Aspirant mainstream


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Aspirant mainstream

  1. 1. ASPIRANT MAINSTREAM<br />Aspirant mainstream kids will spend money to get the look, the music, the lifestyle they want – and the effect they are going for is expensive.<br />
  2. 2. ‘Trendies’<br />To literally mean Trendy<br />Term considered ‘informal but often derogatory’ <br />Down with the latest trends, fads and fashions<br />those with the access, knowledge and cash to spend on fashion.<br />It's all about vintage for trendies<br />like Acne, Luella, See by Chloe and Folk. Fashion heroes are Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Daisy Lowe. <br />Trendies tend to be in their early/mid 20s and are generally middle class. The Trendies Tribe is growing so significantly that fashionistas, a term once used solely to describe east London would-be stylists and fashion darlings<br />
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  4. 4. Interests<br />Music:<br />Musically, Trendies are drawn to whatever is fashionable and tend to like things in the period just prior to their first hit and the release of their second album. <br />e.g. The XX<br />Magazines<br />& Newspapers:<br />Dazed<br />Grazia<br />Vice<br />The Guardian<br />T.V:<br />BBC3<br />E4<br />MTV<br />Rarely watch t.v.<br />Films:<br />Anything independent and popular e.g. This is England<br />Icons:<br />Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, Daisy Lowe, Pete Doherty, Sienna Miller, AgnessDeyn<br />Fashion:<br />Designer brands such as Luella, Acne, Levis<br />And ‘vintage’ style mid end highstreet e.g. H&M, Topshop/Topman, Nike<br />
  5. 5. ‘Rahs’<br />Someone who went to private school (or wish they had), likes rugby (not football ), probably a member of a rowing, sailing or yachting club.<br />Hot spots for Rahs are often identified by a nearby branch of clothing outlet Jack Wills – areas include Clapham, Guildford and Henley. Regattas and polo matches are a mainstay on the social calander.. The lower rung of Rahs are also extremely aspirational from an early age and are very career minded. Rahs have a very close relationship with their parents and enjoy all aspects of family life. Blue blood, old boy networks and trust funds appear regularly in the lives of the young Rah. <br />Jack Wills brand (self-defined as University Outfitters For The Fabulously British Lifestyle) is a sure-fire identifier (sample quote from social media: ”They think they’ll find Rahnia at the back of the Jack Wills changing rooms"). Ugg boots also rule, as do year-round flip-flops for chaps, rugby shirts, pastel colour and Ralph Lauren V-neck sweaters slung over shoulders. Big hair is important for boys and girls. One particular irritation among Rah haters is girl Rahs turning up for university lectures in what look like (and quite possibly are) pairs of pyjamas. <br />Loyalty to your schools or university counts for a lot among Rahs – you’ll often see them with their educational establishment emblazoned across their Jack Wills tops. <br />
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  7. 7. Interests<br />Other names:<br /><ul><li>Poshos
  8. 8. Sloanies</li></ul>Musicalinterests:<br /><ul><li>Mainstream Indie
  9. 9. Razorlight
  10. 10. The Kooks
  11. 11. P Diddy
  12. 12. Kayne West
  13. 13. Anything that isn’t recognised by Spell-check
  14. 14. Posh rock
  15. 15. Pink Floyd
  16. 16. Fleetwood Mac</li></ul>Bungalow 8. Where the Rah’s hang out.<br />Newspaper/magazines:<br /><ul><li>INDIE
  17. 17. Fringe
  18. 18. Online blogs
  19. 19. Twitter feeds from their style icons</li></ul>Films:<br /><ul><li>A clockwork orange
  20. 20. British period dramas
  21. 21. Anything with Keira Knightly
  22. 22. Mainstream Indie flicks</li></ul>Style icons and role models:<br /><ul><li>Peaches Geldoff
  23. 23. Fearn Cotton
  24. 24. Prince Harry
  25. 25. The Kooks
  26. 26. Princess Beatrice
  27. 27. Boris Johnson</li></ul>TV:<br /><ul><li>Not much TV
  28. 28. Just an abuse of current music channels
  29. 29. E4 and their home grown dramas
  30. 30. Possibly BBC 3 </li></li></ul><li>