Points to Consider While Developing Flash Website


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Technical specification on developing flash website with point of user friendly web design and seo friendly site architecture to perform well in organic search result

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  • Points to Consider While Developing Flash Website

    1. 1. Presentation on developing flash web design <br />SpinxWebDeisngNewyork<br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />Phone:818 660 1980<br />Toll Free: 888.593.2337<br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    2. 2. Presentation Gives Guideline for <br />Entire flash website <br />Web sites with some portion of flash banners <br />Web sites with content embedded in flash not in Html<br />Web sites with different version of flash and Html <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    3. 3. Objectives to keep in mind while developing flash websites <br />Page speed of pages with flash banners and overall loading time <br />Flash player version to make it compatible with existing visitors <br />Alternative option for flash, what to do?<br />Common SEO Standards to Follow <br />Adoptability of the flash by major Search engine <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    4. 4. Importance of page speed and its associates issues and solution<br />Google considers page speed as an important factor for ranking of different websites <br />Can have high bounce rate due to high loading time of flash <br />Chances of loosing existing visitors due to extra over loading time <br />Solution<br />Update your flash with latest technology which loads file faster <br />Use latest tools for flash embedding which loads faster<br />Give clear visible option to your visitors to skip the flash intro or to view alternate version which loads faster <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    5. 5. Importance of knowing most Common flash player among your visitors<br />Using most updated flash version can get your visitors away with browser which does not support latest version <br />It must support major browsers being used by people in your targeted region <br />Some users may abandoned your website if they have get instruction like “Download new version” or “flash Version Not Supported” <br />Solution <br />Use flash version which is supported by many browsers <br />Analyze your existing visitors and their Browser information by traffic analysis tool like Google analytic <br />Use the flash version which you found most common among your visitors <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    6. 6. Why to use alternate option for browser without flash support and its benefits & guideline<br />Visitors can’t see any content with browsers which does not support flash <br />Increased Bounce rate because of blank page <br />Visitors obtained from any Paid marketing campaign will abandoned your site <br />Solution <br />Create html version of the page for browsers without flash support <br />Use automated tools which convert your flash to Html <br />Use SwfObject to extract text from embedded flash for websites with small content embedded in flash <br />Serve alternate option from above to the visitors with browsers with no flash enabled <br />Use same content in alternate Html pages which has embedded in flash <br />Do not serve keyword stuffed content to Google and different version to Users <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    7. 7. Summary of Final Points to make overall site architecture Seo friendly <br />Faster loading pages and reduces overall loading time with modern techniques <br />Analyze the your visitors and their browser information <br />Integration of most common flash player among your visitors and targeted region <br />Serve alternate version of flash for browsers which does not support flash <br />Keep the content same for alternative version and one which has embedded in flash <br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />
    8. 8. Thank you <br />http//www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />Phone: 818 660 1980<br />Toll Free: 888.593.2337<br />http://www.spinxwebdesignnewyork.com<br />