Sell Anything for Thousands by Ebay Dropshipping


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After over 5 years of success on my $100K Ebay dropshipping business, I'm finally sharing my secrets! 2 ridiculously easy strategies helped me identify multiple dropshipping niches generating thousands in profit every week. Read the Ebook to find out more!

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Sell Anything for Thousands by Ebay Dropshipping

  1. 1. Just So You Know I’m Real! This is a picture of me, Billy Nguyen, in Canada, hanging out with one of my friends who I used to dropship fish tanks for (that’s his hand) Read MeHey there! The point of this eBook is to skip all the fluff, and go straight tothe meat, so I’ll keep this section brief.I created this eBook primarily because I wanted to be able to genuinelyhelp people who have always wanted to learn how to REALLY dropship(and make good money) on Ebay.I also want to build a following behind my personal brand and expertise,and I wanted to start by giving back to the community that made it allpossible for me!A Brief on Who I Am  An Ebay PowerSeller for over 5 years  Made my first $100,000 on Ebay while still in college (2008)  Was the top Ebay seller for my specific dropshipping product  Recently had one of my online businesses valued at a $200,000
  2. 2. I know a lot about the internet, especially about Ebay. And of all theinternet projects I’ve worked on over the years, I’ve loved Ebay the most. Iknow it inside-and-out.So rest assured. You are in good hands!This is Your Opportunity to Change Your LifeNo, I’m not joking! I started my living online solely thanks to Ebay and IKNOW you can too. You just have to be dedicated, know that you are trulypassionate about it, and WORK to make it.
  3. 3. For me this isn’t fluff talk. For me this is my sincere way of reaching out toyou and telling you that it really is possible. Forget all the scams, and “youcan, you might, you have a chance”. Take these dead-simple tactics I’vecompiled over 5+ years of real Ebay mastership, and tell yourself youWANT it and you’ll GET IT.Keep the mentality of staying sharp with my tactics, and I promise you’llmake hundreds within your first week of dropshipping.
  4. 4. Dropshipping on EbayDropshipping has always been one of the unsung heroes of Ebay. Once youunderstand exactly how it works, you’ll realize it’s omnipresent in one wayor another.Let me give you a really simple-yet-completely-overlooked example:Dropshipping from a supplier can (and often does) have the ability toconvert to a wholesale partnership at a maximum discount, but it almostnever happens the other way around.And despite what naysayers are preaching, dropshipping is still very alive,and will never die, so long as you know how to source deals!The Two TrapsThere are two really dangerous traps that people fall for when theythink of dropshipping on Ebay: 1- Dropshipping popular products 2- Wholesaling popular productsThe first thing you need to do is forget about anything that has any buzzaround it. No videogame consoles, no iPads, no As-Seen-On-TV, etc. Justtrust me.
  5. 5. Long-story-short: Roughly 60% of the sellers of these products arebusinesses that purchase thousands (to tens of thousands) of inventoryweekly. Another 30% are individuals just selling a single item, and 10% arepeople who have been scammed into joining “dropshippingdirectories” and make negative profit on their sales.Now you may be thinking: “Great, so what am I supposed to sell now”!? Theanswer is: ANYTHING.
  6. 6. Finding a NicheI’m being totally sincere when I say that finding a niche is actuallyridiculously easy—especially on Ebay. The main reason is becausevirtually everyone going to Ebay is going there ready to purchase,which is very different from someone going to Google or Amazon simply toread a review. In essence: Everything sells on Ebay.Fun Fact: Ebay made $11.7 BILLION dollars in 2011 (Source: Venturebeat)That being said, there are two RIDICULOUSLY simply methods to use whencoming up with a niche, and they both require you to let go of yourprejudices and get downright “stupid”:Strategy 1: Look at anything and everything around youSad enough to say, even the grass you stand on could have been apurchased commodity. Every pen you write with, toilet paper you use,lamp you turn on, even the cotton swabs in your bathroom; everything isfair game.One of the most famous billionaires in China, began her empire by literallycollecting and reselling PAPER. I can’t make this up!
  7. 7. Some proof that everything around you can be sold: (via Inc Magazine)Open up a document, spreadsheet, or just get a piece of paper handy, andjust jot down anything, no matter how ridiculous.Fun Fact: Ebay supplies are now one of the most profitable niches on Ebay.
  8. 8. Strategy 2: Think about specific hobbies/things you or other’s loveAgain, super-simple, but this is my favorite method, because it willhelp you quickly find the BEST SELLING items on Ebay. It’s a win-win:People will keep buying what they love, and you’ll enjoy selling what youhave a passion for!I actually created a quick cheat-sheet for this method as part of my $100KDropshipping video course, but I’m happy to share it here as well You can access here: MoneyBay://Quick-Niche-SpreadsheetIn essence, you want to jot down a big list of: (1) Hobbies or things youlove, (2) trends that are popular or in high demand, and (3) things thatseem inconceivably silly to ever have an interest in.
  9. 9. Afterwards, create a niche sub-category for each item. So for instance, oneof my examples above is “Harry Potter”  “Costumes”.This is an ACTUAL niche, and I didn’t even have to really think about it.There really are entire businesses built around specific types ofHalloween/special event costumes.
  10. 10. The main point is to K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid)! You really don’tneed any other strategies than these. Anything else would simply beoverthinking it.A common mistake is immediately thinking about what might make themost money, so we end up defaulting back to thinking about somethingtough to actually compete in like “Toyota Parts”.K.I.S.S.!!
  11. 11. Gaging Demand & Refining the NicheValidation on Ebay is all about using Ebay Search properly.Validating that there is an actual market for your product on Ebay is veryeasy; If you have something to sell on Ebay, there is a market for it. Themain idea is to gage the demand for the product.For instance, I did a relevant Ebay search for the “harry potter costume”niche and returned this result:Clearly the demand is high, but it may be a little bit crowded, so from here,you simply narrow down into an even DEEPER niche.
  12. 12. Again, K.I.S.S. Don’t waste your time trying to think of what could be asmaller niche—it’s right there in front of you!If you look at the picture above, I pointed out the “costume andreenactment” category of the sidebar. You’ll see that there are less resultsfor this section, but it is more relevant to our target niche.From here you can clearly see that one of the most popular sellers is HarryPotter Robes. At this point, it is safe to say we’ve found an exact niche we’dlike to dropship. Congratulations!
  13. 13. The Quickest Way to Find SuppliersI’m going to share with you one of the biggest secrets of successfulEbay dropshippers: There is no “magic bullet” for landing suppliers.Getting a supplier is all about selling yourself to EVERYONE!That simple little secret is what has (and always will) keep the topdropshippers on the top, and—sadly—fool many people into gettingscammed by dropship “membership directories” which are totallyoversaturated, and don’t turn a profit for anyone but the directoriesthemselves.I’M BEGGING YOU, DON’T EVER JOIN A DROPSHIPPING DIRECTORY,OR PROGRAM.
  14. 14. My advice: Go back to the basics. Understand that dropshippingdirectories, sourcers, etc, are all partnered with 1 or 2 major carriers of aspecific product in only a handful of catagories. Which means prices areuncompetitive/inflexible, not to mention TENS OF THOUSANDS of suppliersare being ignored.Strategy 1: Go for every local small businessHere is one ridiculously simple trick: Think about what local store wouldcarry the EXACT product you are looking for. The keyword here is LOCAL.Think about it: Small businesses are always looking to expand theirbusiness, but don’t have the resources… Also, I’d say about 25% ofdropshipping programs created every year are through smallbusinesses that decide to open one.You’d also be surprised how many small businesses have no idea how touse Ebay (but they sure know how to take a payment and ship a package)!Fun Fact: A very popular niche that does REALLY well on Ebay, and couldsave a lot of small businesses from dying is antiques.
  15. 15. Ultimately it’s all about finding the businesses and negotiating with themthat you are the right companion.What do you bring to the table for THEM?  An online presence  A brand new/additional sales funnel  Majority of profits without having to sell themselves  24-7 sales  A way to combat the “big guys” (Walmart, etc)Strategy 2: Strike a deal with an Amazon sellerAfter observing Ebay and Amazon over the last half decade, I’ve realizedthat—believe it or not—there is not a lot of cross-pollination between the
  16. 16. two. Meaning when people sell on one of them, 99% of the time,they’ll never sell on the other.But again this is a big missed opportunity for people. The main reasonsellers don’t usually cross pollinate is: Doing well on just ONE of these sitestakes a LOT of time and effort. And at the end of the day these sellers aresmall businesses too!It’s to your mutual benefit that you can help them expand onto Ebay bydoing the sales for them, and taking profit off the top.I did a sample search just to show you the potential:
  17. 17. The key point with Amazon seller’s is to let them know you are notinterested at all in selling on Amazon, and you are willing to sign what iscalled a “non-compete” clause in your contract, stating that you will not sellon Amazon for the duration of your partnership!How the Partnership WorksThe concept of partnering with a supplier to dropship is simple. Onceyou’ve gotten your supplier, you need to make sure you are either getting apercentage discount (i.e. 30%) on items, or a lump sum discount (i.e. $15dollars).Deals are subject to re-negotiation at any time (typically after a fewmonths of working together), at which point you will typically get aneven better discount based on performance, or you can switch towholesale, etc.Depending on how you want to expand your business, you’ll find thatpartnering with multiple suppliers who carry different items is beneificial inthe long term!
  18. 18. Some Free & Helpful ToolsMoneyBay://Quick-Niche-SpreadsheetClick here to get it.Use this to maximize your efficiency with finding a niche, and find hotrepeat-purchase items that you’ll love selling!Google Trends [Link]Click here to get it.If you need more reassurance of which niche product you want to sell,Google Trends will do a side-by-side comparison of keywords peoplesearch for, so you’ll know which one has the biggest opportunity (ex: “HarryPotter Costume” versus “Dora the Explorer Costume” versus “TwilightCostume”). What do you know? Harry Potter won 
  19. 19. Yellowbook or Yellowpages.comClick here to get it.You’ll find many local small businesses in the Yellowbook not featuredonline, simply because many of them have no online presence whatsoever.Use it to search for small businesses in your niche (ex: “Costumes”,“Halloween”, etc).Okay, You’re Ready to Rock!Take everything I’ve mentioned in this eBook, and be AGGRESSIVE aboutpursuing your dropshipping success. You’ll hear “no” and “notinterested” from a lot of people and places, but just KEEP GOING andyou’ll eventually land a great supplier in a very profitable niche.You can do it!
  20. 20. If You Want a Guaranteed Business, See My Video Course!This eBook is just a few of MANY different tactics I’ve used to become anovernight PowerSeller in college. However, my specific niche dropshippingproduct basically sold itself.If you are serious about creating an income-replacing dropshippingbusiness on Ebay ASAP, I highly recommend my video course, which goesmuch more in depth, reveals every strategy I created, and best of all: I giveaway my exact dropshipping niche and teach you to duplicate it step-by-step, or identify multiple $100+ niche products in just minutes!You’ll also get  Using my Profit Tool to instantly calculate your net profit on anything  How to find existing dropship suppliers online  Exactly how dropshipper payments and partnerships work  Winning your supplier negotiation by finding your exact discount  Creating a high-converting gorgeous listing easily, and for free  LIFETIME UPDATES, FREE TOOLS & SO MUCH MORE!!
  21. 21.  IMPORTANT  For this month only I’ve lowered cut the price in half EXCLUSIVELY through this eBook. The discount is limited to the first 50 people to purchase a key! Reserve Your Key by Clicking Here!Thanks So Much for Joining Me!I’m glad to have had the opportunity to reach out to you, and hopefullyhelp you on your way to becoming a ridiculously successful Ebaydropshipper. Honestly, the feeling of real financial security (even if you justuse this as a side-income) is so rewarding.If you work super hard, and grind it out day-in-and-day-out, I KNOWyou’ll make at LEAST $100 a week off your dropshipping niche. That’squite a nice dinner to take your significant other out to The initial work is a bit lofty, but once you have a program going, you’ll beon auto-pilot—requiring about 1 hour of work a day (no more than 3).My personal email is if you have any questions orcomments!Wishing you all the best,Billy Nguyen
  22. 22. Legal TermsIf this eBook has landed in your possession, consider yourself a legal ownerof the resell rights to the contents. I am the sole owner of the copyrights.Other than that, please feel to price it and distribute it as you wish!Any images used in this eBook are property of their respective owners, andused solely for reference purposes.And of course, I’m not affiliated to Ebay ;)DisclaimerThe strategies taught here are different from consignment (which is youdoing all the work for someone, typically including shipping, and usually bytaking commission).The point of this eBook and everything I do is to help you as best I can. Butyour success is up to your own drive and ingenuity, so please do not holdme responsible for “not making a million dollars”, or any other relatedideas, which are purely the result of HARD WORK!In short: I hold no fiduciary liability, responsibility, or obligation to anyoneusing this eBook and it’s concepts in any way.