Time Defiance Workshop Sept 2008 Eng


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Time Defiance Workshop Sept 2008 Eng

  1. 1. TIMOTHY & LILIAN EXCLUSIVE STORY 27 January 2009 This Business is NOT for ALL, but for MANY who wants to prosper in the digital economy THE CALL: The Golden Bridge Since many years ago, I have an unquenchable desire “to live life to several years of adventures and jobs will be lost. There is an the fullest and to fulfil my Calling searching, we have found Amway urgent need globally to seek out in life with God’s given talents”. I to be a key component in our new business models that will started my career as an Analyst quest of the Golden Bridge. The take us to the new digital age. Programmer with the Singapore three critical factors are: Now is a critical time for many of Government in Civil Service us to diversity our income and to Computerisation Programme. I 1) Global. Amway has that build a second source of income: was soon promoted to senior global reach (over 80 countries) a business that will survive the management post involved and strong logistics support economic depression and prosper intensively in the establishment of delivering to even remote in the new economy. There are information and communication provinces in many countries. very few business options that can networks for trading and Logistics was one of our biggest offer us an attractive recurring transportation, manufacturing, hurdles of operating an internet income without a huge capital retail and banking segments in commerce business. outlay. This business provides us both Singapore and 2) Flexible. With a wide with a platform to leverage on a internationally. After almost a range of world-class products large network of suppliers and decade of career in the public offered by Amway, we are able associates, enabling us to build a sector, I started my own to mentor and start business substantial level of recurring business distributing state-of-the- with our associates based on income which will take care of our art communication and software their areas of talent and lifetime and beyond. Imagine if services for two major USA based interest, to build a successful only you put in a consistent effort corporations. We pioneered the business within a short span of of 8-15 hours per week for a first Internet-based networks for time. period of 2 to 5 years, you can exchange of commercial 3) Credible. Amway being an achieve a lifetime of freedom. documents for the FMCG (fast established top ranking moving consumer goods), corporation; with the This business is not for ALL, but petrochemical and electronic endorsement from hundreds of certainly for MANY! Take up the manufacturing communities in fortune 500 partners, over 80 challenge and evaluate your Singapore and the Asia Pacific government authorities, and option today! You could be the region, and was awarded million thousands of professional next one to experience true dollar contracts to build B2B doctors, lawyers and freedom, teaming up with fellow communities services and the accountants, has put in place a members in the cities, and very first supermarket online in rock solid infrastructure for us to reaching out to bless the country Singapore. At the peak of our build upon and expand from folks in many parts of the world. business, we decided to retire and there. sell off the business to pursue the Quote from ZigZigler: vision of a new economy Golden THE TIMING: New Economy “If you can dream it, then you Bridge (Isa60): leveraging on the Business Model can achieve it. You will get all you emergence of Internet to help The industry age is over. Even in want in life if you help enough bridge the gap between cities and Singapore, we are not spared, other people get what they want.” countries for wealth creation and our economic growth is estimated freedom. Lilian is the founder of Asia RFID to be -2% to -5% in 2009, the Hub, a senior member of THE VEHICLE: Global, Flexible worse since our independent. Singapore Computer Society and and Credible Government all over the world has was awarded Singapore to dig deep into their reserves or Interestingly, the less obvious has Netrepreneur of the Year 2001. print more money to keep the become a master key to unlocking economies afloat. Many our passion once again. After businesses will collapse and many