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Day 1 p3 - project and portfolio management


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Day 1 p3 - project and portfolio management

  1. 1. Project and Portfolio Mgmt and Application Portfolio Mgmt Empowers Transformation Yrieix Garnier WW Director of Products PPM / APM ©2011 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. ©2011Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.1 The information contained For HP is subject to change without notice 2011 HP Restricted. herein and Partner Channel Use Only
  2. 2. Pressure for IT investments to perform better Average Best in Class 30% INNOVATION 50% Agility Flexibility 70% Lower costs 50% OPERATIONS Source: Forrester Research, IT Balanced Scorecard Value Metrics Revisited, January 21, 20112 PPM-ALM CFD
  3. 3. The Reality is… WHY…According to analysts, 62% of IT projects fail to meettheir goals IT goals & investments out of• 49% suffered budget overruns alignment with overall business• 47% had higher-than-expected maintenance costs, and strategy• 41% failed to deliver the expected business value and ROI Projects and Application Scope not 0 Succeeded clearly defined Failed /Challenged 38% Manual processes being used, trying to manage projects Ever more scarce resources 62% IT being asked to deliver more projects than possibly can be delivered *Extracted from CIO.Com3 HP PPM Center Overview
  4. 4. HP Solution Approach for ApplicationsTransformation ASSESS GOVERN MANAGE MODERNIZE5
  5. 5. IT PERFORMANCE SUITE (ITPS) FOR APPLICATIONSCOMPLETE LIFECYCLE COVERAGE CORE LIFECYCLE EXCELLENCE Application Portfolio Management Lifecycle Management Project & Portfolio Requirements Management Application Governance Quality & PerformanceDeployment Automation IDE, SCCM & Build Integration Business Availability Security Service Management Archiving Service Virtualization TRACEABILITY & UNIFIED TECHNOLOGY LEADERSHIP INCOMPREHENSIVE CONNECTED FLEXIBLE INSIGHT PLATFORM AGNOSTIC QUALITY 6 PPM-ALM CFD
  6. 6. HP Project and Portfolio Management Understanding the full lifecycle approach Business valueBusiness Demand Objectives and IT Financial Scorecards, KPIs, priorities Management Reporting, Status Portfolio/App Portfolio management Demand Management Deliverables Program/ Maintain Proposal project Investment Strategic demand Time management Resource managementPMO Financial management Application demand Application lifecycle management Operational demand Service desk 8 PPM-ALM CFD
  7. 7. PPM Provides executive visibility into investment status9 PPM-ALM CFD
  8. 8. APM helps you assess the value of your application stack10 HP Confidential
  9. 9. APM gives you an easy way to assess impact and validate rationalization opportunities11 HP Confidential
  10. 10. PPM helps you consolidate all demand and prioritize investments12 PPM-ALM CFD
  11. 11. To track costs and ultimately value of each program/project13 PPM-ALM CFD
  12. 12. And to manage projects/programs at a high level of detail14 PPM-ALM CFD
  13. 13. PPM allows you to plan out the application projects and programs15 PPM-ALM CFD
  14. 14. To forecast resource needs and assess capacity16 PPM-ALM CFD
  15. 15. To track time spent on work17 PPM-ALM CFD
  16. 16. HP Project and Portfolio Management Center PMM: Bruce Randall andHP Application Portfolio Management HP Project and Portfolio Management Center Executive Scorecard Financial Planning and Analysis Dashboard Portfolio Optimization Application Portfolio Management Project Program Portfolio Management Management Management Financial Time Resource Management Management Management Demand Management Center Management for QC PPM Reporting Integrations Foundation Workflow Administration Security Web services
  17. 17. PPM Proven ROIBased on 3rd Party ROI Benchmark HP PPM Center ROI Benchmark HP PPM ROI Benchmark as % IT Budget ($ Millions) 12.6% $24.16 $21.79 14% 11.3% $25 12% 8.0% $20 10% 6.2% $15 8% $6.43 6% $10 $4.96 4% $5 2% 0% $0 Year 1 3-Year NPV Year 1 3-Year NPV Tangible Benefit (% of IT Budget) ROI (% of IT Budget) Total Tangible Benefit ROI ($) Average 6.2% ROI within 1year Request Capture 13.3% improvement 45.2% more Projects completed early Process Efficiency 16.3%
  18. 18. Analyst LeadershipContinued Validation from Gartner, IDC and Forrester“The additional of the Financial Planning and Analysis “HPs strengths are in its breadth and depth HP’s solution is well suited to organizationsdashboards, as part of the greater HP PPM for IT with complex IT management needs. HP PPM with a comprehensive ITPPM suite, flexibleStrategy for IT financial management, fills a gap in HP provides depth in managing various types ofPPM Center’s features for translating IT work delivery model with SaaS and on-premisemanagement efforts into a context understandable to offerings, and the option for coordination with IT projects and continues to add integrationsthe Business.” its automated software quality and service and features, such as management solutions.” financial management, that support IT“…HP’s PPM Center is one of the Strongest IT management decisions.Planning and Control (ITPC) PPM systems available Melinda-Carol Ballou & Joseph Pucciarelli, IDCin the Market” Margo Visitacion & Tim DeGennaro, ForresterDaniel Stang, Gartner Group
  19. 19. Effective project and portfolio managementfor successful Organization ALIGN Demand prioritization focus on Business Outcomes OPTIMIZE Maximized Resource effectiveness and Portfolio investment optimization EXECUTE On time and on budget project completion HP helps Organizations successfully deliver business innovative services
  20. 20. Thank YouQuestions? HP Restricted and for HP & Channel Partner internal use.22 Document not for distribution. Content may be presented to customers upon request.