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iOS Cloud Sync - Definition


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iOS Cloud Sync - Definition

  1. 1. iOS Cloud Sync Definition
  2. 2. Current Model Sync Desktop iDevice• Your Desktop Computer is Source of Truth
  3. 3. Problem with Current Model Sync Desktop iDevice• You have to physically connect iDevice to a computer• Users are prompted to upgrade iTunes (This can take ~15 min)• Back up and Restore can take several hours (and still fail at the last moment)
  4. 4. Cloud Sync Model Cloud Config Sync Data Sync over Wi-Fi Desktop iDevice• Cloud is Source of Truth for Configuration• Sync / Backup Data to Desktop via Wi-Fi
  5. 5. Cloud Sync ModelCloud Use Cloud Sync for the Following: Config Sync • Contacts (sync data) • Mail and Calendar (config settings)iDevice • Bookmarks • List of Apps & Screen Config • List of TV Shows & Podcasts • List of Books
  6. 6. Cloud Sync Model Data Sync over Wi-Fi Desktop iDeviceUse Data Sync / Backup over Wi-Fi for the Following: • Music (MP3s) • Movies (Videos) • Photos
  7. 7. Thank YouAuthor: Lloyd Lim, Experience Design Blogger