How to Calculate Freight Shipping Rates


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Freight services are the best and most cost effective solutions if you want to move large cargo to a distant destination.

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How to Calculate Freight Shipping Rates

  1. 1. How to Calculate Freight Shipping Rates?Freight services are the best and most cost effective solutions if you want to move large cargoto a distant destination. They are not only cheaper, but the safest option too. While there arenumber of companies who are willing to offer shipping services, not all may have the type ofsolutions that can fit into your needs. There are so many aspects that you need to look intoapart from mere freight shipping rates factor. Therefore, you must determine a couple of bestonline companies, go through their profile, the services they offer and the best shipping ratesthat they can give you.Factors That Determine the Shipping Rates USA:There are several factors that determine the international shipping cost and they are • Type of commodity you want to ship • Weight of the cargo • Size of the shipment • Destination • Distance traveled including pickup and delivery • Type of packaging • Value of the cargo • Characteristics of loading and handling of the shipment • Commodity’s susceptibility to damage • Service charges • Currency • Season of shipping • Bunker and container capacity • Terminal fees • Fines and other feesTips for Getting an Estimate: • Visit the website of a good freight shipping company • Navigate to the rate estimate page or simply specify your requirements and ask for a quote. • To use the rate estimate page or to request a quote, you may have to provide few details such as destination, zip code, freight class, etc.
  2. 2. • To get the nearest accurate estimate of international shipping cost, specify the cargo weight. • Make a mention of special freight requirements, to know the additional surcharge on added facilities and services.Types of Freight Classes:The freight shipping industry has established a system known as the Freight Classing’, astandard for establishing shipping rates in USA. There are about eighteen different freightclasses ranging from class 55 to class 500. According to this system all commodities shippedwithin USA through less than a truck load freight carrier are categorized under one of thesefreight classes. The shipping rates are determined by these freight classes. According to thissystem, higher the class, higher the rates. For example, if your commodity is very dense forits weight, it will be considered less valuable for its weight and less fragile. Therefore, it maybe categorized as a lower freight class, which means lower the freight shipping rates. Theshipping company that you hire for your shipping needs will provide you a full explanationabout freight classes.