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  1. 1. Ensuring Arts Education for students in New York City Part of the Community Engagement Program of The José Limón Dance Foundation 2010/2011
  2. 2. Limón4Kids is the newest Arts and Education program to introducemiddle-school youth in largely Hispanic neighborhoods in New YorkCity to modern dance and to modern dance pioneer JoséLimón. The program focuses on the goals of dance-making, dancetechnique, dance literacy, and performing.The inspiration and content of the program is José Limón’s famouswork “La Malinche.” All 13 members of the Limón Company areinvolved in the project. In out first edition, the Limón Dancecompany worked with approximately 170 enthusiastic students,grades 6 & 8, in their schools in Washington Heights and Bayside,Queens. Program was led by the Company’s Associate Artistic Company Member Daniel Fetecua in one of theDirector Roxane D’Orleans Juste, a Company member since 1983, sessionsmaster teacher, stager of Limón works for companies around theworld, and Bessie Award winner “for her majestic stage presence,infectious lightness, joyousness and emotional depth in works byJosé Limón, Donald McKayle, Susanne Linke and others.”
  3. 3. Limón4Kids takes place over a three-weeks period. Thecurriculum is broken down into four key areas:choreography; literacy; performance andtechnique. Limón’s personal story introduces thestudents to such concepts as heritage, community,identity and how we communicate. The bi-weeklymovement classes inspired by La Malinche are used as atool to help students develop movement language skills,thread through an artist’s and their own imaginary world,and discuss social issues that may be relevant to theirown life journey. After learning sections of La Malinche,students are asked to create their own dance inrelationship to the story, and then teach theirchoreography to their classmates. At the conclusion ofthe school residency, students attend a company matineeperformance of La Malinche. Following the performancestudents have their own informal showcase for theirfamily, friends and the local community. Students at the Final Gala at PS1 187
  4. 4. •Reach the Hispanic community using Limón’spersonal story as a way to instill cultural pride and astrong sense of identity•Widely disseminate art instruction to students whomay not otherwise have access to a cultural artscurriculum•Provide the opportunity for youth to learn about theLimón legacy through an art enhanced curricula•Relate to movement as a universal language, throughdiscovery and exploration of rhythm, dynamics,phrasing, space, and form•Develop an arts-in-education program that meetsDepartment of Education learning standards, includingphysical, social, cognitive, and aesthetic benchmark•Provide support to schools for development of theirart programs and encourage innovative teachingpractices
  5. 5. “Did you see how they put on their medals?Because they felt that sense of pride…There was 100% participation, I have never seenthis”Ann Biddle, Arts and Education Consultant “Learning the power of movement and working in groups of ten was very empowering. I liked it!” Sharda Mia Torres, Class 6 B PS 187, Washington Heights, NYC “It felt great to perform, to be on stage” Michael Pena, Class 8 H - MS74 – Bayside , Queens
  6. 6. All the dance we did was pretty good, specially because it really helps you to express yourself, and express your feelings, and it was pretty fun. The whole movie about José Limón really inspired us” Anthony Cersosimo, Class 8H, MS 74, Bayside Queens “It was very interesting, it was never the same thing over and over again. They tought me“We learn about things I have never learntmulticultural histories before, I liked it”through the dances” Gustov Utstol, Class 6 A, PS 187, Washington Heights, NYCJin Ju Min, Class 8 D MS 74, Bayside,Queens
  7. 7. In this second edition of Limón4Kids, the Limón DanceCompany will expand the program to the 5 boroughs of NewYork City in order to reach an estimate of 500 students.The session will take place in November 2010 and the firsttrimester of 2011Fundraising goal for 2010-2011:$150,000Sponsors in 2010:Support for the pilot program is generously provided by the Dr.Robert C. and Tina Sohn Foundation, Mex-Am Foundation, andthe Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  8. 8. Please make checks payable to: JOSÉ LIMÓN DANCE FOUNDATION, INC. 307 West 38th Street, Suite # 1105 New York, NY 10018 Transfer Information: JOSÉ LIMÓN DANCE FOUNDATION Account #9511-5811 Citibank (Branch #122) 555 LaGuardia Place New York, NY 10012, USAPablo Francisco Ruvalcaba Tovar, Limon THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING US!Dance Company Member teaching class