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production notes for opening sequence


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production notes for opening sequence

  1. 1. Roles<br />Director and sound producer - Bianca Goldman<br />Producer and cinematographer - Catrin George-Carey<br />Camerawomen and costumes & make-up - Elysia Polin<br />Cast list<br />Catin George-carey - Scarlet<br />Mike Burles- Teacher<br />Katie Bazini - Extra<br />Khushboo Wadhwani - Extra<br />Elysia Polin - Extra<br />Equipment list<br />Camera<br />Battery charger<br />Tripod<br />SD card/tapes<br />Props<br />Pens, pencils, paper<br />White board and markers<br />Desks and chairs<br />Stick/cane<br />Glasses<br />Costume<br />Scarlet Scene 1 - Black jeans, short sleeve top, dark zip-up jumper, black shorts and boots<br />Scarlet Scene 2 - Flowery dress, pink cardigan, black tights and black short boots.<br />Teacher Scene 2 - Jeans, dark shirt, glasses<br />Extra students Scene 2 - casual clothes, jeans, a mixture of dark and light tops<br />Location <br />School playground- Courtland school in Mill Hill<br />School classroom - Fine Arts College<br />Sound<br />Scene 1 - Operatic chamber music (slow tempo)<br />Scene 2 - Rock music (fast tempo)<br />Dates of filming<br />Scene 1 - Thursday 10th December<br />Scene 2 - Monday 14th December<br />