardware and software 3. Jobs in the IT department typically divided into six main areas. List out and give brief explanation to support your answer. Management System development and programming Technical services Operations Training Security 4. Give THREE (3) job titles available in Technical services area with it function and academic requirement. Computer technician – install, maintains, repairs, troubleshoots, upgrade and configures software/hardware – Associate’s degree in Computer Information systems or Electrical engineering Database administrator – creates and maintains the data dictionary and monitors database performance – Bachelor’s degree in Computer information systems or management information technology Web designer – develop graphical content using Photoshop, Flash, and other multimedia tools – Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information systems
  2. 2. BAIT1003IT Fundamentals Tutorial 10 (Computer Industry) 5. List all job titles in Computer software field? Project leader Project manager Desktop/mobile developer Technical lead Software engineer Computer scientist 6. In your opinion, why an IT consultant need to experience in one or more related areas such as programming, web development and Networking? Student answer may vary. All relevant answers are accepted.