Words to Live By


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Words to Live By

  1. 1. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 1 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-23824430 © Gerhilde Skoberne/Corbis
  2. 2. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-21712229 © Monalyn Gracia/Corbis B aby boomers — the once self-absorbed world. Long regarded as the most narcissistic personal fulfillment above all else, they’ve come “Me Generation” comprised of adults generation in history, boomers have earned a to expect the same for everyone — especially between the ages of 45 and 63 — are reinventing bad reputation as self-absorbed overspenders their loved ones. They’re working hard to ensure themselves again. Years of spending too much who refuse to grow old gracefully. They’ve everyone’s needs are met. Whether it’s caring and saving too little, conspicuous consumption, been accused of possessing an innate sense of for elderly parents, sending their own kids off and a sense of entitlement are giving way to a entitlement that has led many to blame them for to college, or welcoming grown children and more mindful way of living focused on self- the economic crisis that we face today. However, grandchildren back into their homes to weather actualization, personal relationships, and as boomers begin to reach their retirement years, the recession, boomers are focusing on the needs altruism. The “Me Generation” is becoming the they’re replacing the self-indulgent pursuit of of others. They’re recognizing the importance “Us Generation,” as worries about the economy leisure with continued employment, community of savvy financial planning to ensure the future and the environment prompt a major shift in involvement, and personal growth, creating a security of their loved ones and are scaling back values. new look of retirement – and of a generation – their own dreams wherever necessary. Career that’s both active and altruistic. Photography goals are also taking a backseat as many are Baby boomers represent one of the largest that reflects this new look of maturity will choosing a work schedule that allows them the demographic groups in history, spanning nearly only grow in demand as the global population freedom and flexibility to care for elderly parents. 20 years. They’re 450-million strong worldwide continues to age. Personal relationships are now at the center of and make up one-third of the US population. their lives and they’re finding those bonds hugely Along with seniors (65+), they represent the Relationships are playing a key role. While meaningful and sustaining. fastest-growing demographic in the developed boomers were the first in history taught to value 2 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010
  3. 3. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 T he desire to connect with others is also with loved ones. Although they’ve lived through keeping them in the workplace during recessions before and remain fairly optimistic traditional retirement years. While some about the future, they’re scaling back their dreams continue to work out of necessity, many are or putting them on hold as they focus on the embarking on “encore careers,” launching new things that matter most. Volunteering rates are businesses or consulting part-time in order to soaring among this demographic as boomers stay active and engaged. They see themselves seek areas in their lives where they can make a as multigenerational and are embracing real difference. “Voluntourism” — or volunteer technology as a means of bridging generational vacations — has also grown in popularity for those chasms. They’re seeking self-actualization by in search of vacations with meaning. revisiting their own youthful ideals through Despite economic worries, boomers are actually community activism and support and nonprofit more financially secure than any other age leadership. Concerns about the economy and the group today. They have more savings and home environment have motivated them to become equity, less credit card debt, and lower levels advocates for the changes that will benefit of unemployment than younger generations, themselves, their loved ones, their communities, making them a prime target for marketers. and the planet. Demand for images that capture the essence of While the global recession may have prompted this demographic will only grow as the global this shift in values, that’s only part of the population continues to age. However, in order to equation. Baby boomers have redefined accurately reach these consumers, it’s important that images abandon the typical cliches and everything that they’ve touched – from the stereotypes. A baby boomer turns 50 every 8.5 sexual revolution, to civil rights, to feminism. seconds, and the look of maturity is changing even Now they’re again choosing to stand apart from faster. It’s no longer silver-haired couples strolling previous generations by defining aging on their on a beach or watching a sunset. Instead, it’s own terms. Instead of fighting the aging process both younger and older boomers who are actively completely, they’re embracing the wisdom that engaged in society, enjoying relationships, and comes with getting older while keeping their seeking meaning. minds and bodies as active as possible. Most importantly, boomers are finding themselves in a position to correct past behaviors through mindful consumption and shared experiences 3 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-23793107 © Serge Kozak/Corbis
  4. 4. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 RELATIONSHIPS Friends, children, parents, partners, and community — are at the core of the baby boom generation. Volunteering, dating, activities with kids and grandkids, and socializing with friends are central to an overall sense of happiness and well-being. Concepts: Connections Communication Community Fun Love Teamwork Togetherness Caring Trust Individuality Support Belonging Intimacy Understanding Comfort 4 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-24004670 © Anthony Redpath/Corbis
  5. 5. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 BUSINESS & FINANCE More boomers are working into their retirement years than ever before. However, it’s not just more of the same for many of this generation. They’re launching new businesses, pursuing hobbies and dreams as a career, mentoring younger employees, or working for nonprofits. Concepts: Communication Community Teamwork Enjoyment Change Diversity Wellness Flexibility Creativity Customization Leadership Fulfillment Transparency Security 5 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-23999705 © Bernd Vogel/CorbisCorbis
  6. 6. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 HEALTH, WELLNESS & MEDICINE Boomers prize health and vitality above all else. Health care and wellness in mind, body, and spirit are top concerns. A healthy, active lifestyle represents the key to aging with independence, enjoyment, and grace. Concepts: Wellness Authenticity Prevention Natural Freedom Progressive Individuality Accessibility Intimacy Care Experimentation Strength Alternative medicine Responsibility 6 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-23149769 © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis
  7. 7. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 PEOPLE & LIFESTYLES Boomers are redefining aging and rejecting stereotypes and labels wherever possible. They prefer to challenge traditional ideas about their age group by establishing multigenerational social and professional networks, embracing technology and trends, and pursuing dreams and hobbies. Concepts: Personalization Connections Aspirations Relevance Vitality Simplicity Style Relationships Individuality Experimentation Self-actualization Wisdom Identity Enjoyment Creativity Giving 7 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-23713666 © Caterina Bernardi/Corbis
  8. 8. WORDS TO LIVE BY Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 TRAVEL & VACATION Boomers are weathering the economy better than most and are taking advantage of their unique positions in life to connect, explore, and experience the world through volunteer vacations, as well as multigenerational, adventure, and educational travel. Concepts: Discovery Experience Accessibility Learning Authenticity Style Connections Diversity Customization Humanity Enjoyment Flexibility Friendship Escape Freedom Relaxation 8 Creative Research Summary: Spring/Summer 2010 42-24092950 © Bernd Vogel/Corbis