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Green supply chain management


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Green supply chain management

  1. 1. Green Supply Chain Management : Eka Darmadi Lim - 3094802
  2. 2. Management of Materials and Resources from Suppliers to Manufacturer/Service Provider to Customer and Back, with the Natural Environment Explicitly Considered (hopefully in a conscientious manner).
  3. 3.  In Supply chain consist of:  Multiple Vendors  Manufacturers  Distributors  Retailer
  4. 4.  The Reason:  Non – Standardized data  Poor Technological Integration  Geographical & Cultural difference  Poor of understanding
  5. 5. A Greener Supply Chain A Greener Supply Chain Network Distribution Optimization Transport Mode Optimization Transport Mode Optimization Transport Carrier Selection Transport Carrier Selection Equipment Utilization Improvement Equipment Utilization Improvement
  6. 6. What have we done so far? – case study 1 In this study, we have analyzed the environmental impact of alternative transportation modes The Project > An electronics company exporting goods from Barcelona to Denmark > Environmental impact analysis of two scenarios: Truck vs. Multimodal Results > The analysis reveals that trucking alternative represents more than 3 times more CO2 emissions compared to multimodal transportation Total CO2 (KGs) Truck 197.120 Multimodal 65.224 Savings 131.896
  7. 7. Alternative 1 – Truck Total CO2 emissions: 197.120 KGs Factory (Barcelona) Warehouse (Denmark) Alternative 2 – Multimodal Total CO2 emissions: 65.244 KGs RailDC (Spain) Truck DC (Copenhagen ) TruckFactory (Barcelona) Warehouse (Denmark)