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Design Challenge: Ideate


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Assignment for Ideate stage of design challenge for Design Thinking Action Lab online course.

Published in: Education, Health & Medicine
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Design Challenge: Ideate

  1. 1. Design Challenge: IDEATE Design Thinking Action Lab Michelle Breaux
  2. 2. Young, single, female, recent college graduate, teaching 3rd grade manage stress and learn coping skills she often feels overwhelmed and pressured which can take a toll on her health needs a way to because
  3. 3. Possible Solutions
  4. 4. Possible Solutions
  5. 5. Possible Solutions
  6. 6. Possible Solutions
  7. 7. Possible Solutions
  8. 8. Possible Solutions
  9. 9. Most Practical Idea Support Groups for New Teachers These support groups would be required for new teachers but may also include teachers with more experience if they feel the need to continue attending. The support groups would be co-lead by a seasoned teacher and someone who is well versed in stress management. During these support groups, new teachers would share their experiences, support each other, and learn ways to better manage their own stress.
  10. 10. Most Disruptive Idea Mandatory meditation periods for students & teachers every day These mandatory periods are like a homeroom or study hall. These sessions will ensure that students and teachers have time to relax and maintain mental health. These periods would be guided meditations that could be played over audio system in a classroom or piped into all classrooms via an intercom system. Each day’s meditation would be slightly different to offer variety. There could be a different focus each day with the overall goal of reducing stress for everyone.
  11. 11. Favorite Idea Mental Health Teacher In-service Days These teacher in-service days would be used to help teachers learn to cope with and manage their stress. There would be a series over the course of the year. Some days would be instructional to inform teachers how to better manage stress on a day-to-day basis. Other days would be actual days of relaxation, meditation, and other activities geared toward releasing tension and stress related to the job. Some days may just be small group venting sessions to let go of the negative energy causing stress.