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Question 3 evaluation


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Question 3 evaluation

  1. 1. Media Music MagazineEvaluationGRUNGE
  2. 2. Question 3: What kind ofmedia institution mightdistribute your mediaproduct and why?GRUNGE
  3. 3. Bauer Media• Bauer Media – Research• Bauer Media Group is a multinational mediacompany headquartered inHamburg, Germany which operates in 15countries worldwide. Since the company wasfounded in 1875, it has been privately ownedand under management by the Bauer family.It was formerly called Heinrich Bauer VerlagKG, abbreviated to HBV and usually shortenedto H. Bauer.• Worldwide circulation of Bauer MediaGroups magazine titles amounts to 38 millionmagazines a week.GRUNGE
  4. 4. GRUNGEBauer Media would be mychosen company as it wouldfit perfectly alongside mygenre as Bauer also distributeKerrang magazine and Mojowhich have a similar genre tomine.