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Spring 2010 items

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Bridge Outdoors Spring 2010 Small

  1. 1. At Bridge Outdoors, your options are limitless. Our team is comprised of committed outdoor industry professionals with over 30 years of combined experience in all aspects of product design, domestic and international sourc- ing, private labeling, product refinement and logistics. Our aim is to supply you with precisely the gear you need minus any frustration or excess costs. We offer outdoor products with your logo, small minimums, and killer margins. This year’s spring assortment is a collection of our most requested items along with a few of our personal favorites. Bridge Outdoors: solutions for a better product and a better bottom line. FLY RODS - 4 piece 9’ 5 weight, 3 piece 6.5’ 3 weight Take your fly fishing to the next level with either of our fly rods for 2010. Designed primarily for trout fishing, both are made of top quality graphite for impressive sensitivity and strength, and both feature alignment dots for easy assembly. Each rod also has measuring marks every six inches, so when you get back to town, your fish story will be as truthful as you want it to be. Script logo and specifications on the rod; embroidered logo on the tube. Part Numbers: 4 Piece Rod - 21-49005050 3 Piece Rod - 21-36503050 Specs: Tube length - 30” 4 Piece Rod - 4.7 oz. 3 Piece Rod - 4.1 oz. Color: Olive Green Logo type: White embroidery on tube, white script on rod Materials: High modulus IM6 graphite, carbon fiber reel seat 4 Piece 9’5 weight Rod 3 Piece 6.5’ 3 weight Rod QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 10 $45.00 10 $40.00 20 $43.00 $90.00 20 $38.00 $80.00 50 $40.00 50 $35.00 1
  2. 2. Slotted foam on both sides keeps your flies organized and easily accessible FLY PUCK WATERPROOF FLY BOX Got some new patterns you want to try out before they earn a spot in your fulltime Here’s a nice, double-sided, plastic fly case—perfect for fresh or saltwater flies. It fly case? Bring them along in our clear plastic fly puck. This ingenious little plastic has slot foam inserts on both sides to keep your flies organized and in top condi- case features a screw cap for secure closure—way better than film containers or tion. The case is totally waterproof when closed, thanks to a pair of gaskets and a those flimsy snap-lid condiment cups. These also work great for sinkers, hooks couple of super-strong clasps. It floats too, so go ahead and pass it to your and lots of other smaller gear. Not that great as a hockey puck though. butterfingered brother-in-law next time you’re on the water. Sharing is caring, you know. Part Number: 22-00001990 Specs: 2.5” dia. x1” tall - .5 oz. Color: Semi-transparent Logo type: Black silkscreen Part Number: 22-00004064 Materials: ABS plastic Specs: 5”x4”x1.75” - 4.5 oz. Colors: Black with blue gasket Logo type: Black silkscreen Materials: ABS plastic QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 1000 $.40 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 2000 $.38 $1.00 20 $6.50 3000 $.35 100 $6.00 $13.00 250 $5.50 2 3
  3. 3. 8 compartments on the large Fly can be set up independently 6 compartments on the small as a fast-and-light shelter. ALUMINUM FLY CASES - Small and Large PINGORA TENT A memorable aluminum fly case for true fishermen. Open this beauty and you’ll Less bulk, more protection, better features. Our Pingora Tent uses a single pole find rippled foam on the top for easy access to your go-to flies. On the bottom, the for fast, reliable shelter in all four seasons. The storm flaps roll up for ventilation in Large case has ten storage compartments (six for the Small) with clear, spring- warmer weather or stake out to keep you dry in rain or snow. All seams are fully loaded lids to keep more options right at your fingertips. Both cases feature an taped, and the fly and inner screen tent can be set up independently for even more anodized body; the Large in a vibrant green, the Small in a rich orange. Laser versatility. Sleeps 4 comfortably. engraved logo on the lid. Part Number: 34-00011104 Part Numbers: Small Case - 22-00003032 Large Case - 22-00003054 Specs: 8’xi’x6.5’ - 6.4 lbs. Colors: Khaki and slate Logo type: Two slate silk-screens Specs: Small Case - 3.5”x2.5”x1” - 2.2 oz. Large Case - 6”x3.5”x1” - 4.9 oz. Materials: Waterproof polyester with aluminum pole Colors: Green and orange Logo type: Laser engraving Materials: Aluminum QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL Small Case Large Case 5 $125.00 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 20 $7.00 20 $11.00 20 $115.00 $250.00 50 $100.00 100 $6.50 $14.00 100 $10.00 $22.00 250 $6.00 250 $9.25 4 5
  4. 4. DELUXE SLEEPING PAD DIE-CUT TECHNICAL SLEEPING PADS - 3/4 and Full Let’s face it: how well you sleep can make or break any multi-night outdoor Ah, to be in the real outdoors…far from the hordes of weekend warriors and the adventure. Why not put the odds in your favor with our Deluxe Sleeping Pad? incessant buzz of campground generators. How do you get there? Here’s an idea: Designed with maximum comfort in mind, this one features two inches of solid cut travel light with our self-inflating Tech Mattresses. We started with a one-inch foam foam for insulation and padding, all covered in strong, water resistant thermoplas- slab and then trimmed it down to eliminate excess material without sacrificing tic polyurethane (TPU) to keep the air in while you snooze. The mattress also comfort or durability. Of course, we didn’t stop there. The Tech Mattress ¾ is self-inflates, with a beefy brass valve for added durability. We even throw in a roughly 35% shorter than the Full, trimming ounces and minimizing bulk. Each matching stuff sack and a repair kit, just in case. mattress is covered with a hard-wearing honeycomb ripstop TPU, and like every mattress we offer, they come with color-matching stuff sack and repair kit. Part Number: 31-00011074 Specs: 72”x22”x2” - 2 lbs. 9 oz. Color: Bloody Mary Logo type: Black silkscreen Part Numbers: 3/4 Pad - 31-00012032 Full Pad - 31-00012034 Materials: TPU Specs: 3/4 Pad - 46”x21”x1” - 15 oz. Full Pad - 72”x21”x1” - 1 lb. 8 oz. Color: Screwdriver Logo type: White silkscreen Materials: Ripstop TPU QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 3/4 Pad Full Pad 20 $25.00 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 50 $24.00 $50.00 20 $20.00 20 $25.00 100 $22.50 50 $19.00 $40.00 50 $22.50 $50.00 100 $17.50 100 $20.00 6
  5. 5. TRADITIONAL SLEEPING BAGS - Youth and Adult TECHNICAL SLEEPING BAGS - Youth and Adult Out here, they say if you don’t like the weather, just wait fifteen minutes and it’ll It’s hard to relax if you’re cold, especially if you’re also trying to adjust to the change. Good thing you brought our Traditional Sleeping Bag. It features a roomy realities of tent camping in bear country. Take at least one worry off your mind with rectangular cut, a cozy plaid flannel lining, and a resilient nylon shell. This is one our Technical Sleeping Bags. Rated at 20°, this 3 season, synthetic-fill bag is bag that can handle just about anything, from houseguests to horse packing. Stuff made of durable ripstop nylon with a Teflon® coating to shed the dew. Comforts sack included; available in Adult and Youth sizes. abound, including an inner pocket for your mp3 player or glasses, chest baffle, full footbox, and grippy material on the underside to keep you on the mattress. A Part Numbers: Youth Bag - 31-00004062 Adult Bag - 31-00004064 compression stuff sack is also included. Adult and Youth sizes available. Specs: Youth Bag - 58”x24” - 2 lbs. 3 oz. Adult Bag - 76”x28.5” - 3 lbs. 3 oz. Colors: Cobalt and gold/blue plaid Logo type: White embroidery Part Numbers: Youth Bag - 31-00005062 Adult Bag - 31-00005064 Materials: Nylon and cotton flannel, poly insulation Specs: Youth Bag - 72”x26” - 2 lbs. 14 oz. Adult Bag - 86”x31” - 3 lbs. 14 oz. Colors: Orange Juice and slate Logo type: Slate embroidery Youth Bag Adult Bag Materials: Ripstop nylon, poly insulation, soft poly lining QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 10 $14.00 10 $20.00 Youth Bag Adult Bag 50 $13.00 $28.00 50 $19.00 $40.00 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 100 $12.00 100 $18.00 10 $20.00 10 $30.00 50 $18.00 $40.00 50 $28.00 $60.00 100 $16.00 100 $26.00 8
  6. 6. Mix sizes and styles to meet quantity breaks. SOFTSHELL JACKETS - Men’s and Women’s DOG FOOD TRAVEL KIT How many jackets do you have that just hang out in the closet? This will not be Remember when you dumped the canoe that one time in Colorado? You were one of them. Our technical softshell has the looks and features you need for any bummed about soaking your lunch, right? So was your dog—she just didn’t tell you. outdoor activity in almost any conditions. We developed this jacket using a Learn from your mistakes with our Waterproof Dog Food Bag and Bowl. Made of futuristic blend of synthetic materials to deliver superior flexibility, wind and water long lasting 500 Denier coated tarpaulin, this bag succeeds at both keeping water resistance, and warmth without bulk. And we go the extra mile with details like out and keeping smell in. The bowl clips to the outside of the bag, or it can be placed adjustable nylon cord at the waist and cinch straps on the cuffs. It’s time to inside during transport. The loop on top also makes it a cinch to run the whole thing upgrade. Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts. Final styling may vary slightly from up the line with your bear bag. photo. Part Number: 14-00001013 Part Numbers: Men’s - 15-00021069 Women’s - 15-00022069 Specs: Bowl - 8” dia. Bag - 8” dia. - 10L capacity Sizes: Men’s - M, L, XL, XXL Women’s - S, M, L, XL Color: Black Logo type: Two white silkscreens Materials: PVC coated nylon Colors: Slate blue and dark gray Logo type: Reflective silver heat transfer Materials: Polyester softshell, micro-fleece lining QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 10 $6.50 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 20 $6.00 $13.00 25 $22.50 50 $5.00 50 $20.00 $45.00 100 $18.00 11
  7. 7. Mix sizes to meet quantity breaks. TAG-A-LONG DUFFLES - Small, Medium and X-Large EXPEDITION HD DUFFLES - Small, Medium and Large When you just need a way to carry some stuff from point A to point B, consider our Look like you’ve been there before with our Expedition HD Duffle. Here’s how it simple Tag-a-long Duffle. It’s made of lightweight, soft, nylon pack cloth with two breaks down: tough 500 Denier nylon with a durable PVC coating for outstanding basic loop handles and handles at both ends. Plus, it folds down to almost nothing abrasion, puncture, temperature and water resistance. What does it all mean? when empty. This versatile, no-frills workhorse will get the job done, period. Three Nothing but smiles when the bush pilot tosses your bag into the snow. Backpack sizes; embroidered logo on the side. straps, dual loop handles, and mesh pockets in the lid and on the sides. Part Numbers: Small - 12-00021002 Medium - 12-00021003 X-Large - 12-00021005 Part Numbers: Small - 12-00005012 Medium - 12-12-00005013 Large - 12-00005014 Specs: Small - 12”x24” Medium - 14”x32” X-Large - 18”x42” Specs: Small - 12”x20” Medium - 14”x23” Large - 15”x28” Color: Black Logo type: White embroidery Colors: Black and gray Logo type: White silkscreen Small Medium Small Medium QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 20 $8.00 20 $10.00 10 $20.00 10 $25.00 50 $7.75 $16.00 50 $9.50 $20.00 20 $19.00 $40.00 20 $24.00 $50.00 100 $7.50 100 $9.00 50 $17.00 50 $22.00 X-Large Large QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 20 $12.00 10 $30.00 50 $11.00 $24.00 20 $29.00 $60.00 12 100 $10.00 50 $27.00 13
  8. 8. Comes in Comes in Attached stuff pouch. assorted colors. assorted colors. SIL-NYLON ULTRA-LIGHT CHALK BAG REUSABLE NYLON SHOPPING BAG Who has the sexiest bag on the crag? You do, with our new Ultra-Light Chalk Bag. Paper or plastic? Neither, please. Our Packable Shopping Bag easily accommo- We built this one with silicone-impregnated nylon for a distinctive look and dates your trip to the market while reducing unnecessary waste. It’s made of a improved functionality. It’s designed to repel water (or sweat) as you figure out the sturdy ripstop nylon material that can easily withstand bulky frozen foods, laundry next bouldering problem, and it won’t break down after weeks and months of detergent, or almost anything else from aisles 1 – 20. It’s not about attitude, intense UV rays. We added a toothbrush holder, loops for a belt or harness, and a politics, or anything else—less waste is a good thing. drawstring closure system to trick it out even more. Part Number: 12-00031003 Part Number: 13-00011003 Specs: Bag - 16”x23” - 1.5 oz. Pouch - 2.5”x4” Colors: Assorted Specs: 7”x3.5”x3” - 1.5 oz. Colors: Assorted Logo type: White embroidered logo on Logo type: Two white silkscreens Materials: Ripstop nylon black tag Materials: Sil-nylon, fleece lining QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 50 $3.00 20 $5.00 100 $2.70 $6.00 50 $4.50 $10.00 200 $2.25 100 $4.00 14 15
  9. 9. Super durable twist and pour lid BPA-FREE BOTTLE STAINLESS VACUUM BOTTLES - 0.5L and 1L For those who prefer rigid plastic bottles, take a closer look at our BPA-Free After waking at 4 a.m. in order to be in the right place by sunrise, sitting in the dark Bottle. It has all the standard features you would expect, including a nice on some desolate Texas hillside just to catch a glimpse of an elusive black-capped widemouth opening, superior stain and odor resistance, and unmatched durability. vireo could be almost torturous. Fortunately, you have our Stainless Vacuum But ours raises the bar with its slick ergonomic design. Your health is worth it, Bottle along for the ride. This baby keeps cold drinks freezing cold and hot drinks wouldn’t you say? One liter capacity; printed logo. piping hot for hours on end. And with our four-season lid, you can fill your cup without opening the bottle for dependable, leakproof performance every time. Part Number: 33-00031064 Available in .5 liter or 1 liter sizes; printed logo. Specs: 1L capacity - 3.9 oz. Color: Blue and transparent blue Logo type: White silkscreen Materials: BPA free polymer Part Numbers: 0.5L - 33-00011002 1L - 33-00011004 Specs: 0.5L capacity - 10.9 oz. 1L capacity - 1 lb. 2 oz. Logo type: One color silkscreen Materials: Stainless steel, BPA free polymer QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 50 $2.50 100 $2.25 $5.00 0.5L 1L 200 $2.00 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 50 $7.50 50 $10.00 300 $7.00 $15.00 300 $8.50 $20.00 500 $6.60 500 $6.00 16 17
  10. 10. STAINLESS STEEL BOTTLES - 0.75L and 1L FLASKS - Keychain and Classic Swim against the tide of ubiquitous plastic bottles and keep yourself hydrated in Our timeless, stainless steel flask holds six ounces of the good stuff. Pass it around style with our bold stainless steel bottles. These attractive bottles feature a next time you find yourself in front of a campfire with friends, and let the good times widemouth design that makes pouring or drinking a breeze, plus they’re tough as roll. You might even find out what happened to old what’s-his-name. Brushed finish nails and easy to keep clean. Available in .75 liter or 1 liter sizes. with a printed logo. Part Numbers: 0.75L - 33-00001003 1L - 33-00001004 On a smaller scale, our stainless key chain flask holds one ounce of your favorite Specs: 0.75L capacity - 6.1 oz. 1L capacity - 6.3 oz. liquid and keeps it easy to find. It’s perfect for the ski hill, concerts, and lots of other Logo type: One color silkscreen Materials: Stainless steel, BPA free polymer lid events. Brushed finish with a printed logo on the front. Part Numbers: Keychain - 33-00021001 Classic - 33-00021003 0.75L 1L Specs: Keychain - 1 oz. capacity - 1.4 oz. Classic - 6 oz. capacity - 3.2 oz. QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL Logo type: Black silkscreen Materials: Stainless steel 50 $5.50 50 $6.50 300 $4.75 $15.00 300 $6.00 $20.00 Keychain Classic 500 $4.50 500 $5.50 QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL QUANTITY DEALER COST SUGG. RETAIL 50 $2.00 20 $7.00 100 $1.90 $4.00 50 $6.50 $14.00 200 $1.75 100 $6.00 18
  11. 11. YOUR IDEA - Small, Medium and Large Got an idea that would make your customers empty their wallets? Let us know what’s on your mind. The products shown on these pages are just the beginning. We can get you what you need without requiring you to take a boatload of inven- tory or pad the pockets of shiesty middlemen. With our decades of experience and unique market perspective, we have the skills to build your ideal product from the Logo setup fees and digital file requirements - A one time $30 logo setup ground up or put your custom touches on something sourced from our vast charge covers all items and all future orders with the same logo. Please network of global suppliers. Get in touch with us and see how we can help grow supply us with a vector formatted .eps or .pdf digital file of your one color your business in 2010. Your customers and your accountant will thank you for it. logo. Logos can be emailed to: Warranty - We want your customers to have faith in your products. For that reason, Bridge Outdoors backs all products with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. We will give full credit for the purchased price of defective goods. 20 21