Evaluation of AS Music Magazine


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Evaluation of AS Music Magazine

  1. 1. Lily NgoFinal Magazine Evaluation.
  2. 2. 1) In what ways does your The colour scheme used in both “Top of the Pops” and in “Pop it” are both girly and eye catching. I havemusic magazine use, develop used 4 colours in my magazine to keep it simple but not too dull, too much colours would clash and notor challenge forms and look very aesthetically pleasing. For my colour scheme I have used a light pink, white, black and red becauseconventions of existing these colours are girly and youthful suited for my target audience. This colour scheme is maintainedmagazines? throughout my magazine. The graphic images used in both magazines are also girly and feminine, hearts areMy music magazine follows typical forms and used a lot in the “Top of the Pops” magazine clearingconventions of music magazines, as before I created indicating that the audience is young girls. The centralmy magazine, I researched the conventions of a image used in “Top of the Pops” magazine is ateenage pop magazine (Top of the Pops) and I have worldwide known boy band, One Direction, so todiscovered ways to attract my target audience with make my target audience want to buy my magazine Ithe various uses of images, language, colour, font have used a celebrity (that I have made up) that theysizes/styles and graphic images. Like the “Top of the might want to read about.Pops” magazine, I have used a central image of themain artist to grab the reader’s interest. The artisthas a direct mode of address looking and smilingdirectly at the audience to grab their attention.Existing magazines also use buzz words, I haveincluded some in my own magazine “Exclusive”,“Win” and “Free” to engage my target audience.I also altered the language in throughout the wholeof my magazine to suit my target audience (of 12-16year old girls) using colloquial words and phrasessuch as “Celebs”, “Cheeky Chaps” and “erm...” Thistype of language is light-hearted and is moreinformal and friendly than formal.
  3. 3. For my contents page I have also followed the forms and conventions of teenage pop magazines. I have a title, clear subtitles and text to add more information about the pages, and the pages are all music themed I have pages on upcoming gigs, album reviews and celebs and gossip. I have also included a message from the editor and a subscription which is usually found in music magazines. On the contents page, I have six subtitles all in columns so it’s clear and easy to find specific pages each labelled with clear page numbers in red so it’s understandable and user friendly.I have followed the usual structure of a double pagespread/article with having an image first then a part of thearticle running through two pages with smaller images seenthroughout then ending with another image. The article alsohas enlarged quotes in it to draw the audience’s attentiontowards the article. The page numbers are all in the rightplaces along with the name of the magazine with it beingplaced on the bottom left hand side of the page when thepage is the left page in the magazine, and with the pagenumber being placed on the bottom right hand sideof the page when the page is the right page in the magazine. The page numbers also correctly ascend as the pages startand end. The Top of the Pops article has a lot of graphic features of hearts, for my magazine I have used a graphic featureof a kiss stain, almost as if the model is blowing a kiss at the audience as a valediction. In my article I have integratedimages and texts, on the third page of my article; I have placed four images as imitating small Polaroid pictures that havebeen scattered across the page in between the text. I have done this so my article looks more fun and not so plain.
  4. 4. 2) How does your musicmagazine represent particularsocial groups? My target audience are 12-16 year old girls who listen to mainstream pop music that’s why I have chosen a teenage pop star on my front cover and my article so the target audience would read it and be able to relate to the artist as they are close in age. The artist is presented as girly, youthful and fun loving. The images on the article show her using making gestures like pretending to be shocked with both hands at the side of her face and blowing a kiss, this shows that the artist is playful and isn’t so serious. The anchorage text “Zayn’s like my big brother!” is also directed at young girls who are interested in pop stars as girls are more interested in reading about relationships and especially when it involves another celebrity, girls are more drawn towards gossip and finding out what’s behind it while boys wouldn’t be as interested as girls. The artist is also dressed in a particular way to represent the type of girls that would be reading my magazine, she is wearing different dresses (white, floral and black) and the way she is posed nothing too serious. The article itself is about the artist being lucky starting out as a normal girl (just like many of the readers) finding her way to stardom. The target audience would be able to relate to her and may want to follow in her footsteps; she is presented to be a role model to these young teenage girls. Her story is similar as to x-factor contestants, they start off as an average person then they make it big, just like the Little Mix girls that won X-factor 2011.
  5. 5. 3) What kind of mediainstitution might distributeyour media product and why? I have chosen Immediate Media to publish my magazine; Immediate Media also publish magazines for the BBC so they will have some experience. The Immediate Media Company also has a wide range of audience especially different age ranges such as Cbeebies, Charlie and Lola and BBC Top Gear. Although they publish magazines for older audience and very young audiences, they only publish Top of the Pops for a teenage audience, so my magazine will fill a gap in their market.
  6. 6. 4) Who would be the audiencefor your music magazine? My primary target audience is teenage girls roughly around the age of 12-16 because females typically enjoy pop music and catchy songs about love and relationships that they can relate to. The audience will be young and easily influenced so that’s why I have made the artist to be a positive role model for them. The teenage girls, would more likely to buy up to date catchy singles rather than albums and they would be attracted to young pop star boys like one direction and Justin Bieber. Their role models would be famous girls such as Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. I am not targeting at any particular race or ethnicity as there are people of all different races in my images I am not directing it at any certain race/ethnicity. The target audience’s interests would be in celebrities, music, their friends, boys and relationships.
  7. 7. 5) How did youattract/address youraudience? From my initial survey I devised before I planned my magazine, I discovered that my audience (young teenage girls) mainly only heard of “Top of the Pops” magazine, so for my research I analysed the cover, contents and an article from “Top of the Pops” magazine. to see what and why my audience enjoy it. I decided to make a Pop magazine because my survey results show that my target audience listen to Pop the most, out of the other genres. For my double page spread I decided to do an interview as they are easy to read and that is suitable for my audience.
  8. 8. To attract my audience, my front cover has girly colours, images of One Direction and themain article is of someone that they would look up to and see as their role model. I havealso included buzz words like “Win” and “Exclusive” to draw them in. I have also usedcolloquial language in throughout my article like “cheers”, “OMG”, “cheeky chaps” and“cos”. I have done this to make the audience feel comfortable and make them feel likethey are talking with a friend rather than talking with someone more superior to them.The images I have used are all fun and carefree rather than straight and serious poses.This also makes the audience feel more comfortable. Overall I have made my magazinelook feminine, so my target audience would instantly be attracted to the cover.
  9. 9. 6) What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the processof constructing the product? From making my magazine I have gained many skills because I created the magazine pages on Adobe Illustrator, I have learnt to put my all my images and text together along I used a digital camera to take all my images, the with adding coloured boxes and camera has various lighting settings so I was able test experimenting with a range styles of text and them out and use the ones which suited my magazine. colours. I had prior knowledge on using The camera also had different zoom settings as well so Adobe Photoshop (rubbing out a background I was able to get many shots out of one position of my or selecting and deleting parts of an image) model (longshot, midshot and a closeup). I also took but I have now learnt how to change the images at different angles and positions varying my exposure of an image, and I was able to choices of images to use for my magazine. experiment with an images contrast/exposure To present all of my work I created a blog using to see what looked best for my images. I have Blogger. I have learnt to upload my work, edit the also learnt to blur out parts of an image to texts, add images and links to surveys. I also had to make it look more pleasing plus I have learnt organise my posts to make it easy to access. how to use the brush tool to create a shadow To have audience feedback, I created surveys, using effect for one of my images. SurveyMonkey. This enabled me to devise several surveys without any difficulty. SurveyMonkey is user friendly and is easy to use for the audience taking my survey.
  10. 10. Here I have used Photoshop to edit these images to make them lookmore appealing and suitable for a magazine. As you can see in thefirst image, I have changed the brightness and contrast making theimage more interesting, and I have also blurred out the backgroundto make the people stand out more. For the second image, usingthe help of Photoshop, I was able to place my original image on to abackground that I found on the internet to make the image lookmore realistic as they are suppose to be celebrities.To share this PowerPoint, I have used a website called SlideSharewhich allows users to upload, present and share their PowerPointwithout any complications. It was easy to use, and the slideshowwas presented nicely.
  11. 11. 7) What do you feel you have My layout of my contents page has also improved my final magazine contents pagelearnt in the progression from looks a lot more exciting and professional.the preliminary task to the full While making my preliminary contents page I didn’t think about the amount of pages I had toproduct? include, and from my survey the audience wanted to see more pages, so therefore, my Looking back at my preliminary cover final contents pages had a lot more pages to it. magazine, I did not know how to manipulate My preliminary contents page is quite plane images and I did not edit any of my images I and boring while my final contents page had a just simply cropped them and put text over lot more colour and images. them. For my magazine, I edited all the images used to make them look better I have smoothed the images, sharpened them, and brightened them. This made my images look more professional. After researching and analysing other music magazines, I learnt that I can add banners on my front cover, graphic features and other images on it along with my central image.
  12. 12. AudiencefeedbackFrom this result, the audience was able torecognize what the genre of my magazinewas, all of the participants answeredcorrectly. From this, I have gathered that thegenre of my magazine was very apparentthroughout my magazine. This question asked who do you think the target audience is, and from the results the audience was able to identify my target audience of my magazine (teenage girls who enjoy pop music) this suggests that the colour scheme, images used, and the article are easily identified as youthful and girly.
  13. 13. Here I have asked the audience torate out of 10 (with 1 being thelowest and 10 being the highest) howrealistic they thought my magazinelooked.The answers ranged from 7-10showing that my magazine lookssomewhat realistic . The majority ofthe vote lands on 9 suggesting thatmy magazine doesn’t look 100% like areal magazine, but close enough.Some of the written responses saythat my magazine looks real, more sothe article and the contents pages.Other written responses say that mymagazine looks real due to the colourscheme being consistent throughoutmy magazine pages and has all thetypical magazine conventions.