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Day 2 p1 - operate simply


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Day 2 p1 - operate simply

  1. 1. HP IT OPERATIONSMANGEMENT Solutions to automate, manage, secure and optimize your IT investments across web, mobile and cloud environmentsAruna RavichandranDirector, Product Marketing, BSM and CMS©2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.©2011Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice
  2. 2. Hybrid delivery demands new ways to operate,optimize, and adapt• Ensure the success, security and integrity of end-to-end business processes• Connect, instrument and automate thousands of assets across IT• Correlate insights to optimize decisions and IT investments PRIVATE CLOUD
  3. 3. HP Software StrategyThe HP IT Performance Suite—always perform better EXECUTE SYSTEMATICALLY Strategy, Planning and Governance SECURE PROACTIVELY Security Intelligence and Risk Management BUILD FASTER OPERATE SIMPLY STORE EFFICIENTLY Application Lifecycle Operations Information Lifecycle Management Management Management IT PERFORMANCE SUITE FOUNDATION Collaboration, Orchestration and Analytics DELIVER EFFECTIVELY—Services and Support
  4. 4. HP IT Performance SuiteComprehensive, connected, and flexible STRATEGY, PLANNING, AND GOVERNANCE Executive Scorecard Project and Portfolio Application Portfolio Workforce and Vendor IT Financial Management Management Management Management SECURITY INTELLIGENCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT Software Security Security Information Network Assurance (SSA) and Event Management Security APPLICATION LIFECYCLE OPERATIONS INFORMATION LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT Application Application Application Data Center IT Service Quality Performance Data Protection Governance Automation Management Management Management Requirements Performance Client System Asset Information Management Validation Automation Management Management Archiving Application Enterprise Development Network Security Records Management Management Validation Management IT PERFORMANCE SUITE FOUNDATION Extensibility, Orchestration, and Analytics SERVICES AND SUPPORT4
  5. 5. Operate simplyAutomated end-to-end from infrastructure to applications and services • Integrated release management • Automated release and patch management AUTOMATE • Compliance and drift management • Self-service, cloud and hybrid • Manage change and service requests Dynamic RUN • Incident and problem management • Optimize asset utilization Configuration • Consolidate, correlate and remediate ASSURE • Plan, predict, report and optimize • Integrated ALM with application management
  6. 6. Enable self-serve and on-demand services User requests through infrastructure to application automation Orchestrate behind the scenes Monitor Asset De-commission and reclaim resourcesSimplified IT Services Management Self service catalog Provision portal Resource infrastructure Auto-remediate Request then applications Management Allocator Storage, Network, Servers, Database, Apps, … Patch and comply
  7. 7. Assure end to end application and service performance On-premise, in the cloud, and on the goDEVELOPMENT DELIVERY & PRODUCTION Diagnostics AutomatedApplication and root causeperformance User experience correlation analysis diagnostics monitoring Real time topology Analysis of multi- Automated model for end-to-end hop applicationperformance Mobile monitoring view of applications transactions testing Ongoing service dependency auto -discovery Storage Network Servers
  8. 8. Automate the break-fix processClosed loop incident management CLOSED LOOP Event Event Incident Diagnostics Recovery anddetection and correlations and submission and resolution closure enrichment business impact Synchronization Incident Auto- of configuration triaging andticketing items remediation Storage Network Servers
  9. 9. Control and release changes without riskChange control and release management Change Advisory Board (CAB) Review, Assess Fulfil change Approve and Plan request & update Log Requests: configurations Execute Run User inputs, Books to make problems, Detect change collisions and unplanned changes early. Release & and verify incidents Deployment changes Validate changes Control Maintain Discover actual state change in state/attrib. Map dependencies Storage Network Servers
  10. 10. Implement private & hybrid cloud servicesAutomation and orchestration across private and public clouds Private, hybrid or public cloud Provision Provision Monitor Decommission infrastructure composite applications & User Initiates application CloudRequest – selecting via a catalog of services HP Cloud Management and Delivery Automation • Support for Heterogeneous Management Environments • Optimized Deployments • Single management portal • Extend to Public Clouds • Intelligent Resource • Compliance Across Platforms
  11. 11. Role-based performance insights across operationsReal-time, Predictive and KPI driven IT & Business Executives IT Operations Development +150 Pre-defined KPIs Open and Extensible Shared Data Sources Across Role Based Tools11
  12. 12. Companies improve results with HP OperationsActual results from HP Software customers 80% of the Fortune 500 depend on HP Operations Management Software to better run the business of IT Improve service to customers Realize cost efficiencies 3x improvement in first call resolution rates $5M/yr saved by cutting mean time to resolution 9x faster retrieval of patient records $19M/yr saved through 50% lower testing costs 66% reduction in unplanned failure rates $32M/yr saved in change management labor costs900% faster recovery from business critical outages
  13. 13. HP IT OPERATIONSMANGEMENT Solutions to automate, manage, secure and optimize your IT investments across web, mobile and cloud environments©2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.©2011Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.The information contained herein is subject to change without notice