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Punk rock magazine power point

  1. 1. My Magazine • For my magazine, I will be using a punk rock style, strongly based around the popular Kerrang! magazine. In this power point I will research the origins of punk rock and look at some older and current punk rock magazines for inspiration towards my final magazine. • Also, I will be exploring the style of photos for a punk rock magazine, looking at what images show intertextuality between the magazine’s genre and the way the photo’s are done (including the lighting, positioning of people within the photo, and the clothes that are being worn). • Finally, I will explore a range of layouts that would work well for the magazine in terms of its genre. For example, the layered effect, using an almost scrap book style.
  2. 2. Sniffin’ Glue • This was a magazine that began back in July 1976, however it only lasted about a year. It was started by Mark Perry accompanied by the journalist Danny Baker. The name came from The Ramones song, ‘Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue’. • “Sniffin' Glue was not so much badly written as barely written; grammar was non-existent, layout was haphazard, headlines were usually just written in felt tip, swearwords were often used in lieu of a reasoned argument. . .all of which gave Sniffin' Glue its urgency and relevance.” Tony Fletcher 23rd October 2001. • In my Fanzines Power Point, I will explore another fanzine, called VAGUE as well as doing some more analysis of Sniffin’ Glue.
  3. 3. SNIFFIN’ GLUE Title, looks handwritten Captions Price Date Photographer credit
  4. 4. Punk Rock Photos • I searched for some punk rock photos, slogans and bands etc. and how they differ from other photos. I took ideas from them as are listed below, in order to help me with my punk rock magazine photos. • Black and white- many of the images are almost cartoon like and are in black and white so that lots of detail is lost. One particular colour added to this black and white theme for a word, item of clothing etc. • Letters look as though they have been cut out and stuck back down. • General anger from punk rockers expressed in facial expressions and actions (swearing). • Insensitive actions including antisocial behaviour.
  5. 5. My Punk Rock Photos • I used my boyfriend (who was dressed up for a RAG week as a punk) to produce some photos following the punk rock theme of my album. • I explored a range of different lightings and settings for him to be in. I also used what I thought was appropriate punk rocker actions, for example, him swearing at the camera, the anarchy symbol on his top, his boots looking like they are about to stomp down on the image, him glaring. These all seem to fit the couldn’t care less attitude of punk rockers, who would go against what was seen as the norm in the 70s, their actions were often frowned upon by society as they did not follow unspoken rules. • I also used my friend who has lots of alternative clothing and looked at different camera angles and camera shots. My only prop for her was a Union flag rug which is strongly linked to punk rockers.
  6. 6. Kerrang! Magazine • Kerrang! is a rock magazine published by the Bauer Media Group that begun back in 1981. It was named after the onomatopoeic word that comes from an electric guitar when a power chord is played, this links to the fact that it is a rock magazine, the exclamation mark at the end emphasizes the title giving connotations of a loud noise. Since it began it has a radio, website and channel. • The gender ratio for Kerrang! is 41% females and 59% males, this is quite balanced but there is still a higher number of males reading the magazine than males. This is the kind of target audience that I would be interested in aiming my magazine at. • 69% of the buyers of Kerrang! magazine are between 15 and 24, again, this would be around the same age groups that my magazine would be aimed at.
  7. 7. Kerrang Mission Statement Bauermedia.co.uk • Kerrang! will ensure that we are constantly appealing to our spectrum of readers. From the younger teenage readers who are more open to different genres of rock music – from EMO to Thrash etc, to the readers who respect Kerrang! as an authority when it comes to our scene’s heritage bands. • Each issue will include a balance of bands and scenes to guarantee that we’re providing for our readers’ need for variety and their passionate appetite for their favourite bands as well as their desire to be introduced to new music within our world. • We will focus on the biggest things that are going on in our world each week, as well as guaranteeing that we are giving our main base of younger readers everything they need to get into and on top of this the interest in older, harder bands, cementing our role as an educator.”
  8. 8. Main Image Masthead Sticker Barcode Bar Strip