Workers compensation


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This coverage extends to simple workplace injuries, journeys to and from work, during certain breaks and rest periods from work and pre-existing conditions aggravated by work.

Beilby Poulden Costello endeavour to obtain favourable outcomes and to protect the rights of injured workers.

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Workers compensation

  1. 1. Workers CompensationAll employees in New South Wales are covered by workerscompensation insurance in the event of an injury which occursduring the course of their employment.
  2. 2. This coverage extends to simple workplace injuries,journeys to and from work, during certain breaks andrest periods from work and pre-existing conditionsaggravated by work.Beilby Poulden Costello endeavour to obtain favourableoutcomes and to protect the rights of injured workers.
  3. 3. Workplace personal injury claims canarise from a number of scenarios:•Falling from a ladder or scaffolding•Asbestos exposure•Neck or back injury from heavy lifting
  4. 4. Strict time limits apply so seeking prompt legal advice willhelp with faster claim processing and is in your bestinterests.Our team of experienced workers compensation lawyers canexplain whether your injury falls under Common Law or WorkCover and help achieve the best outcome you deserve.
  5. 5. “After my accident the claims process was overwhelming. Theinsurer was difficult to deal with and I didn’t know who to trust.They offered me peanuts for my claim. I was lucky to find you.Thank you for all the help, you were honest and upfront fromthe start and the result was superb. All the very best to you andyour staff.Marni, Narellan Vale
  6. 6. If your accident does fall under Work Cover, a workplace injury lawyerwill help fill out your application for workers compensation accuratelyand best describe your injury and circumstances.An expert workers compensation lawyer will also advise whether youhave a workplace personal injury claim, even though your injury didnot happen during work hours. This could include spraining your ankleboarding a train to work, or being involved in a car accident goinghome from work.Medical advice and medical evidence is paramount when faced with aworkplace personal injury.
  7. 7. An expert workplace injury lawyer willhelp advise you on:• Gathering medical records and relevant evidence• Refuting the claims of any independent doctors fromWorkCover
  8. 8. • Whether you have the right to seek additional medicalopinions to help support your claim• Who is liable to pay for the medical reports and bills;including any union assistance
  9. 9. If you have suffered a work-related accident, don’t be afraidyou will be fired. It is actually within your employer’s bestinterests to keep you employed and to comply with theaccident compensation claim. So speak to an expert workerscompensation lawyer at Beilby Poulden Costello early, tohelp clarify your rights and your employer’s legal obligationsto compensate your injury.
  10. 10. If your accident occurs due to the fault of your employer orsome third party you may have a right to bring a commonlaw claim for damages. This type of claim may be far moresubstantial than your Work Cover claim. Our experiencedteam of personal injury lawyers can advise you of yourrights and entitlements and ensure you get thecompensation you deserve.
  11. 11. If you want to find out more about BPCworkers compensation services,Visit us at www. 02 8355 4002 today.