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Book 2012


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My sport book 2012!

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Book 2012

  1. 1. Season 20122012 was another year of many sport. Along the way I had ampleopportunities to submit the best of me, because I was training foran Ironman Race, and this made me more strong, and with moremotivation. The only way to get the best of me, was optimize mytraining time, with high quality, and focused work.This review, wouldn’t be complete without thanking all of thosewho supported me. My success would not have been possiblewithout their support!Again, thank you all for comprehension, and cheering me on!2013 must be even better. Im hoping you stick around, to joinme in new adventures.If you want to know more about me, take a look at my site:WWW.CARLOS-LIMA.NET
  2. 2. Best Results:Off Road Duathlon Deurne (NL) 2Off Road Duathlon Geel (BE) 9Off Road Triathlon Valkenburg (NL) 12Half Marathon Weert (NL) 9Powerman Holland - Horst (NL) 7Time Trial Almere (NL) 24Stads Triathlon Weert (Olympic) (NL) 37Triathlon Nuenen (NL) 19NK Duathlon (NL) 18Ironman 70.3 Antwerpen (BE) 58Cranendock Run 10.5K (NL) 2Off Road Duathlon Weert (NL) 12Circuit Limburg Tri Serie (Ned.Triathlon Fed.) 3Cross 9K Ijzeren Man Weert (NL) 6Ijzeren Man Volksloop 17.5K (NL) 3Mizuno Bergloop 5K (NL) 5Off Road Duathlon Valkenburg (NL) 9OliebollenLoop 10k Weert 9
  3. 3. This season I was in 25 races: Mountain bike, Duathlons, Triath-lons and running in Holland, Belgium and Portugal. With the helpfrom mine sponsors and my inner strength, I always try to givethe best of me. Sport is my life! carlos.lima.353
  4. 4. GOALS 2013Indoor Triathlon NuenenRun-Bike-Run - DeurneNK Off-Road Duathlon—NK Road DuathlonPortugal—Algarve Bike Challenge MTBOff Road Triathlon ValkenburgCircuit East Belgium MTB Marathon ChallengeHalf marathon WeertPowerman - Horst3ª Stads Triathlon WeertMaresia Triathlon—AlmereTriathlon BredaArdennes Trophy MTBTriathlon Nuenen70.3 Ironman AntwerpHouffalize Open Tour MTBCranendonck run24 hours MTB—EindhovenOff Road Duathlon WeertIjzeren Man CrossOff Road Duathlon ReuselSchwalbe X-Athlon Cross Circuit— NTB