Program meeting 22/1 2014


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Minutes from Digital Media and Society Program Meeting 22 jan 2014

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Program meeting 22/1 2014

  1. 1. Program Meeting Digital Media and Society 22/1 2014 16.15-17.40 Room F332 Introduction The meeting started with coffee and Program Director (PD - Jakob Svensson) giving some information The students and PD agreed that Program Meetings should be held twice a year and every student should be invited, but it shouldn't be mandatory to attend. Students should also be allowed to influence the agenda and come with suggestions what should be discussed. The PD shared some thoughts about: a) having two teachers involved in each course in order for one to be informed if the other drops out. The students agreed that this was a good idea. b) the need for elective courses on masters level. The students agreed. c) the possibility for research internship at the department. The students raised a number of issues that could be improved. I have grouped these three areas 1) lack of communication 2) content of the program and courses 3) introduce an introduction week for all students Lack of communication a) Schedule and reading lists are not communicated enough in advance (some examples of them being communicated the same week) b) Slow, or no replying on e-mails c) When something happens, like Ylvas sick leave, no information on why – just ”you got a new supervisor” d) Information about registration to courses are not communicated in advance. Courses are supposed appear on Studentportalen and when this fails, there is no help. An e-mail should be sent out to all students when registration period starts, with clear information when it ends e) A general reluctancy of communication from the department. When students wanted to co-organize a Christmas party, the answer was a short no.
  2. 2. Content of the program and courses a) In some courses there was feeling the so called “red thread” was missing/ lacking. This in combination that learning outcomes were not communicated in advance made some courses hard to grasp b) Some teachers were unprepared and seemed to improvise their lectures c) There was a general feeling that teachers use the argument that the student groups was so diverse to lower the standard. A suggestion was made that the Program should list a couple of readings that students should be expected to be familiar with before starting the program. The PD agreed this was a good idea d) There was a suggestion to change one of the core course (one of the two first that seemed to overlap) and perhaps give a course in media and development given the resources at the department. The PD thought this was a good idea e) First year students liked the methods courses whereas second year students though they were too many and repetitive. The PD shared that currently there are discussions of how to continue the collaboration of Master Program in Social Sciences at the faculty. Some students (especially second year students) were of the opinion that department should give the program independently. f) Some students wished – if the program is remade- that the elective courses/ internship is during a full semester and not half time. Introduce an introduction week for all students Students discussed how to greet new students and feel welcomed to the program as well as laying a foundation. The PD shared experiences from Karlstad uni with an overnight with second year students taking care of the first year students with teachers taking part in afternoon activities and lectures and then leaving the students ti enjoy themselves during the evening. Conclusion In order for this not be just a meeting for the sake of the meeting, it was decided that the minutes should be circulated among the students and that the PD should discuss how he has worked with these issues during the next Program Meeting. It was also discussed to invite the Student Union to the next meeting. Minutes taken by Jakob Svensson (PD)