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Web Design Sample

  1. 1. Home Discography News&Events Store Meet the Band Contact © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved| Site map
  2. 2. Home Discography News&Events Store Meet the Band Contact © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved| Site map
  3. 3. Home Discography News&Events Store Meet the Band Contact © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved| Site map
  4. 4. Search You are in: News&Events Home News Discography Kenya Dig It Goes Gold New! Second BCIT Concert Added News&Events World Tour Announced Store Credible But Deadly Releases New CD Meet the Band Events Contact 2007 “Kenya Dig IT” Tour New! © 2007 Crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  5. 5. Search You are in: News&Events > News > Kenya Dig It Goes Gold Home Kenya Dig It Goes Gold Discography July 16, 2007 News&Events With this weekend’s sales topping the 500,000 copies plateau, Credible But Deadly’s latest “Kenya Dig It” release goes gold. Store The band was unavailable for comment as they are secluded in rehearsal for the launch of their 2007 world tour, opening this Friday night at BCIT.. Meet the Band Contact © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  6. 6. Search You are in: News&Events > News> Second BCIT Concert Added Home Second BCIT Concert Added Discography July 3, 2007 News&Events With the immediate sellout of the opening concert, Credible But Deadly was quick to announce the addition of a second concert at the BCIT campus on Saturday, July 21. Store Band manager Matts Allrock admitted he wasn’t surprised by the sell out as fans frantically scooped up all available tickets in just over two hours. “This has been the most anticipated tour of the year!” added Meet the Band Allrock. Asked if this will be the trend of adding shows as other venues sell out, Allrock suggested “We’ll add Contact ‘em as we need ‘em!” The “Kenya Dig It” world tour is slated for up to 40 concerts in the next six months. © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  7. 7. Search You are in: News&Events > News > World Tour Announced Home World Tour Announced Discography July 1, 2007 News&Events Credible But Deadly today announced the details of the much anticipated 2007 “Kenya Dig It” world tour. The 6 month 40 concert tour will open on BCIT campus, where it all began, on July Store 1, 2007. This tour announcement follows the recent release of the band’s 3rd CD of the same name. Meet the Band The tour will spend the summer hitting most of the major centres in Canada and the United States before heading overseas in late Contact September. Several venues have been booked throughout Europe with additional shows being added all the time. “It’s going to be a hectic few months but we are stoked about bringing our music all over the world” exclaimed band drummer, Michael. The tour will wrap up with 3 shows in Kenya in late December. The finale will be held New Year’s Eve at Nairobi’s Kenyan Center as part of the 2008 World Aid concert in support of African relief. See the complete concert details. © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  8. 8. Search You are in: News&Events > News > Credible But Deadly Releases New CD Home Credible But Deadly Releases New CD Discography June 15, 2007 News&Events Riding on the success of last year’s “When Cats Become Zombies”, Vancouver’s Credible But Deadly today released its 3rd CD “Kenya Dig It” amid widespread rumors of a long awaited tour to promote the release. Store “There are 9 tracks on this CD and we are really pleased with the outcome” beamed lead singer, Livvie. Asked whether there was truth to the tour, with a Meet the Band wink Livvie stated “Ya think! Somethin’s cooking…stayed tuned!” The CD is available from our store or at music stores everywhere. Contact © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  9. 9. Search You are in: News&Events >Events> 2007 “Kenya Dig IT” Tour Home 2007 “Kenya Dig IT” Tour Discography Date and location Details of event News&Events July 20 BCIT Campus Store Burnaby, BC July 20, 2007 July 21 BCIT Campus Meet the Band Venue: Pub at the Sub Burnaby, BC BCIT Burnaby Campus Contact July 25 War Memorial Gym Burnaby, BC UBC, Vancouver, BC 8:00 PM July 28 Prospera Arena Opening act: “While U2 Wait” Kelowna, BC Tickets: www.ticketmaster.ca Concert Notes: SOLD OUT Aug 31 The Gorge 2nd show added – July 21 George, WA Sept 5 Key Center Seattle, WA Sept 8 Rose Garden Portland, OR © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  10. 10. Search You are in: Discography Home Discography Discography Kenya Dig It 1. Hey, That's My Bike Listen News&Events Release Date:June 15, 2007 2. Kenya Dig It Listen Record Label: 3. Accept Christ As Your Personal Saviour Store Oxford Comma Records And Get A Free Playstation 2 4. If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood Meet the Band 5. WWMD? (What Would Macgyver Do?) 6. When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was A Planet Contact 7. Baghdad Ass Up 8. Colour Is The New Emo 9. The Shit Hit The Fan, And The Fan Fell On When Cats Become Zombies 1. We’re Credible But Deadly Listen Release Date:May 3, 2005. 2. I'm Not Even Supposed To Be Here Today Record Label: 3. When Cats Become Zombies Listen Oxford Comma Records 4. After A While, Crocodile 5. Here's Looking At You, Kid 6. Castrol Motor Oil Is Emo 7. Give Me Ambiguity, Or Give Me Something Else 8. Smack My Bishop Listen 9. I Was Uncool Before Uncool Was Cool © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  11. 11. Search You are in: Store Home Store Discography CD News&Events <When Cats Becomes Zombies> $16.99 Store CD Meet the Band <Kenya Dig It> Skate Board $16.99 Contact $44.99 Band name scoop-neck T-shirt $24.99 Beer Hat Beer Cozy $9.99 $14.99 All store sales are sponsored by amazon.com © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  12. 12. Search You are in: Meet the Band> The Band Home From Detours to Credible Discography In their early days the band was known as The Detours. In the summer of 2003, Livvie McCormack, with guitar in hand and Michael Doehle, with an assortment of percussion oddities, would hang out at News&Events Kits Beach in Vancouver and entertain the locals with a wide variety of rock and roll hits, many self penned. Store Vancouver’s legendary producer, Matts Allrock liked what he heard and offered the Detours an opportunity to produce an album with his talented studio musicians. In October 2004, Matts told Michael about Leeza Lee, a fresh talent he saw performing at the Blue Meet the Band Room – a popular Vancouver night club. After seeing her show and impressed by her haunting guitar riffs, the talented singer from the Okanogan was offered a chance to audition for the band. The Band Needing an extra player, Matts had brought along country rocker, Brian Harrison , to fill out the set. The Players The sound not only struck a chord with producer Allrock but the demo tapes he brought to FNM Records garnered the band their first recording contract with a major player. The band was born! Contact Their debut release, When Cats Become Zombies featured a song by the same title which was included in the lyrics –“We’re credible but deadly” repeated over and over to end the track. “That’s it!” remarked Allrock. “The name – you’re “Credible But Deadly!”. When Cats Become Zombies broke through the charts with its debut single, quot;We’re credible but deadly quot;, with the help of the punk-tinged catchy lyrics and an accompanying colorful video. The album went on to spawn hits such as quot;Smack My Bishopquot; and the super smash hit, “After A While, Crocodilequot;. The latter become the band's biggest smash to date and topped charts worldwide. The band’s new release, Kenya Dig It is slated for an early summer release. What is Credible But Deadly? Credible But Deadly is a guitar based 4 piece band with 2 lead guitar/lead vocalist, a 12 string bass player, and a drummer. Credible But Deadly is most noted for their live performances filled with lots of rock and roll energy, improvisation, almost never taking breaks, and always keeping the crowd dancing. Credible But Deadly can adapt to just about any size venue or event. Occasionally they perform Un- plugged shows. © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  13. 13. Search You are in: Meet the Band> The Players Home Leeza Lee – Guitar, Vocals Discography Raised in the sunny Okanogan, Leeza got her musical start at an early age singing in her brother’s high school band “Ogopogo”. At 20, wanting more, News&Events Leeza packed her bags and headed to Vancouver to seek out the West Coast music scene. Store Discovered by Michael & Livvie singing in a night club, the always effervescent Leeza was asked to join on as co-vocalist with their soon to be formed band, Credible But Deadly. Meet the Band Leeza brings a powerful voice & rhythmic musings from her guitar The Band Brian Harrison – Bass, background vocals The Players Born and raised in British Columbia, Brian’s roots started in the country rock scene before joining Credible But Deadly in 2004. His solo hits included “I’ve Been So Miserable Since You’ve Been Gone (It’s Like You Never Left)” Contact and his biggest hit “Six Pack”. A freak camping accident cost Brian a finger on his right hand, giving his bass playing “the sound” that is unique to CBD. Famous quote: “Life is nothing but a six-pack of Corona” Livvie McCormack - Guitar, Vocals Hailing from New Jersey, Livvie relocated to Burnaby, BC in 2000 to circumvent a few minor substance-abuse indiscretions. Two years later she met Michael in a lineup at Wall-Mart when their small talk escalated into a debate over which term is correct: “Upmost” or “Utmost”. And the rest was musical history. Livvie's advice to her fans: “Say no to drugs, kids, because doing drugs will land you in the clinker, and drugs are really expensive in prison.” Michael Doehle - Drummer Born and raised in British Columbia, started drumming at the age of 3. Having gone deaf and blind for ten years from the age of 19 to 29 many feared he’d never drum again. Then he met Livvie. However his miraculous recovery has made the quot;Kenya Dig Itquot; tour a reality rather than a dream. Keep an eye out for this danger cat © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  14. 14. Search You are in: Contact Us Home Discography Contact the Band Bookings and Engagements Credible But Deadly promotions/sales office Credible But Deadly is produced and managed by News&Events 484 – 555 Seymour Street Matts Allrock Vancouver, BC V6B 3H6 All-Rock Productions Ltd Store 1-800-YOU-ROCK c/o The Loft Meet the Band (604) 555-1234 Suite 4801 – 1111 Robson Street speak@crediblebutdeadly.com Vancouver, BC V6A 1B5 Contact (604) 555-BUZZ mallrock@arp.com Become a “Cred_Dead” Name: Email: Questions/ Comments: I would like to receive news about CbD and special offers. Submit Cancel © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map
  15. 15. Search You are in: Site map Site Map News News&Events Discography Events Contact the Band Store Home Contact Bookings and Engagements Meet the Band Become a “Cred_Dead” The Band The Players © 2007 crediblebutdeadly.com All rights reserved | Site map