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Adobe in design_cs5


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Adobe in design_cs5

  1. 1. Adobe InDesign CS5.5The perfect publishing designsoftware for our newspapers!
  2. 2. What is it?Adobe® InDesign® CS5.5 software that letsyou design and preflight page layouts for printor digital distribution. It allows you tointegrate video, images, and audio forplayback.
  3. 3. How would we use it?It would allow us to easily create ournewspaper pages by incorporating images andarticles with creative layouts and designs. Thesoftware also has different tools to assist inmaking our newspaper look professional andwell designed.
  4. 4. Pros:• Comprehensive Layers Panel Easily manage page items• Built-in creative tools Integrated drawing tools, effects, and built-in Adobe Photoshop® effects• Split column paragraphs Quickly create text that spans or splits into multiple columns to enhance the documents layout
  5. 5. Cons:• Software costs money, some school computers already have it installed however (certain computer labs) -this would mean we couldn’t easily work on our pages at home, and would have to plan when to stay after or go to cougar time to work on the final pages• Some aspects of software are complex such as its multiple features
  6. 6. Reviews from REAL users!From ‘Mike’ posted March 7th, 2012: “…Anyone publishing newsletters, pamphlets, magazines, books will not be disappointed with InDesign.”From ‘Amessenger’ on July 13th, 2011: “Very pleased that I upgraded, new features are great and improve productivity and workflow. As always it doesnt feel like I am working and time seems to melt away. Love the multiple page size options!”
  7. 7. In conclusion…This is most definitely theprogram for our class tosuccessfully create our satiricalnewspaper with! It’s easy to use,has efficient tools, and thepositive feedback from usersprove it’s sure to be the bestchoice!