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Music video genre research


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Music video genre research

  1. 1. Singer/songwriter
  2. 2. o singer- songwriter is the name given to thosewho write and compose their own musicalmaterial.o often the instrument of choice is either apiano or a guitar.o most of the musical material is focused onand influenced by topical issues such aspolitical, sensitive, romantic and confessional.o The origin of this gene can be seen fromancient poems or chants that wereaccompanied by a harp or similar instrument.
  3. 3. The majority of singer- songwriters are classed asmusicians due to their ability to also play instruments(sometimes a number of instruments).Most songs in this genre have a deep meaning behindthem, this also relating to hearing it in the artists voicewhen they are singing.Often this genre takes on slight aspects of other genreslike the folk genre, alternative, blues or rock being themain genres chosen.This genre has the most focus on being acoustic andadopting a feeling that is real and ‘earthy’ while beinghonest and true to the listener.
  4. 4. Tom Rush 1960s – 1970sTom Rush is credited by Rolling Stonemagazine with bringing in the era of thesinger/songwriter.His 1968 composition "No Regrets" hasbecome an acknowledged standard, withnumerous cover versions having beenrecordedOver the years Tom Rush has used a numberof guitars on stage, his current primary one ahandcrafted acoustic made by Don Musser.Many of his early recordings are versionsof Lowland Scots and Appalachian folksongs.
  5. 5. Bob Dylan 1960s – 1970sMuch of his most celebrated work dates fromthe 1960s when he was an informal chroniclerand a seemingly reluctant figurehead of socialunrest.A number of Dylans early songs, such as"Blowin in the Wind" and "The Times TheyAre a-Changin", became anthems for theUS civil rights and anti-war movements.Dylans lyrics have incorporated a variety ofpolitical, social, philosophical, and literaryinfluences.
  6. 6. John Lennon 1970sThe majority of John Lennon’s music isheavily influenced and focused onpolitical, social an environmental issues.In some of John Lennon’s music it isevident that he has taken his childhoodexperiences, usually being a negativeform.As John Lennon began his solo career hestarted to tentatively begin to expose hisinsecurities in a number of acoustic-ledconfessional ballads.
  7. 7. Kate Bush 1980sAt the age of 19, Kate Bush topped the UKSingles Chart for four weeks with her debutsingle "Wuthering Heights", becoming thefirst woman to have a UK number one with aself-written song.Kate Bush’s songs span genres rock, pop,alternative and art rock. In her earliest workswhere the piano was a primary instrument,she intertwined together many diverseinfluences, including classical music, rock,and a wide range of ethnic and folk sources.Elements of Kate Bushs lyrics tend to be more unusual and lessclichéd, often employing historical or literary references and avoidingautobiographical lyrics. She considers herself a storyteller who embodiesthe character singing the song.
  8. 8. 1990sIn the era of the 1990s there were no notablesinger songwriters of this genre due to the factthat the majority of 90s music was basedaround the club/electronic genre.However, there are some artists that werestaring out their musical career that later cameto prominence in the 2000s.
  9. 9. Ed Sheeran 2000sHis debut album + was certified quintupleplatinum in the United Kingdom. In2012, he won two BRIT Awards for BestBritish Male and British Breakthrough. "TheA Team" won the Ivor Novello Award forBest Song Musically and Lyrically.This shows that this genre of acousticsinger/songwriter music has becomemore popular and mainstream in thelast few years.
  10. 10. Ben Howard 2000sBen Howard self-released his debut EP Gamesin the Dark (2008) followed by two more EPsThese Waters (2009) and Old Pine EP (2010).He worked alongside India Bourne and ChrisBond to make Every Kingdom, with Bourneplaying cello, keyboards, ukulele, bass andcontributing vocals and percussion and Bondplaying guitars, bass, doublebass, drums, percussion, keyboards, accordion, contributing to vocals, and also producingthe record.
  11. 11. Nina Nesbitt 2000sNina Nesbitt started her music career bywriting and recording songs in herbedroom and uploading the videos to herYouTube channel. She plays theguitar, piano and flute.Her second EP, titled The Apple Tree, wasreleased in April 2012 and reached #6 onthe iTunes download charts after receivingairplay on BBC Radio 1,[and also reached#1 on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart.
  12. 12. Over the last 10 years the singer songwriter genre hasbecome more know and defined as an acoustic musicaltype. This genre then became more popular and wellreceived from 2010 onwards with the outbreak of the‘indie’ age.The indie style is often linked closely with the singersongwriter genre due to its often soft and unusualmelodies, focusing on one individual.Before these years this type of genre was often blurredwith folk music, blues and rock most often.
  13. 13. The majority of the album covers by artists of this genre are simpleand often focus on the individual and perhaps their instruments(s).