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Stereotype chart mrs sommel media

  1. 1. StereotypeDetailDetail from drama and functionHow realistic?ChavRough and intimidating, uneducated, council house orientated and violent. No job and claim benefits. Hoodies and fake BurberryMisfits is about ASBO ridden teens, Kelly fits this role as she has a ‘chavvy’ common accent and dresses in a chav style. Kelly is a loud mouthed chav and is portrayed as being tough and intimidating, not taking any trouble from other characters.The super powers that the misfits are given are unrealistic; however Kelly’s thug like attitude and chavvy attributes are realistic creating an intimidating character.emoDark clothing, highly emotional, always has a problemNewt from Hollyoaks is a stereotypical emo, with depressive moods and dark clothing and make up (despite being male) to express his dark feelingsThis is a realistic representation of emo’s however parts of his character are exaggerated and seem to try to hard to live up to the emo stereotype.indieVintage style, “individual”, arty and quirkyCassie from skins series 1, she was skinny and wore fashionably vintage clothing. Wore natural hair and make up, and dabbled in drugs and other common teen issues (anorexia).Cassie’s appearance is a realistic representation however she is very dippy and seems very “out of it” which seems highly exaggerated.Goth/metal headDark style, black make up and attire, dark subjects of emotion spoken about in song lyricsRich from skins series 4 expresses his emotions through dark clothing and long dark hair, using it as a freedom of expression, he finds love on the show however keeps his dark emotional style.Rich is an outcast so fits the metal head stereotype well , he seems to be shy and unhappy however he has found love, which shows a brighter side to the metal head which is a more realistic representation.geekCare about education, conform to how adults want them to look and behaveThe inbetweeners, it features outcast characters that are not accepted, as they are geeks, however they try hard to fit in with the social characteristics of the more social sub characters. Will is the geekiest caring about his education and conforming to how school expected him to behave. He wore glasses and had a formal haircut.Realistic – however humour is exaggeratedPlasticLots of make up, premiscuous and revealing clothing, bleached or dyed hair, fake “orange” tan, lots of mascara and lipglossMini from skins series 4 dresses with revealing clothing and lots of make up, she has blonde hair and is seen as the leader of the groupRealistic rahsRich Abigail from skins series 1, had a big house and lots of money, spoke with a posh standard accent and went to private school. Had big hair and preppy clothes.Realistic – however character’s behaviour is slightly exaggeratedjunkyDrug addict, dirtyChris from skins series 1 is a junky and has a need for drugs and getting a fix – doesn’t care about an education or a future.realisticGay/campHumorous, desperate, feminine, pervert towards other malesMaxxie from skins series 1 was a stereotypical gay, fancying boys and going to gay pubs – which was used to create humourRealistic – however humour is exaggerated. His appearance is realistic as he dresses casually rather than over the top.<br />