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Unit 4 Project


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Rights on the road

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Unit 4 Project

  1. 1. Unit 4:Project
  2. 2. What you should do after pulling over ? When you have pulled over to the farthest to the right safely , if you have any courtesies you might want to provide the officer, do so. 1. Y might want to roll down you window all the way ou 2. T urn of your engine 3. Place your hands on steering wheel 4. And If dark turn on your interior light
  3. 3. What you should you never do after pulling over ? The number one thing you want to try to do is: Avoid giving the officer an excuse to search your vehicle o T not to speak out if turn ry o Hesitate and drive away o Give any attitude towards the police officer o Keep your car engine on o Reach for anything out of clear view o Never talk on your cell phone when the police officer is approaching o Get out your vehicle
  4. 4. What to do when a police officer asks if they can search your car ?  If you aren’t under arrest and haven’t consented to a search, the police are limited to searching the outside of your clothing if they have a reasonable suspicion to believe you may be carrying a weapon.  They may search your car only if they have a probable cause to believe it contains a weapon or evidence of a crime. They are allowed to seize anything in plain view, but only if they believe that it is, or contains, a weapon or evidence of a crime. Beyond that, police either need a search warrant or your permission.
  5. 5. What circumstances would change how much your car, and your passengers, can be searched ? • Driving reckless • Not wearing a seat belt • Suspicious reasoning • Disobeying the officer • Body language • Etc.
  6. 6. What to do during a search of your car ?  Do not interfere with the police officer, physically resist, or obstruct the police in a search, even if you are sure the search is illegal you will be arrested for it. File a complaint afterwards if you feel your rights have been violated.
  7. 7. What makes an action taken by the police illegal during a traffic stop ?  Searching a car with out permission or warrant  Asking any questions outside of his or her working duties  Not obeying the laws of a police officer  Not reading the rights of the person he or she has stopped  Not giving reason as to why he or she is being stopped  DWB (stopping blacks just because they are black and look suspicious)
  8. 8. Who to call and what to say if you believe that something illegal happened ? 1. Emergency - 911 2. Department of Motor Vehicles - 486-4368 3. L Vegas City Hall - 229-6011 as 4. L Vegas Metro Police (non emergency) - 795-3111 as  2 of the 4 are the ones you are more then likely to call but you should always report exactly what you saw ,what time, and where the incident was taken part.