Day 3 p4 - cloud strategy


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Day 3 p4 - cloud strategy

  1. 1. HP CLOUDSYSTEMENTERPRISE The most complete, integrated platform for building and managing cloudsMichael Zuber©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. Business and IT are on different trajectories to cloud• Business is adopting cloud 2.5x faster than IT – Drivers: speed, flexibility, economics – Developers moving to Amazon instead of internal IT• While CIO’s are concerned about cloud risk – 70% have security top of mind1 – 79% concerned about vendor lock-in2 – 75% demand high SLA guarantees for performance and availability2 – 63% prefer integration of cloud IT services and on-premises services21. Goldman Sachs Equity Research, January 20112. IDC, Enterprise Panel Survey, November 20102 © HP September 30,2011
  3. 3. Strategic role of IT is changingIT becomes the builder and broker of services in a Hybrid Delivery model TRANSFORM legacy MANAGE AND infrastructure, applications, SECURE across people and process legacy applications and cloud assetsBUILD on-premises CONSUME off-premisescloud services Traditional services securely Public Private Virtual Private
  4. 4. The Problem with Today’s Infrastructure… Business selects IT planning Purchase Set up Facilities Coordinate application meetings assets install process•Many people•Many steps•Many errors Load OSs Load OS Load VMs Set up storage Set up networks Install servers Deploy Patch VMs, OSs, Set approvals, Test and quality Activate service Manage over application applications Access controls lifecycle•Much time Weeks to months4 © HP September 30,2011
  5. 5. …Brings the Opportunity to TransformDeliver public cloud capabilities within your owndatacenter at lower cost with better security 5 © HP September 30,2011
  6. 6. HP CLOUDSYSTEM ENTERPRISE: SELF-SERVICE USER Services Catalog - Infrastructure - Applications - Platform - Industry Orchestrate SECURE BROKER BRIDGE BRIDGE PRIVATE CLOUD VIRTUAL PRIVATE AND PUBLIC CLOUDS INDUSTRY CLOUDS6 HP DISCOVER 2011, © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  7. 7. HP CLOUDSYSTEM ENTERPRISETurnkey Cloud for Enterprises and Service Providers CLOUDSYSTEM Broadest application ecosystem, leading hypervisors, multi-OS SELF-SERVICE USER Unified services management across cloud & Services Catalog traditional IT environments - Infrastructure - Applications - Platform - Industry Automated, policy based application to infrastructure lifecycle management Orchestrate SECURE BROKER Secure, Scalable & Extensible BRIDGE BRIDGE PRIVATE CLOUD VIRTUAL PRIVATE AND PUBLIC CLOUDS Built on Converged Infrastructure INDUSTRY CLOUDS7 HP DISCOVER 2011, © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
  8. 8. Introducing HP CloudSystem EnterpriseThe most complete, integrated, open system to build and manage clouds• Key differentiators – Leverage HP Blades ecosystem and footprint – Single services view across private, public and hybrid cloud – Multi-hypervisor, multi-OS, heterogeneous infrastructure – Intelligent automation and lifecycle management; application-to- infrastructure – Manage both Physical and Virtual – Integrated self-service portal – Decades of Experience with Application Vendors8 © HP September 30,2011
  9. 9. Create new Cloud Services with Drag and Drop EaseBuild rich new services with CloudMap™ Templates• Create a service catalog yourself, quickly and consistently HP INNOVATION• Import apps like Microsoft®, Oracle, SAP, and VMware Workflows• Offer them in a service catalog to your developers• One Click Deployment Deployment scripts Sizers Best practice templates White papers © HP September 30,2011
  10. 10. CloudSystem Value: Compelling ROI $.36/Compute Hour $.20/Compute Hour  45% cheaper than Amazon $/ Compute Hour Amazon EC2 HP CloudSystem Based on 4 chassis, 64 total blade deployment 768 VMs, ea @ 4 vCPU/8GB RAM/160GB SAN Includes power, cooling and sysadmin labor 4 Rack Unit total footprint, 36 month support Comparison shown based on HP list pricing Amazon CloudSystem Public Cloud Private Cloud 1010 © HP September 30,2011
  11. 11. HP Cloud Management and SecurityManage and secure Cloud-based applications and infrastructure CLOUD MANAGEMENT AND SECURITY SELF-SERVICE USER Service Portfolio Governance Services Catalog – Infrastructure – Applications Application Readiness – Platform – Industry Orchestrate Service Automation SECURE BROKER Service Assurance BRIDGE BRIDGE PRIVATE VIRTUAL PRIVATE PUBLIC Threat and Risk Management CLOUD AND INDUSTRY CLOUDS CLOUDS1111 © Copyright 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. ©2010 HP Confidential
  12. 12. HP Hybrid Cloud: Secure Public Cloud Bursting Burst to public cloud providers: • Define service components to be private, public, hybrid • Maintain governance and compliance • Reporting across clouds – improved visibility into public cloud resources • Private and Public Clouds in a Single Pane of Glass12 © HP September 30,2011
  13. 13. CloudSystem Getting StartedGetting started 1) Cloud Strategy Presentation & Virtual Demo 2) Cloud planning session, use cases and design review – Test Drive Rapid Cloud Environment 3) TCO analysis, configuration, quote proposal 4) PO, delivery, installation, training and acceptance13 © HP September 30,2011
  14. 14. CloudSystem Enterprise “BEST PRACTICE” CLOUD MAPS FOR RAPID APPS DEPLOYMENTTurn Key Private Cloud• Best Value• Most Secure• Infinite Capacity• Most Open• Virtual and Physical• Infrastructure and Applications14 HP Restricted September 30,2011
  15. 15. THANK YOU
  16. 16. Cloud Maturity Scale IT Business IT Service Management Access Cloud Dev./Test Flexible & Intuitive Service Consumption Chargeback/Showback Asset Management Management ConsumptionDemand SLA Management Service Level 3 Cloud Service Flow Orchestration Service Design Service Desk/Change Mgmt Cloud Service Orchestration Virtualizatio Middleware Deployment Deployment Monitoring Application Database Resource SLA, Secure, Monitor, Measure,Delivery Assurance n Mgmt Security Delivery Service Application Lifecycle and Service Server Mgmt Mgmt Level 2 Cloud Multi-Tier Applications & Management Dev./Ops Service Delivery Automation Automation Automation Deployment Infrastructure Resource Pools Consolidate, Standardize, Network StorageSupply Cloud Server Level 1 Resource Management & Storage Automation Compute Networking Virtual & Physical 16 © 2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.
  17. 17. Build a Cloud - Standardization and Automation Validate: Select: • Resources • Resources 2 • Components 1 • Rules • Services • Service level 3 Build: 7 • Infrastructure Deliver • Software managed • Configuration solution 6 4 Apply service 5 Identify and templates for map newly monitor Populate created services configuration data Fully integrated code set & automated installation tasks with minimal configuration
  18. 18. Change in Cloud – Standardization and Automation Validate Change: Request Change: • Rules • Resources 2 • Permissions • Components 1 • Approvals • Service level 3 Execute Change: • Infrastructure 8 • Software Complete • Configuration Request 4 7 Update service Discovery and Document Mapping Change 6 5 Update service Update templates for configuration monitor data Fully integrated code set & automated installation tasks with minimal configuration
  19. 19. Manage in Cloud – Standardization and Automation Match Event to Event Trigger: 2 Policy: • CLIP • Rule Trigger • Error Condition 1 • OO Flow • Manual • Manual 3 Validate Change: • Rules • Permissions 9 • ApprovalsComplete Request Execute Change: 8 4 • Infrastructure • Software Document Change • Configuration 7 5 Update service Update service 6 Discovery and templates for monitor Mapping Update CI data into CMDB Fully integrated code set & automated installation tasks with minimal configuration