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Jewels of France Catalog

  1. 1. EXhiBiTioN AND TRUNk Show NoVEMBER 16 - 20, 2009 aaRon FaBeR GalleRy 666 FiFTH avenUe ~ neW yoRK CiTy
  2. 2. The Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Show is an annualweek long gathering of some of France’s most acclaimed jewelryhouses and their designers. Aligned again in its second yearwith Aaron Faber Gallery, the Jewels of France exhibition offersboth trade and consumers an opportunity to meet the CreativeDirectors behind these houses and learn more about the exquisiteand complicated art of French jewelry manufacture.Several participants are recipients of the Label Joaillerie deFrance, a prestigious honor that assures consumers the qualityand craftsmanship of the jewelry house is guaranteed by theL’Union Française BJOP as being manufactured, mounted, set andpolished in France, following strict ethical, legal and environmentalstandards.For more information on the Jewels of France Exhibition and Trunk Bijoux CommelinShow, please visit more information on the Label Joaillerie de France, please visit Table of Content Antoine Camus ......................3 Bijoux Commelin ...................4 B.R.M. ...................................5 Garnazelle .............................6 Joïa ......................................7 La Joaillerie Récréative .........8 Marchak ................................9 Sophie Reyre .......................10 Sylvain Nosjean ...................11 Tess & Tasha .......................12 Umane Paris ........................13 Veronique Bailly ..................14 XAC Joaillerie ......................15
  3. 3. AnTOinE CAmUSAntoine Camus is an alchemist of sorts, transforming sculpture,architecture and paintings into made-to-measure, colored stonejewelry dedicated to the woman who doesn’t allow life to dictateher choices. Alongside Place Vendome, he imagines and developsa world of his own, that of a contemporary designer in keeping withthe times. www.antoinecamus.frAntoine Camuscamus-antoine@wanadoo.frT : +33 (0) 1 45 20 00 87 EARRiNGS MARiE ANToiNETTE CoLLECTioN Pearls, Ceylan Sapphire Cabochons, Diamonds hiPPoPoTAMUS RiNG SAVANNE CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold and black silver JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 3
  4. 4. BiJOUX COmmELinin the 19th century, under Emperor Napoleon iii, Théodore Commelinset up a workshop in the heart of Paris. Today, Philippe Commelin’sgrand niece, isabelle Latour, has sustained the legacy of her granduncle, employing in the their workshop the last few master enamelcraftsmen to produce the miniature jewels for which Commelin hassince become renowned. in 2006, Commelin became one of thefirst French companies to be awarded the “Entreprise du PatrimoineVivant” appellative. in 2008, Commelin received the prestigiousFrench jewelry label Joaillerie de France. www.bijouxcommelin.comisabelle Latourisabelle.latour@bijouxcommelin.comT : +33 (0) 1 42 33 63 16 LA PARiSiENNE ChARMS MoNUMENTS oF PARiS CoLLECTioN Charms in 18k yellow gold, featuring Tour Eiffel, stained glass window Eiffel Tower and Morris column in translu- cent enamel, and basset hound BUTTERFLy ChARM iNSECT CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold with translucent precious enamel overlay, diamond, 0.17 cts JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 4
  5. 5. B.r.m.B.R.M. was the destiny of Bernard Richards, the company founderwho was born into a family of clockmakers. Founded in 2002,B.R.M. is the only watch company in the world that designs andmanufacturers all of their watches and watch components in France.The workshop consists of six highly skilled horologists working withthe most sophisticated industry equipment to produce fewer than2500 watches annually. www.brm-manufacture.comFrédéric Gasserfgasser@brm-manufacture.comT : 1 (214) 235-9127 R-50-TN GoLD R-50 TN CoLLECTioN Automatic, engine-shaped movement with left side cylinder; skeleton dial; 48 hour power reserve; 50mm case titanium and black PVD case; lugs, crown, clasp, screws, and tongue in 18k rose goldG45-T-ARG45-T CoLLECTioN45mm stainless steel case, screw downprotected crown, on leather strap. Engravedtachymeter, water resistant to 100 meters.only 25 pieces available worldwide JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 5
  6. 6. GArnAZELLEin 2001, Celine Rivet founded Garnazelle as an alternative to thejewelry houses of Place Vendome. Garnazelle Paris is committedproducing unique fine jewelry of the highest quality and creativity.The Boule D’Amour (or ball of love) ring was launched in 2002 andhas become a cornerstone of the collection. Garnazelle, meaning “littlefrog” in French, has since accrued a cult-like following and expandedits distribution into the United States, Russia, the Emirates and hongkong. www.garnazelle.comSandra Matherssandramathers@mac.comT: 1 (310) 578-2057 RiNG BoULE D’AMoUR BoULE D’AMoUR CoLLECTioN white cacholong, 80 cts set in 18k pink gold RiNG GRENoUiLLE GARNAZELLE LA GRENoUiLLE CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold with diamonds JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 6
  7. 7. JOïAGenerous and feminine curves, daring lines, inventive andcontemporary shapes, each married to precious and semi preciousstones and diamonds to create a celebration of woman. The simplicityof its single name, Joïa, (meaning “joy”) captures the very purposefor which Jean-Pierre Moreira founded the company in 1998. Joïareceived the Label Joaillerie de France in April 2007. www.joia.frChristine Moreirajoia@joia.frT : +33 (0) 4 72 77 56 66 ANAE NECkLACE ANAE CoLLECTioN Green tourmalines and diamonds set in 18k white gold PASSiFLoRE RiNG Pink and purple sapphires, diamonds, set in 18k white gold JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 7
  8. 8. LA JOAiLLEriE réCréATivEChristine Escher, Creative Director for La Joaillerie Récréative (or “TheRecreational Jewelry”), has been creating unique and elegant jewelrysince 1985. her collections feature blended precious wood, gold,diamonds and semi-precious stones into such remarkable pieces asthe “Meridienne” ring (an ebony volute inlaid with diamonds), whichwon her the 1998 Diamond DeBeers Award. Poetic and feminine, LaJoaillerie Récréative pieces are worn like second skin. www.christine-escher.comChristine Escherc.escher@orange.frT : +33 (0) 1 46 26 02 20 RiNG CAGE Green quartz, 27.28 cts, 138 diamonds, 1.12 cts, set in 18k yellow gold RiNG RoCk AND RoLL Rubellite garnet, carnelian, and citrine set in 18k yellow gold JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 8
  9. 9. mArChAkMarchak liberally makes use of artistic techniques such as pâte deverre or gold plaiting (which uses tiny articulated chains to givejewelry an appearance of being as soft as feathers) to create madeto order and numbered one-of-a-kind pieces. Founded in 1878 bythe “Cartier of kiev”, Joseph Marchak became one of the RussianEmpire’s most recognized jewelers, supplier to the Tsar, and theundisputed rival of Peter Fabergé. in its 131st year, Joseph Marchak’sgreat grandson, Daniel Marchak, with aid of longtime senior designerBertrand Degommier, continues the revival and growth of theesteemed French house. www.marchak.frDominique de Blanchardddeblanchard@cristofol.comT : +33 (0) 1 42 96 20 72 oCToPUS BRooCh 18k white gold and baroque pearl, set with blue sapphires, aquamarines and diamonds hEDGEhoG BRooCh Mink fur featuring 18k yellow or white gold, set with diamonds, sapphire eyes, onyx nose JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 9
  10. 10. SOPhiE rEyrE Sophie Reyre unites tradition and modernity, translating artifacts from india’s 17th century Mughal rulers into modern jewels of jade, turquoise, coral, onyx and other fine stones accented with gold motifs. The results are bold rings, bracelets, pendants, brooches, earrings and pendants that offer Sophie Reyre’s clientele a confidence in their signature look. Sophie Reyre T : +33 (0) 1 53 04 23 35FLEUR CoLLECTioNConvertible brooch - pendant composedof three rows of petals in New Bakelitecoral. Central motif in 18k yellowgold,decorated with a yellow sapphire,petals set with rhodolitesTAJ MAhAL CoLLECTioNPendant heart in New Bakelite coral LAkShMi CoLLECTioNinlaid with 18k gold, rhodolite flower, Turquoise new Bakelite ring, geometricsurrounded by gold heart, mounted pattern in 18k yellow gold, pear-green tourmalines. shaped rhodolites, and blue topazesAGRA CoLLECTioN MENiTA CoLLECTioNCuff Bracelet in New Bakelite, amethyst Signet ring, flat rimmed with gold inadorned with motifs in 18k yellow gold, new Bakelite, decorated with Mughal-jewels and pink tourmaline pears inspired 18k yellow gold jade green floral, petals inlaid round citrine heart and leaves, green tourmalines. JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 10
  11. 11. SyLvAin nOSJEAnSylvain Nosjean creates using exclusive techniques such as invisiblesettings with precious and semi-precious stones in colored diamond,black mother of pearl, colored opals and colored sapphires. heblends these stones against backdrops of gold and wood to createextraordinary one of a kind pieces by commission of his loyalclientele. www.nosjean.frSylvain Nosjeanatelier@nosjean.frT : +33 (0) 4 78 29 09 57 NECkLACE “hATChiNG” Gradient of pink sapphires and cabochon rubellite, mounted on white gold and diamonds. Sylvain noSjean JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 11
  12. 12. TESS & TAShASince her start in 2005, Maritess Damian continues to dazzle customerswith her timeless creations, each infused with her joie de vivre and hercareful attention to the requests of her clients. She designs talismansand treasures for private clients, while ensuring her regular collectionsare accessible to all. www.tessandtasha.comGreg hallghall@magnusgroupintl.comT: 1 (512) 638-7999 REVoLViNG PENDANT PETALS oF LoVE CoLLECTioN 18k white and yellow gold, set with 30 diamonds, 0.15 cts SUMMER RiNG FoUR SEASoNS CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold four leaf clo- ver ring with bee, set with 160 rubies, 4 cts JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 12
  13. 13. UmAnE PAriSThe jewelry lines designed by Umane Paris combine the emotionscontained in rare gems, an unmistakable technique and fit of Frenchhaute Joaillerie and the guaranty of the best of business practices tocreate collections inspired by nature and her eternal life-cycleorganic shapes, subtle ranges of tones suggesting the rhythm ofseasons, unconventional materials, airy movements and femininesophistications are all parts of the collection. The jewels are intenselysimple, yet distinct and memorable. www.umane-creations.comValerie Brunvbrun@umane-creations.comT : +33 (0) 1 40 23 03 86 NECkLACE CoSMoGoNiE PièCES UNiqUES CoLLECTioN Green-blue tourmalines, paraibas and diamonds in onyx set with 18k white gold LARGE BUBBLE PEBBLE RiNG Diamonds set in onyx with 18k white gold JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 13
  14. 14. vErOniqUE BAiLLy Veronique Bailly is inspired by simple designs with high quality stones and metals. Gold is forged instead of molded for more beauty and strength; gems are selected for their color, purity and brilliance. Created to be played with, transformed, and worn daily, the Veronique Bailly collection is for both men and women to wear as a ring, bracelet or pendent. Veronique Bailly C: +33 (0) 6 61 48 66 61 18k pink gold set with rose sapphire and single pearl from Japan, can be worn as a ring or necklaceComposition of single, double and triple linked rings,and pendant, in white, yellow or pink 18k gold, whiteand black diamonds and pink sapphires JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 14
  15. 15. XAC JOAiLLEriEXimena Alarcon Cavrois, Creative Director for XAC, combines hernative Mexican origins with her love of art, sculpture and fashion tocreate powerful sculptural forms in varied colors and volume. She findsinspiration in nature’s wide spectrum - from flowers to volcanoes; inthe solar system and its vast planetary designs; in geometry’s simpleand complex angles; and in the archeological finds of pre-ColumbianMexico. her studio-showroom is in the heart of the 8th district Paris,33 Rue de l’Arcade, where she also designs for private clients. www.xac-ximena.comMarion Aubertmarion.obr@gmail.comT: 1 (301) 642-2621 NECkLACE ELLiPSES CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold with diamonds SMALL RiNG ELLiPSES CoLLECTioN 18k yellow gold set with diamonds and yellow sapphire JEwELS oF FRANCE TRUNk Show & EXhiBiTioN | NoVEMBER 16Th - 20Th, 2009 | AARoN FABER GALLERy ~ 15
  16. 16. SPoNSoRS AND PARTNERS rETAiL inqUiriES PrESS inqUiriES Camille wiart Lilian M Raji (212) 400-2192 (404) 806-9948 (404) 434-3100, cell