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The Lilian Raji Agency - Book of Results

  1. 1. Sag Ma en&Pbc etnf t LxrL eytti rtg ulRlis r e uu isl rec ki i ao o h y fte
  2. 2. Table of Content About Us The Lilian Raji Agency........................4 Client Portfolio....................................5 Testimonials..................................................6 Portfolio of Select Results Special Events.....................................10 Television Press Placement................15 Editorial Press Placement..................21
  3. 3. Sag Ma en&Pbc etnf t LxrL eytti rtg ulRlis r e uu isl rec ki i ao o h y fte
  4. 4. About Us
  5. 5. About UsThe Lilian Raji Agency was inspired by the founder’s personal experiences working as one of the leadingsales associates at the world’s largest luxury watch retailer, Tourneau. In the frontlines of where real timedecisions were made by customers of luxury products, Lilian Raji learned what key strategic marketingefforts brought passionate customers through the retailer’s door. In establishing The Lilian Raji Agency,Lilian took this accumulated knowledge to help define precisely how we can help our clients engenderloyalty from the luxury buyer. Our services are carefully structured to provide what personal experience hasconfirmed brings the best ROI.The Lilian Raji Agency is a strategic marketing and public relations agency that helps luxury lifestylecompanies create loyalty from luxury buyers. We extend to you strategic counsel, marketing and publicrelations services based on personal and direct experiences selling premium goods to luxury buyers. Indiscovering: • The tremendous value customers’ placed on knowing a brand’s legacy  We provide Brand Management services to educate your customers on your story. This includes development of written and visual materials, website design, and social media outreach. • How their review of editorial or chat room commentary formed impressions about a brand  We secure frequent and positive editorial coverage through our Media Relations services, targeting print, broadcast and online editors as well as the all important bloggers. • How often knowledge that a favored celebrity owned a similar watch to the one being considered played a role in the final decision to buy  Our Influencer Outreach services connect your company to those whose opinions matter, and who are willing to advocate your brand on their far-reaching podium. Celebrities, stylists, trendsetters and opinion leaders fall into this category, with our recently developed Influencer Consortium creating more touch points between our clients and the luxury buyer. • How invitations for exclusive events solidified a customer’s brand affection  We engineer highly creative experiences through our Experiential Events services that start conversations about your brand between your customers and their network. We are able to provide support from beginning (event conceptualization and design) to the end (RSVP management) and can jump in wherever you need us most in between. • How frequently customers discovered a brand through its association with a company the customer highly regarded  We craft Strategic Alliances between you and other companies who don’t quite do what you do, but working together will help you both make more money. Whether it’s for a one time strategy or an enduring partnership, we have a vast network of contacts and are skilled at creating win-win relationships.Our unique operations allow for competitive pricing without sacrifice of innovation. Because of our originsin prestige retail sales, we know the luxury consumer better than most other agencies, and maintain ourknowledge of what is currently motivating consumer buying by speaking often with our friends in luxurysales - the people who work directly with your customers and provide their expertise as part of our InfluencerConsortium.
  6. 6. Client Portfolio PAST & PRESENTBEAUTY LUXURY PRODUCTSThe Estee Lauder Companies for Origins AquanauticProctor & Gamble for Olay* Bellissimo Fine Jewelry ClercFASHION & ACCESSORIES Concordia JewelsAscend Systems Didier Piero CoutureBakana Brazilian Jewelry, Purses & Accessories Dubey & SchaldenbrandMark Edge Jewelry French Trade Commission – Jewelry KENJO – The Store to Watch Mathon ParisHOSPITALITY Philippe TournaireEros World Tapas Bar PK Time GroupInterContinental Hotels Group Solomon Brothers Fine JewelersFishmonger Restaurant S.T. DupontMilan Restaurant VolnaThe Palm Restaurant*Raffles International Hotels & Resorts* NONPROFITRaffles L’Ermitage Beverly Hills* American Cancer SocietyRafflesAmrita Day Spa* American Heart AssociationTeela Taqueria Captain Planet Foundation Emory Ataxia Center at Emory UniversityLUXURY SERVICES The Goethe InstituteIntelligent Homes & Buildings Hope‐worldwide GeorgiaLotus MJYX Italian Trade CommissionMeilin Ehlke National Academy of Television Arts & SciencesMunson International Southern Center for International StudiesRMR-Real Estate Marketing ResultsThe Ultimate Life TVWes Moss
  7. 7. Testimonials
  8. 8. TestimonialsThe Lilian Raji Agency has proven to be a great asset in our USmarketing strategy. Within a very short timeline, The LilianRaji Agency pulled together a media dinner during New YorkCity Fashion Week attended by editors of Esquire, Worth,GQ, Forbes, International Herald Tribune, Elite Traveler,Robb Report and several others. The Agency was then able tocoordinate a reciprocal event the same week in Los Angelesthat culminated in our presence at the Emmy Awards. Lilianproved to be entirely vested in our success, and her teamworked as if ST Dupont was their own company. Karen Lee Americas Area Manager S.T. Dupont ParisWhen we decided to make an entrance into the US market,The Lilian Raji Agency was recommended to us first bythe French Trade Commission. Lilian and her team wereinvaluable in helping us understand the US customer whileadvising us on the best tactics to make our presence known.With Lilian’s help, we were named a finalist in NationalJeweler’s Colored Stones Award while also being a contenderfor Best New Jewelry during the Couture Show. We’ve beenfeatured in publications from Robb Report to The New YorkTimes, and have valued our relationship with The Lilian RajiAgency. Danielle Navarro International Sales Manager Mathon ParisI met Lilian Raji at a conference where she was beinghonored as International Emerging Leader of the Year,and subsequently hired her to manage media relationsand launch for our new store opening in Atlanta. Frombeginning to end, Lilian and her team ensured everythingwas done correctly – from coming in under budget for thelaunch coordination, to ensuring premium media presence,to voluntarily preparing an ROI statement that validated ourdecision to hire her company. Trenesa Danuser VP of Global Communications and Strategic AlliancesThe Estee Lauder Companies, Origins and Ojon
  9. 9. Testimonials We came to The Lilian Raji Agency with a limited budget and a young brand that needed to be introduced to the American market. Lilian treated us like a global brand with a much larger budget, and delivered results as such without exceeding our financial plan. Franck Albert Brafine VP of Operations, North AmericaMAÎTRE ARTISAN DART - JOAILLIER ART MASTER JEWELLER Philippe Tournaire We hired Lilian Raji when one aspect of our sponsorship of UNICEF’s Designs of Hope was falling short of projection – our raffle ticket sales. With only six weeks before deadline, Lilian executed an aggressive, strategic marketing plan that catapulted raffle ticket sales from just under $1,000 to over $12,000. Her creativity and innate understanding of marketing challenges helped us succeed in an area we’re we had almost given up hope. Autumn Murray InterContinental Hotels Group Senior Community Affairs Director The Lilian Raji Agency coordinated our most highly regarded customer appreciation party, while spending the least amount possible to ensure satisfaction all around. Our vendor relationships were strengthened by Lilian bringing in editors and reporters that not only interviewed us, but also interviewed our vendors to discuss their newest watches. Our customer relationships were strengthened by the gift bags Lilian’s team put together, valued at over $500 and filled with products from Hermes, Belisimi, Maurice Lacroix, Breitling, Tag Heuer and other companies, all secured at no cost to us. We were very impressed with Lilian’s work and highly recommend her services. Ken Grazi, Partner KENJO – the Store to Watch
  10. 10. Testimonials
  11. 11. Special Events
  12. 12. Dinner and Conversation with Alain Crevet, S.T. Dupont CEO Press Dinner
  13. 13. Davidoff of Geneva and S.T. Dupont Corner Boutique Launch®
  14. 14. Holiday Party
  15. 15. Sag Ma en&Pbc etnf t LxrL eytti rtg ulRlis r e uu isl rec ki i ao o h y fte
  16. 16. TelevisionPressPlacements
  17. 17. EditorialPressPlacementsblogs, magazine, newspaper, online
  18. 18. Special Report - Jewelry - Taking a Shine to Brown Rock - Page 1 of 3 Special Report - Jewelry - Taking a Shine to Brown Rock - Page 2 of 3 4/5/2010 4/5/2010
  19. 19. Search Stories, photos, graphics and more SearchSubscribe to paperHomeNewsTravelMoneySportsLifeTechWeather Index Events and Awards Entertainment New York Fashion WeekNew York Fashion WeekComment | Recommend7h 50m ago MyItThings It Jewelry: Didier Peiro Couture at New York Fashion WeekDuring the midst of craziness, known as New York Fashion Week, I had the chance to stop by theWaldorf Astoria to meet French jewelry designer Didier Peiro, who presented his collection this season ina runway show along with designer Andres Aquino. Get alerts about New YorkRelated topics: Subscribe to an RSS feed about N Elie Saab Week India Madagascar Subscribe Jean-Paul Gaultier Yves Saint-Laurent Other topics « Previous Next » Topics in the news 1. American Idol 2. Semifinals 3. Barack Obama 4. NFL 5. Massachusetts 6. Olympics 7. Republican Party 8. Olympic Sports 9. Democratic Party 10. New York Browse Categories Brands Culture Events and Awards Health and Wellness Legislation and Acts Natural and Physical Sci Organizations People Places, Geography Religion and beliefs
  20. 20. French Twist | Robb Report Page 1 of 2 May 24, 2009 French Twist Though it recently debuted in the United States at Neiman Marcus, Mathon’s jewelry-making legacy can be traced to Paris in 1931, when the atelier was founded in the Palais Royal neighborhood and started producing pieces for Parisian high society. Current CEO (and designer) Frédéric Mathon, whose designer father Roger Mathon purchased the business from his uncle in 1971, eschews white diamonds for colored gems including sapphires, green beryls, tsavorites, paraíba tourmalines, and opals. “No two opals are ever the same,” he says. “Even the same opal looks different during the day or night.” The striking opal ring, shown, is in a gold and diamond setting. The vibrant collection, priced from $5,000 to as much as $140,000, draws heavily on natural themes, including whimsical animal motifs that include beetles, dragonflies, frogs, and turtles, Click image to enlarge. as well as more abstract themes all rendered in an array of colorful gems. ( Email Print Share —Laurie Kahle JEWELRY A New Gem Opens in Southampton Tamara Comolli, the designer known for her colorful, stylish jewelry, has opened her first freestanding boutique in the center of ... >> JEWELRY Art Deco Jewelry Exhibition Opens in Paris The Art Deco era produced some of the greatest innovations in jewelry design, and many of the best examples of ... >> ADVERTISEMENT ROBB REPORT RECOMMENDS 5/24/2009
  21. 21. MAKE GROW LIVE The Power of Partners: Year in Review: 10 steps The best hospitals for Why some partnerships to financial recovery in heart surgery. Plus: survive and succeed- 2010. Also: How to buy Vaccines customized and some never last. a sports team. for your DNA. THE EVOLUTION OF FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE OBJECT OF DESIRE When France hosted NATOs 6 0 t h anniversary summit in April, President Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to present the visiting heads of state with a special gift. His choice: the Neo-Classique President roller-ball pen, handmade by French luxury brand Dupont. a great feeling to know that a pen from a small French house is in such good hands all over the world," says Alain Crevet, CEO of S.T. Dupont Paris. The Neo-Classique President debuted in 2 0 0 8 and was reinvented in 2 0 0 9 with a new design. Asymmetrical rings on the pens black Chinese lacquered and palladium-trimmed body are intended to suggest a magnetic field. Each pen, made by artisans in the Alpine village Faverges, where Dupont goods have been made since 1872, requires 150 manual operations, 100 hours of work, six coats of lacquer and 2 0 0 quality checks. V O L U M E 18 EDITION 03WHY YOU NEED ITThe Neo-Classique Magnetisme combinesthe elegance and endurance of a beautiful-and beau-tifully made-pen along with contemporary utility Its18-carat solid gold nib and built-in, four-gigabytekey subtly blend the craftmanship of writing withstate-of-the-art technology. COST $1,990 for fountain pen, $1,790 for roller-ball For more information, see NUARY 2010 WORTH COM
  22. 22. S.T. Duponts strong suit: The GQ Eye: GQ Page 1 of 1Fashion NewsS.T. Duponts strong suitOn September 15, 2009 at 5:11 PMAt a dinner last night hosted by S.T. Dupont CEO Alain Crevet to celebrate the legendary French accessory brandsreentry into the U.S. market, attendees were given the chance to ogle several intriguing new releases, from a line ofleather goods treated with diamond dust (for both durability and, one assumes, because, dude, its diamond dust) toa new lightweight ballpoint pen made with technology from the Airbus A380 (luckily, its not a double-decker widebody). Just as impressive—though, sadly, not available in America—was the classically detailed, assertively tailoredS.T. Dupont suit on the exec next to me. Mens suiting is a pretty crowded market on these shores, so you canunderstand the companys decision to stick with its core pens-bags-and-lighters business, but Ill say this to the folksat Dupont: If you ever change your mind, youve got one potential customer all lined up.S.T. Duponts in-store boutique at Davidoff of Geneva opens tomorrow, 535 Madison Ave., NYC, (212) 751-9060,;— Tyler Thoreson photo: Courtesy of S.T. DumontTags:Accessories,SuitsPermalinkCommentsThree’s a Trend: Synths RockOne More Thing...Fashion News mainThe GQ Eye main
  23. 23. Where Celebs Go Out: Marc Jacobs, Amanda Lepore, Adrian Grenier, Emma Snowdon-J... Page 1 of 2 Subscribe: Magazine | Insider Buy the Guides Mobile | Facebook | Myspace | Twitter | Tumblr | YouTube You are not logged in | Log In | Sign Up ARTICLES LISTINGS Go Current City: New York Other Cities: Los Angeles | Miami | Las Vegas | San Francisco | Chicago | Washington DC | London | Paris | Sao Paulo | All Cities...Where Celebs Go Out: Marc Jacobs, Amanda Lepore, Adrian Grenier, Emma Snowdon-J... Page 2 of 2 | New | New | New | New View Full Toplist City: New York 225 West 83rd Street MIDTOWNButter STUDIO. More details COOP 415 Lafayette St. Complimentary signature cocktail with… LArtusi Email Print Tags: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami, Chicago, 228 W. 10th St. BlackBerry Bold 9700 Restaurants, Nightlife, Hotels, Boom Boom Room, Rose Bar & Enjoy a free Glass of sparkling wine… Rembrandt Two Hour Jade Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel Whitening Kit Intermix more... 98 Prince St. Receive 15% off any purchase. Present… David Yurman 729 Madison Ave. Receive a mini fragrance as our gift… Calvin Klein Underwear 104 Prince St. For every $50 spent in the store, receive… Anonymous comments are moderated. To comment instantly, register with BlackBook. Click here to login. View All Perks anonymous Name (required) New York: Top 10 Hotels & Restaurants for email (will not be published) (required) Pampering Pets Website The New Leaf Café 1 Margaret Corbin Dr. If your pets tired of fast-paced citylife,… Pastis 9 Ninth Ave. Assuming youve got enough grease to… W Union Square 201 Park Ave. So. The W’s pet program has all the same… Amaranth Notify me of follow-up comments? 21 E. 62nd St. UES Mediterranean cuisine. Slip your… Submit Comment The Park 118 Tenth Ave. For pets who enjoy a scenic meal, The… Advertise / FAQ / About Us / Contact Us / Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy / Newsletters / / Sitemap / Copyright © 2010 BlackBook Media Corp. All rights reserved.
  24. 24. Ooh la la: French high jewelry takes to Big Apple Page 1 of 2 Powered byOoh la la: French high jewelry takes to Big AppleOctober 30, 2009 New York--Aaron Faber Gallery will host 13 of Frances celebrated jewelry houses and designers in the second annual Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show. The event, starring smaller less recognized French jewelry houses under the "Label Joiaillerie de France," will kick off the afternoon of Nov. 16 and run through Nov. 20 at the gallerys midtown Manhattan headquarters at 666 Fifth Avenue on West 53rd STreet.Among the pieces that will be featured in the According to the exhibitions hosts, UBIFRANCE andJewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show the French Trade Commission, each of the featuredis this Joia ring in white gold with green designers produce quality and craftsmanship that istourmalines and diamonds. guaranteed by the Union Francaise de la BJOP (the French Union of Jewelry Makers, Gems, Pearls and Goldsmiths). Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity tolearn abut the art of French jewelry manufacture, and also meet with the creative directors behind theparticipating houses, which include: Antoine Camus, Bijoux Commelin, BRM, Garnazelle, Joia, LaJoaillerie Recreative, Marchak, Sophie Reyre, Sylvain Nosjean, Tess and Tasha, Umane Creations,Veronique Bailly and Ximena Alarcon Cavrois."It takes a minimum 10 years of study to become a master artisan of French high jewelry," CamilleWiart, director of business development, fashion and jewelry at the French Trade Commission, said in amedia release. "We are pleased to present to the American audience through the Jewels of FranceExhibition and Trunk Show 13 of Frances most celebrated jewelry houses and designers, eachconsummate masters of their trade. We are also very happy to be working again with Aaron FaberGallery, whose reputation and commitment to showcasing the best in contemporary studio jewelry,classic and vintage jewelry made it the obvious venue."For a sneak peak of designs in the Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show, jump to our 10X blog.10X blog 11/3/2009
  25. 25. Sautoir LiBELLuLE in oro grigio (66.43 gr.) con BriLLanti (1.81 ca- rati), BEriLLi vErdi (8.49 carati), acquE marinE (49.42 carati) E opaLi ca- BochonS (5.67 carati).MathonParisGioielli trasversali alle mode quelli di Ma-thon Paris. Superano la barriera del tem-po, grazie alla complicità di uno stile clas-sico riletto in chiave contemporanea. Neè un chiaro esempio la collezione “LuckyAnimals”, composta da monili a forma dianimaletti portafortuna come la libellulain oro bianco, acque marine, berilli verdie opali cabochons che decora il sautoirfotografato. Dal 1931, la storia di MathonParis é strettamente legata a quella delmitico quartiere del Palais Royal, intor-no al quale sono sorte le botteghe doveveniva realizzata la più bella gioielleriafrancese. É in quest’atmosfera lussuosa eal contempo tradizionale che Mathon Pa-ris dà vita alle sue creazioni. Dagli anninovanta la Maison occupa una posizionedi prestigio nel panorama internazionalee, garante di un savoir faire unico, oltread essere labellizzata Joaillerie de Franceé stata riconosciuta nel 2007 “Impresa delPatrimonio Vivente” dallo Stato Francese.Mathon Paris are transversal fashionablejewels. They are beyond time, thanks tothe complicity of a classical style re-readin a contemporary key. A clear exampleof this is the “Lucky Animals” collection,made up of jewels in the shape of goodluck charm animals, like the dragonfly inwhite gold, aquamarine, green beryls, andopals cabochon that decorates the photo-graphed sautoir. From 1931, the story ofMathon Paris is strictly linked to that ofthe mythical district of the Palais Royal,around which workshops have sprungup where the most beautiful jewelleryin France is produced. It is in this luxu-rious, yet traditional atmosphere, thatMathon Paris brings his creations to life.From the Nineties the Maison occupiesa prestigious position in the internationalpanorama and, guaranteed a unique sa-voir faire, is labelled Joaillerie de France.In 2007 has also been daubed a “LivingHeritage Companies” of the French State.
  26. 26. reposition, Americ M A R K E T PULSEJA buyers shift theirmerchandising goals,look to 09 with hopeBY M I C H E L L E G R A F F A N DCATHERINENEW the dismal economy, asmaller crowd than in years past andfrigid weather, buyers at the New YorkWinter Show remained relatively upbeatabout the year ahead. Whether their optimism stemmedfrom the historic moment when BarackOhama was sworn in as the nations 44thpresident, which took place on the showsfinal day, or a personal decision to staypositive, buyers at the Jacob K. BUYERS 39Customer wish listsprove versatile tools Analyzing theBY J O S E P H gen ... ............. ............. . .....PEORIA. ILL.-For many years, jewelers havebeen encouraging their customers to AGEcreate "wish lists" that can be tactfullyshared with that persons significant ,other when various holidays andsaries come up. But each jewelertakes a differentapproach to that listas a sales tool. Some use itsively, others subtly.Some encourage their June owner o fcustomers to create an Jewelry. online that NJ while PRESIDENT such pendant THE say it is 55 AGENCY APT A GA used in however, her store.
  27. 27. Jan 12, 2010 Customer Care | Sign in | Print Home > Whats New > S.T. Dupont Opens Shop in New York Davidoff Advertisement Email this feature to a friend S.T. Dupont Opens Shop in New York Davidoff Posted: Monday, September 21, 2009 By Gregory Mottola S.T. Dupont, the Parisian maker of luxury cigar accessories, has opened up a small retail outlet in The Big Apple. A shop within a shop, the new boutique is located inside the upscale Davidoff of Geneva cigar store on Madison Avenue, making the entire portfolio of S.T. Duponts high-end products available to all who walk through Davidoffs doors. The grand opening gala took place Tuesday night at Davidoff, where Alain Crevet, chief executive officer of S.T. Dupont, told the crowd of cigar smokers "S.T. Dupont has been very successful in Asia, and very successful in Europe, but I have always been frustrated with its progress in the United States. This will hopefully be a stepping stone to success." The opening comes after a recent closing of the S.T. Dupont shop in Las Vegas, which was a kiosk-type operation relying on business generated from the foot traffic of The Palazzo hotel and casino. The New York business model takes a more focused approach, homing in on Davidoffs Advertising well-established clientele of high-end cigar and accoutrement consumers. Information "This new collaboration with S.T. Dupont with a true shop in shop allowsCustomer Care us to offer our customers an even greater range of unique merchandise, Please sign in and is in keeping with what theyve come to expect from Davidoff of Geneva in New York City," said Michael Herklots, general manager of New Yorks Davidoff shops. S.T. Dupont accessories can range in price from $150 up to $20,000 for limited-edition releases. Check out our cigar toy gallery for some S.T. Dupont cigar accessories.,2344,... 1/12/2010
  28. 28. Quicklinks: Forums CWNews Cigarticles Interviews Lifestyles First Look Reviews Recent Articles A Taste of Ybor City December 18, 2009 15th Annual Post Turkey Day Crawl Davidoff of Geneva and S.T. Dupont Paris have partnered to develop the December 09, 2009 first of its kind Shop-In-Shop Corner within the Davidoff of Geneva store on Local Flavor #3: Elite Cigars Madison Avenue. Though weve always carried an impressive collection of October 15, 2009 S.T. Dupont products in our stores, this new collaboration will ensure that we An Interview With Jonathan have a full assortment of S.T. Duponts products from their popular lighters Drew and smoking accessories to writing instruments, leather goods and other August 03, 2009 lifestyle items. For the full press release please click here. The “Shop in Shop” will be open for business beginning Wednesday, September 16, 2009. CW News A Rich Pour - Column No. 21: Scotland - A One Week Odyssey, Part 3 January 04, 2010 A Taste of Ybor City December 18, 2009 Advertisement CW News Page 3 of 3 Davidoff of Geneva store manager Michael Herklots(l) and S. T. Dupont CEO Alain Crevet (r) The S.T. Dupont Shop-In-Shop Corner at Davidoff’s Madison Avenue Store features a dedicated S.T. Dupont branded corner with an extensive selection of S.T. Dupont merchandise. While Davidoff has always carried S.T. Dupont lighters and smoking accessories, this new partnership will now allow U.S. customers access to S.T. Dupont’s complete product portfolio, including pens and writing accessories, leather goods and men’s accessories. The General Manager of Davidoffs New York stores, Michael Herklots discussed the venture on his blog on September 7th, nine days prior to the opening. “There’s been a wonderful synergy and working relationship for a number of years between the Davidoff stores in New York and S.T. Dupont”. We’re excited to take this next step with our two brands. Our beautiful Madison Avenue flagship store has always maintained a selection of the finest cigars and good life accessories including those by S.T. Dupont. This new collaboration with S.T. Dupont allows us to offer our Alain Crevet (c) with guests customers an even greater range of unique merchandise, in keeping with what they’ve come to expect from Davidoff of Geneva in New York City.” Davidoff of Geneva opened their first US location in 1987 on Madison Avenue in New York City, relocating to their current Madison Avenue address on the corner of East 54th Street in 2000. In 2006 Davidoff of Geneva acquired their second New York City location in the posh Shops at Columbus Circle, in the Time Warner Center, and later that year acquired the De La Concha store on 6th Avenue in Manhattan. Comedian Ron "Tater Salad" White Herklots also published photos of the event through the social-networking site Facebook. 1/12/2010 © Copyright 1997-2010 Wednesday Afternoon Cigar & Strategy Group LLC. All rights reserved., Website Design by Twelve Horses.
  29. 29. Skip to ContentFree Switched iPhone app - try it now! MAIL You might also like: Money, DailyFinance and More Search Luxist Main Luxist Awards Estates Watches Handbags Celebrity Shopping The Classicist Travel More Send FeedbackDavidoff Welcomes S.T. Dupontby Tom Johansmeyer (RSS feed) Sep 21st 2009 at 11:03AMLast week, Davidoff Madison Avenue celebrated the launch of its new S.T. Dupont "shop-in-shop" concept.Guests were hosted by general manager Michael Herklots to wine and hors doeuvres as they walked throughManhattans upscale tobacconist and perused the latest accessories from the Parisian luxury goods company. Inattendance, and offering a few words, was Alain Crevet, CEO of S.T. Dupont Paris, who celebrated thepartnership."Theres been a wonderful synergy and working relationship for a number of years between the Davidoff storesin New York and S.T. Dupont," said Herklots. "Were excited to take this next step with our two brands. Ourbeautiful Madison Avenue flagship store has always maintained a selection of the finest cigars and good lifeaccessories including those by S.T. Dupont. This new collaboration with S.T. Dupont allows us to offer ourcustomers an even greater range of unique merchandise, in keeping with what theyve come to expect fromDavidoff of Geneva in New York City."The shop-in-shop corner within the store is packed with an extensive selection of S.T. Dupont merchandise. Though the companys products are not newto Davidoff Madison Avenue, the build-out offers a unique venue in which to enjoy the Dupont experience. In a tough market for cigars and cigaraccessories, the expansion of the Davidoff/S.T. Dupont gives cigar smokers a reason to be excited.Watch an interview with the Herklots after the jump.Gallery: Davidoff and S.T. Dupont EventTags: cigar, cigars, davidoff, manhattan, new york, new york city, NewYork, NewYorkCityFiled under: Cigars, Jewelry, Writing Instruments • Permalink 1/12/2010
  30. 30. October, 2009 SMOKESHOP 10/09 - S.T. Dupont & Davidoff of Geneva Store-in-Store Debuts Page 2 of 2 S.T. Dupont & Davidoff of Geneva Store-in-Store Debuts boutique opened at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas in January 2008 by the father and son business partners Frank and Matt Arcela, owners of several Davidoff cigar shops in Las Vegas. By E. Edward Hoyt III That boutique - a stand-alone “kiosk” in a high traffic retail area inside the Palazzo which was located just across from one of their Davidoff shops - recently closed. The New York “store-in-store” takes a different approach, featuring the company’s entire product line and tapping Davidoff of Geneva’s Davidoff of Geneva’s Madison Avenue store in New York is now host to a new S.T. Dupont luxury-orient consumers already familiar with Davidoff’s “Good Life” philosophy of existing base of boutique that carries the full product line of luxury French accessory maker. merchandise. luxury S.T. Dupont, the Paris-based luxury accessory and pen producer, has launched a new New York retail boutique, marking what the 135-year-old French manufacturer hopes will be the start of continued growth in the U.S. market. The new shop is actually a collaboration with Davidoff of Geneva’s flagship Madison Avenue shop, which is hosting the S.T. Dupont boutique as a “shop-within- a-shop” - a dedicated area of the existing Davidoff shop that now carries the French manufacturer’s entire product line. “We’ve always carried a full line of the S.T. Dupont smoking accessories,” explains Michael Herklots, general manager both of the Davidoff of Geneva stores in New York, noting Davidoff’s full assortment of S.T. Dupont lighters, cutters, ashtrays, cigar cases, and humidors. But the new partnership now opens up access for U.S. customers to S.T. Dupont’s complete product portfolio,For Crevet, the move to raise S.T. Dupont’s domestic profile and bolster its U.S. sales was inspired by including pens and writing accessories, leather goods, and men’s accessories. the brand’s strong success in Asia and Europe but what he feels is its under-tapped potential stateside. Last summer, the company appointed Lotus MJYX, LLC as its wholesale distributor for the United States. A Florida corporation with facilities and offices in Rhode Island, Lotus brought an The new S.T. Dupont Shop-in-Shop Corner premiered during a private opening night reception on team already well known in the industry with over 75 years experience in established management S.T. Dupont’s core product categories, led by Lotus president and c.e.o. Michael Reynolds. According September 15, 2009. Alain Crevet, c.e.o. of S.T. Dupont Paris, and Michael Reynolds, c.e.o. of appointment was made with the intent of fully establishing the brand in the U.S. to Crevet, the Lotus Lotus MJYX - the U.S. distributor for S.T. Dupont - were in attendance to inaugurate the boutique. totally committed to S.T. Dupont’s brand strategy” added Reynolds at the time. market. “We are Lotus quickly created a new after-sales service center crucial in bolstering consumer confidence in the “There’s been a wonderful synergy and working relationship for a number of years between a backlog of service requests inherited from the previous U.S. distributor. brand following the Davidoff stores in New York and S.T. Dupont,” says Herklots. “We’re excited to take this next step from a Januaryplating fire at S.T. Dupont’s Faverges plant of writing - which Unfortunately, the fallout with completely destroyed the polishing and 2008 workshops and brought production in France our two brands. Our Madison Avenue store has always maintained a selection ofinstruments and lighters andhalt - slowed growth efforts even before the global economic recession the finest cigars to a good life accessories, including those by S.T. Dupont. This new collaboration with S.T. Dupont allows fully tightened its grip on consumer spending. But with the facilities now completely rebuilt and us to offer our customers an even greater range of unique merchandise, in keeping with what they’ve illustrating the brand’s strong resistance to economic crisisWestern production back to full capacity, S.T. Dupont has posted strong sales increases in France, Europe, and Hong Kong/China, in these come to expect from Davidoff of Geneva in New York City.” areas. Another bright spot has been an increase in income from licensing of the S.T. Dupont brand due to the overall performance of the company’s licensees and the impact of new eye wear launched by the Aoyama group, further reinforcing the S.T. Dupont brand worldwide. Indeed, the Davidoff - S.T. Dupont relationship has more than a little history - the first S.T. Dupont The opening of the New York boutique also served as an ideal opportunity to debut S.T. Dupont’s new Defi product line to the U.S. market, a series of high performance accessories utilizing innovative new materials that combine a luxury image with a competitive price. Included are writing instruments, leather business bags, and a lighter. As part of the overall S.T. Dupont line, these new items expand the potential market for the company’s luxury goods. “When it comes to luxury smoking accessories, S.T. Dupont is undoubtedly the industry leader,” says Herklots. “They’ve really got something for everyone. Although Davidoff and S.T. Dupont have 1/12/2010 different stories and histories, the philosophies of both are quite similar in their unwavering dedication to quality. Both companies embrace the ‘Good Life,’ and encourage us to celebrate life.” SMOKESHOP - October, 2009
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  34. 34. ADVERTISEMENT ADVERTISEMENT About us Advertisers Corner Contact Search Us ADVERTISEMENT HOME TRENDS & COLOURS BY CATEGORY IN THE PRESS HIGHLIGHTS TRADE NEWS TOPICS MAGAZINE IN THE PRESS Aaron Faber Gallery - The Annual Jewels of France Exhibition 4 November 2009 Mention French high jewelry and most Americans will immediately think of Richemont Group or LVMH and their stable of well branded companies. Mention the Label Joaillerie de France, and those in the know will also think of smaller, less recognized French jewelry houses, whose quality and craftsmanship is guaranteed by the French Union BJOP as being manufactured, mounted, set and polished in France, following strict ethical, legal and environmental standards. These smaller houses are oftentimes manufacturer of some of the more recognized French jewelry houses. Aaron Faber Gallery, 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10103, in partnership with UBIFRANCE and the French Trade Commission, will host thirteen of these great wonders during the week of November 16, 2009 for the Second Annual Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show. The Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show is an annual week long gathering of some of France’s most acclaimed jewelry houses and their designers. Aligned again in its second year with Aaron Faber Gallery, the Jewels of France exhibition offers both trade and consumers an opportunity to meet the Creative Directors behind these houses and learn more about the exquisite and complicated art of French jewelry manufacture. ADVERTISEMENT Bijoux Commelin, Umane Créations, La Joaillerie Récréative INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY Couture & Europa Star - IN THE PRESS: Aaron Fab... Pag This year’s participants include Marchak, the 131 year old jewelry house founded by Joseph Marchak, the “Cartier” of Kiev and Peter Fabergé’s greatest rival; Bijoux Commelin, the 129 year-old manufacture of charms and specialist in translucent enamel; and BRM, the only watch company in the world that designs and manufacturers all of their watches and watch components in France. Also participating are Umane Créations, Joïa, La Joaillerie Récréative, Sylvain Nosjean, Tess & Tasha, Veronique Bailly, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Sophie Reyre, Antoine Camus, and Garnazelle. It takes at minimum ten years of study to become a master artisan of French high jewelry”, said Camille Wiart, Director of Business Development, Fashion & Jewelry at the French Trade Commission. PORTFOLIO to present to the American GUMUCHIAN “We are pleased audience through the Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show thirteen of France’s most celebrated jewelry houses and designers, each consummate masters of their trade. We are also very happy to be working again with Aaron Faber Gallery, whose reputation and commitment to showcasing the best in contemporary studio jewelry, classic and vintage jewelry made ADVERTISEMENT it the obvious venue.” Antoine Camus, Marchak, Sylvain Nosjean, Sophie Reyre Garnazelle, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Tess & Tasha, Joïa The exhibition opens late afternoon Monday, November 16th and continues through Friday, November 20th. A private reception hosted by the Creative Directors of each jewelry house will be held at Aaron Faber Gallery the evening of Thursday, November 19th. The general public will be able to view and purchase from the featured collections daily, with special requests available through Aaron Faber Gallery after the exhibition concludes jewelsoffrance.lmrpr.com 3/30/2010 Highlights French Elegance at Couture - 27 May 2009 More IN THE PRESS » ADVERTISEMENT
  35. 35. DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009 Page 1 of 6 DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009 DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009 Page 3 of 6 DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009 Page 4 of 6 DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009DFR: DAILY FASHION REPORT: December 2009 Page 2 of 6 3/30/2010 3/30/2010 3/30/2010 3/30/2010
  36. 36. Signup to publish, interact and network! Already a Member? Login: Forgot Password? View All Fashion >> It Jewelry By: DonnaHo (226) | 11/29/2009 09:48 PM Rated 0 by 0 voters | Comments (0) | Email | Advertisement Tess & Tasha View All Tags: Jewels of France, jewelry trunk show, jewelry, accessories, Marchak, Bijoux Commelin, BRM, Umane Créations, Joïa, La Joaillerie Récréative, Sylvain Nosjean, Tess & Tasha, Veronique Bailly, Ximena Alarcon Cavrois, Sophie Reyre, Antoine Camus, Garnazelle | Advertisement 3/30/2010
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  38. 38. Bling Thing: November 2009 Page 1 of 5 November 16, 2009 Editorial Featured Gem Birthstones Gem News Mining News Famous Gems Gemology Corner Fashion News Dear Generous Gemmy Gang, Were getting knee deep in the gift giving season. No matter what your culture or ethnicity, it seems like many holiday events are celebrated around these next couple of months. We love any reason to get together, raise a glass of cheer and toast to just making it intact thus far—not to mention our hopes for the coming year. Gift giving and eating are rampant during this season. I cannot overstate how important both of those activities are. That said, I cannot emphasize just how much I enjoy the former and how reluctant I am to indulge in the latter. Gift giving, gift receiving, its all good—especially the receiving part. Ok, so I like to be surprised with a do-dad or two on occasion. But gift giving is heartwarming—“Its better to give than to receive” actually makes a lot of sense because both the recipient and the giver get a case of the warm fuzzies in the transaction. Need I remind you that the place to take care of everyone youll be shopping for starts at the gemstone shop. For those on your list who require that ‘best of the best gift I highly recommend the Luxury Zone. Trust me on this. Even if you think they have everything, they dont have the splendid bling just waiting to be snatched up by smart-and-thoughtful you. Im just sayin . . . Enjoy the season, Diana Jarrett, GG, RMV HELLO HELIODOR! Weight: 236.55 Carat Origin: Brazil The beryl gems comes in so many colors that most of them have very specific monikers to separate them. Here we have heliodor, a true 20th century gemstone. Not all gems were discovered in ancient times. Heliodor being one of them was first found in Namibia around 1910. One reason this distinctive yellow-green beryl has so many fans is due to its eye-popping eye-clean crystals. Anyway you cut it, heliodor will be a stunner. Legends say that heliodor facilitates communication. We can totally see that. Just get one and try to stop talking about it! See this and other featured gems here CITRINE Put the fire on, its chilly out there. November babies are bundled up in most parts of the world trying 12/2/2009
  39. 39. Color trend caters to self-purchasers Page 1 of 2 Powered byColor trend caters to self-purchasersBy Catherine DayritMarch 18, 2009Similar Stories | TopicsSTORIESGem classification, origin topics at AGA conferenceGem Jam raises thousands for JFCCatalog in Motion show set for TucsonJewelers Gordon, Manning, Klecka ready to jamJewelers, are you ready to jam?TOPICSClothing Accessories | Culture and Lifestyle | Fashion and Style | Holidays | Jewelry Though diamonds may be a girls best friend, theyre not necessarily the go-to designs for women buying for themselves. Retailers over the holiday season reported that lower price- point colored-gemstone jewelry was among the pieces that gift-shopping women were picking up for their own jewelry boxes. And National Jewelers annual post-holiday survey found that 21 percent of retail respondents saw increased margins for their colored-gemstone jewelry for the 2008 holiday season, compared with 2007.Mathon Paris "Manhattan" collection ring in The Spring 2009 Fashion Week runways were ripe withwhite gold with aquamarine, tourmaline and color--and were not just talking about lushly hued apparel.peridot; suggested retail price is $8,508. From earthy stones such as turquoise and coral to sleek, faceted gemstones, vibrant, attention-grabbing jewelry was abundant too. (See colored-gemstone designs here.) Design Trends: The overarching theme for jewelry in 2009 is that big and bold is in. Thats good news for coloredgemstones--especially for the flamboyant hot pinks and cerulean blues that appear to have caught many adesigners fancy as of late. Another important color story is green, which one designer described as a flatteringhue that summons thoughts of well-being, health and nature. In terms of styles, oversized cocktail rings remaina color staple, as do designs sprinkled with smaller colored gemstones.Price Points: The slowing of the economy has led to some volatility in the gemstone market over the last year, 3/25/2009
  40. 40. GO [ Cinette Robert ] CEO Dubey & Schaldenbrand Like many Swiss watchmakers, Dubey & Schaldenbrand has an interesting history. For the past 13 years the company has been helmed by one of the few female watch company owners— Cinette Robert (whose watchmaking ancestors include both the Meylan and Lecoultre families). Working in the industry since the tender age of 15 (starting at the now defunct Martel brand factory in her home town of Les Ponts-de-Martel), she has brought Dubey & Schaldenbrand to over 40 countries while still calling her birthplace home. Recently Elite Traveler traveled to Les Ponts-de- Martel to talk with Cinette Robert at her home and headquarters. ET: Tell us a bit about your career? Cinette Robert: I started at 15 working in the Martel factory (which was eventually bought by Zenith), and I ended up managing the factory. I was already interested in split-second chronographs! Then I moved to Zurich and worked for UBS; but banking was not for me. I then joined Mathey Tissot and managed the factory for 15 years, and in January 1985 I started Horlogerie Cinette Robert, a vintage watch business. ET: How did you come to own Dubey & Schaldenbrand? CR: I knew Mr. Dubey since 1965. We both had a passion for complicated watches, and I had given him a watch to repair. We knew each other and had a good relationship. In 1995 Mr. Dubey called me and told me he wanted to sell Dubey & Schaldenbrand to me, but he only gave me 24 hours to make a decision. ET: How long did it take you to decide? CR: Between one and two hours. ET: Did you have any second thoughts? CR: If he asked three years before I would have said no. But my business was good, and I could afford to buy the company. I was sure if I did not say yes, somebody else would have said yes, so I stopped my antique watch business and put all my efforts into Dubey & Schaldenbrand. 6/30/2008
  41. 41. PK Time Group to distribute Volna watches Powered by SAVE THIS | EMAIL THIS | CloseNEWSPK Time Group to distribute Volna watchesNovember 29, 2007PK Time Group LLC, the North American distributor of Swiss watch brands Aquanautic, Clerc and Dubeyand Schaldenbrand, has announced it is the new North American distributor for Volna, a Swiss-madewatch brand of Russian heritage.Volna timepieces have a rich history with the Soviet submarine fleet, and in recent years, the brand hasincorporated Swiss watchmaking know-how. All pieces meet the quality requirements and criteria to bearthe "Swiss Made" label, using only 100 percent Swiss-made parts.Volnas "Typhoon" watch features a 46 mm case, water-resistance to 300 meters and a double securitycrownIn a nod to the brands nautical heritage, each collection incorporates design inspiration culled frommarine elements. All of Volnas collections are named after a submarine class of the Soviet era, with"Typhoon," the brands lead collection, paying respect to the largest submarine ever built. (1 of 2)12/2/2007 11:46:12 AM
  42. 42. Ads by Google Nautica Watches Watch Up Watches Black Watches TennesseAOL MY AOL MAIL MAKE AOL MY HOMEPAGE BLOGGINGSTOCKS LUXIST THA LUXIST WEVolna WatchesPosted Nov 26th 2007 11:02AM by Deidre WoollardFiled under: TimepiecesThe latest watch brand comes from Russia. The Volna timepieces take their inspirationfrom the mysterious world of the Soviet submarine fleet. Each collection is named aftera submarine class of the Soviet era. The Typhoon, Volnas lead collection,is inspired bythe largest submarine ever built of the same name. The watchs case is 46 ½ mmdiameter. It is water resistant to 300 meters and has a prominent case protecting thewinding crown. The Typhoons double security crown uses a crown actuator to engagethe crown from its place within the caseband and unscrewed for time setting. Asecurity indicator within the dial lets you know if the crown has been properly closedby displaying either the "OPEN" position or the "300 M" position. VOLNA will produce500 watches worldwide, with only 150 pieces available in the US. Retail prices begin at$4,900.[via Time Zone]Tags: russia, timepieces, volna, watchesRead Permalink Email this Linking Blogs Comments [0]Related HeadlinesAnonimo Shelby Mark II SE Watch (25 days ago - 2 Comments)Charlize Theron Gives Watch Promoting Another Try (38 days ago - 1 Comment)The Wall Street Journal Looks Behind The Curtain At Antiquorum (48 days ago - 3Comments)Angular Momentum Exotic Bird Watches (53 days ago - 1 Comment)Robert Lighton Growler Watch (59 days ago - 1 Comment)
  43. 43. Sag Ma en&Pbc etnf t LxrL eytti rtg ulRlis r e uu isl rec ki i ao o h y fte