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Collins Catering Mobile Presentation

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  • We are here to take a look at how to move Collins Catering towards the future. What the plan is and how we can get it there.\n
  • Collins Catering is known for taking events “From the informal to the extraordinary” and right now thats not what the site says. We want the site and everything we do to emit extraordinary.\n
  • Our plan, is to start with a total redesign of the site. A new fresh look that shows that we are not just a fly by night operation. We want to show that we are with the times, and adaptable. Then we want to work a mobile version of the site, start some social media marketing and then begin working on a app.\n
  • This is what how we envision Collins Catering.\n
  • You see here that we have included our social media buttons right on the front page, gave some depth to the meals showcased and made our contact number a large focal point.\n
  • Lets look at the mobile.\n
  • Our next step should be a mobile version of our website. As you can see here those viewing the site on smaller tablet/mobile devices will continue to increase tremendously.\n
  • A clean mobile site that offers need to know information on the go. Juniper Research has just released a new report that predicts people worldwide will use mobile devices to make $170 billion in purchases by 2015. That’s nearly triple what’s predicted for 2011 ($60 billion). This includes bookings.\n
  • Now on to the social media market. \n
  • A revamp of the Facebook fan page. A new twitter, and a YouTube Channel with catering tips. A blog with catering tips and simple recipes. Google Plus will ensure our web presence and recommend Collins Catering to all those searching.\n
  • And finally our app idea.\n
  • We see Collins Catering as a fully interactive company. Your app will allow new clients to book an event, check status, update their preferences, change guest count, post location instructions, and ask questions.\n
  • With all the information we have to show the growing trends of potential clients than it only makes sense for us to grow with it.\n
  • \n
  • VasquezVasquez_MobilePresentaion

    1. 1. The New Collins Catering By Venus Vasquez
    2. 2. From The Informal To The Extraordinary
    3. 3. The PlanSite Redesign Mobile/TabletSocial Media Collins App
    4. 4. Site Redesign
    5. 5. Welcome to the new Collins Catering
    6. 6. Mobile
    7. 7. Why we should design for mobile/tablets
    8. 8. Clean andSimple to Use
    9. 9. Social Media
    10. 10. Social Media AvenuesFacebookTwitterYouTubeRSS Feed/BlogGoogle Plus
    11. 11. The App
    12. 12. Collins Catering AppLet clients book datesCheck statusUpdate preferencesChange guest countPost location instructionsAsk questions
    13. 13. We think that these things will push Collins Catering to theforefront of catering choices fornew brides, and event planners.
    14. 14. ReferencesBusiness Insider, 50 Million U.S. Tablet Users By 2012, Retrieved from & OSS World, Mobile-Payment Transactions To Top $170B by 2015, Retrievedfrom